current tour SA 1st Qrt

next stop Port Elizabeth
location now Kimberley

distance travelled this week 900 km
event REPort
lookiNG forward
Thinking of NOT doing the USA tour this year, not for political reasons hehe, no, to give ourselves a breather at our new base in Stutterheim - for all sorts of things, especially to rest, enjoying nature and to build our collabortion presented two workshops and delivered a performance at a retreat for people who wanted to open up their emotional lives. an initiative of a long time collaborator, Marlene Zwiegers in Kimberley. so needed! trnasfosmations witnessed. so fulfilling. I am now looking for an opportunity to put myself down in a special setting for a couple of hours and do a live improvisational recording that will then become an album, like I did with "Whistle Away", "Breaking the Day" and others before. an event in Twee Riviere, organized by the SA Institute for Heritage Science, through a contact dating from my student years. have not seen him in almost three decades. Lots to ctach up with!
thouGHt of the day
notED person
quotable qUOte
that however evil or powerful, people are people. that it is disempowering to think of Evil or Power in human form. and that it is empowering (and more truthful) to always think of people that can be evil, that carries power.
ever heard of the German movie GOOD BYE LENIN? A serious classic, one of those works the manages to eat up the whole of life itself..
Namasun! (Ulric Roberts), a fellow musician and friend whom I met about 10 years ago in Port Nolloth. He is an amazing representative of the people of the Namakwa region, a proud library of the stories and histories of that far-off part of South Africa, a man who keeps the cultural wheels rolling on a high standard. when a Republican representative tried to defend an enemy of state schooling, who now is the Secretary of Ed, Betsy DeVos, this is what she got from someone in the crowd: "We are not stupid. Stop this!"