STATUS 26/4 current tour Korea next stops Netherlands, Belgium
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Seoul distance travelled last week 2500 km

pic of tHE week - rust in Dover

arriving in Seoul.. i have become familiar with many places in the world, like it's part of my backyard. a sort of homely unsurprisingness crept in. Seoul is jampacked, like many other big urban centra in the East, I suppose. It's the density of the way people live with each other here that results in coties that feels like true monsters, even more so than that old monster Manhattan. Alienating. The people here are smaller in size, but the cranes, the structures of steel, the high risers, the massive highways and concrete jungelocities belies that. They do not walk around with more open emotions and expressions like in the west. It's more like being in an ants nest, the incredible no-nonsense business of being.

Trump did what i thought he would do. He did pivot. Not into being a proper president. But into responding to his immediate environment. He is almost an empty shell. Put him anywhere and he'll take on the colours of his environment. the only real consistency is his propensity to do things that will affirm his own person. And what is his own person? The lonely, empty man. He will keep on doing things that affirms loneliness, like going one's own way, or emptiness, like making a big show of yourself, or winning for winning's sake, or doing things that is supposedly "manly," devoid of and out of touch with the truly feminine.