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pic of tHE week - rust in Dover

Joke and i continue our conversation around a certain difference we carry with us, through our performances and workshops. it is at once a weakness and a strength. this difference does not carry a clear line of separation, nor an easy definition. 16 years ago i reverted to calling myself the "HA!Man" by lack of any other rational term to express this difference. Yesterday we performed in a more formal setting with a local poet doing two opening acts. This poet was a city poet, a member of the community. He had something we do not have. Something mysterious. Something by which he could "wink: to the audience and they would understand. And smile. We do not possess that "wink." Our strength is to tap deeper into our own emotions and that of the audience. But access to that depth is not easily given. In a more intimate setting, where trust can be built, we mostly gain that access. But when formality or comfort is of such a level that people feel less inclined to open up where they normally do not, we struggle. This poet gave comfort. And we then found it harder to connect, coming from the outside. And working from a more personal and stirring inside.

so the voice of intolerance and separation has been delivered i defeat in france. the body of European unity has been strengthened. but the underlying problems remain. the god of the Monetary is still enjoying much devotion all over. can national politics bring structural change? it cannot do so by itself. the smaller scale initiatives are far ahead of the top-heavy ways of nation-state leadership, and the right wing does not bring any fresh message to this problem, with all their nationalism and cultural exclusivity. at least we are not anymore where we were a century ago, when economic depravation also brought nationalism to the fore, but then with all major powers fully into the game. the result? two world wars - the natural self-destruct of male domination. today the voice of the feminine is at least heard. Trump, Brexit, Putin and those are reactionary waves of the past. for the sake of our survival, we know that the future of humanity must be different..