current tour Europe

next stops Dordogne, Spain, Italy
location now Paris

distance travelled last week 2300 km
event REPort
lookiNG forward
today, on the last leg of the brief visit to the UK, i met up with an old school firned i have not seen in many years, near Oxford Circus, London. As we finished our wide-ranging conversation, that included the current state of Europe, the Trump era, Brexit and the fear of the foreign, only 2km from where we sat, a lone radical mowed down people with his SUV on Westminster Bridge.It took me three hours to get out of the city as roads were jammed and emergency vehicles swirled all over the place. history is stalking us!

three lovevly events in Dover: first a soiree at the house of Joanna Jones of DAD, then a day workshop for adults on my birthday and then a collaborative performance with co-improviser Paul Cheneour and others. Music creates relationships. Relationships drives music.

Soprano Deirdre Blignaut sent me a few texts as possibilities for entering lieder for a new South African (Afrikaans) publication. i have not composed in the traditional way for a very long time. somehow i feel tickled to give this a go. whether i will make the deadline of 20 April while on tour in Europe is another story.. With Joke (at last :-) ) down to Paris, then the South West of France, then the south of Spain, then Tuscany, Italy, stopping by Madrid, Barcelona and Aix-en-Provence. Decadent!!
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notED person
quotable qUOte
if something sells like hot cakes and you get rich by it quite quickly, beware! you might be selling something that is irresistible. and that is tyrrany..
this movie was hardly talked about in the West even though it is the highest grossing Indian film of all time. Joke and I had to order it from India. Title: P.K. But you can actually watch it here! Take two and a half hours and enrich your mind and heart. And especially your spirit.
Namasun! (Ulric Roberts), a fellow musician and friend whom I met about 10 years ago in Port Nolloth. He is an amazing representative of the people of the Namakwa region, a proud library of the stories and histories of that far-off part of South Africa, a man who keeps the cultural wheels rolling on a high standard. What essentially lies behind the whole global warming denialism, is the nagging incredulity that the feminine can bite back. Decisively. (HA!Man)