20 January 2017

Welcome to my site where the music and multi-arts of me (Francois le Roux) as the HA!Man, are featured. Also with reference to my partner, Belgian actress and word artist Joke Debaere.

between the mind and the instinctive, the flow of feeling is born..

moving in the moment
I create from within
my feelings in sounds and words and imagery..

note that this site reads from the wrong side. also that titles are mostly not linked, but the images (thambnails) or * stars are. this is just to make mainatanance easier for me and navigating a tiny bit more difficult for you. i also (for now) did not cross-referenced and -linked much. i like a focused feel.

for videos and audio samples, go to "media."

messages always welcome, as well as comments on the layout. every now and then i fall into the trap of redesigning the whole thing - as you can see some past (mostly bad) design examples under "archive."


Francois (HA!Man)