HA!Man: selected recommendations

June 2015

Dr Bruce Copley recommends

Chairman of Aaha Learning


I have known Francois Le Roux for a number of years and consider him to be one in a million. His soft and unassuming nature and attractive personality are a delight to behold. What is truly remarable about this man is his extraordinary musical talents and skills. He is without question a musical genius something which is very apparent when you see him in action. Not only does he play a variety of instruments with great skill, creativity and finesse, but he is also able to combine his music with high levels of dance, mime and drama. I have personally witnessed on many occasions Francois's ability to awe and astound professional musicians and artisits.


Francois is also a gifted teacher and facilitator of group processes and his work with children of all ages creates unforgettable and inspiring experiences for young minds and hearts. I have no doubt that anyone who is fortunate enough to experience what Francois has to offer will be impressed and inspired by both the man and his many wonderful abilities.



Maia Jordaan's endorsement     

The first time I worked with Francois was in 1999 when he composed & performed (live performance) the soundtrack for the theatre production "Boklied" directed by myself. In 2001 he also composed & performed (pre-recording) the music for "Twelve Dancing Princesses" conceived & directed by myself. Since then I have booked Francois many times for live music at events coordinated by Creative Collective. It is only a pleasure to work with Francois! He is a passionate musician that always gives of himself. He always creates a magical atmosphere with his wonderful music. Francois' music is most definitely one of a kind & unique. I strongly recommend Francois for any kind of music required (whether you require a show or composition or live performance). He is a fantastic composer, musician & musical event coordinator with great knowledge of his field & will definitely give you value for money. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information or to verify the above (please send a message to my linkedin Acc). with thanks Maia Jordaan Creative Collective: Events & Entertainment Company South Africa"


Bishops prep School recommendation


Francois le Roux's recent performance at Bishops Prep School in Cape Town was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike. By way of feedback, comments alluded not only to Francois' impressive talent as a musician and composer, but to his masterful ability to conjure spontaneous creativity from any situation. His perceptive and communicative approach was evident throughout and has been a source of inspiration to members of the teaching staff at the school.


Involving the learners in the process of improvising on stage has been highly impactive. As a cello teacher I have since been encouraging all my pupils (across the spectrum of ages) to extemporise during the first part of the lesson and practise sessions. Not only are they excited and motivated by this, but the sense of freedom experienced grants them permission to experiment in all registers of the instrument with imaginative techniques and sound effects. The direct result of this, I find, is that the pupil becomes more focussed and creative with set work, and as an added bonus, gains more physical control over the instrument.


For the sake of opening new doors for learners and educators, I heartily endorse the mission of The Ha!Man, and recommend that time and space be made available at schools for this invaluable educational contribution.






'n Vars asemteug, 'n energieke, inspirerende en uiters leersame vertoning! 'n Geleentheid wat alle skole en opvoedkundige inrigtings moet aangryp en nie moet misloop nie. Die Ha!man, Francois le Roux het verseker ons leerders ontvoer na 'n wonderwęreld van spontane musiek. Ons klein leerders (Gr 0 -3) kan net nie ophou praat oor die snaakse oom wat so mooi kan musiek maak nie. In vandag se propvol kurrikulęre programme, is daar min skole wat beskik oor persone/leerkragte wat op so 'n spontane wyse die leerders kan blootstel aan die musiekwęreld. Dit sal sowaar tot voordeel van alle skole se leerders wees in Suid-Afrika indien die Departement van Onderwys, musikante soos Francois le Roux sou gebruik om musiek te help vervleg met ons huidige leerplanne. Afrika is mos die land van ritme en ryk aan kultuut, ons kan dit nie laat kwyn nie, want ons kinders is ons toekoms! Baie Dankie Ha!man, jy is wonderlik, mag jou fontein se water nooit opraak nie. Groete Elzeth Grobler (Koorleidster en Gr 3 leerkrag) 'n Meesterlike aanbieding deur 'n man wat musiek deur en deur ken!! Dit was 'n ware belewenis vir ons plattelandse kinders wat nooit aan hierdie tipe demonstrasies en uitvoerings blootgestel word nie. Dit sou wonderlik wees as dit 'n gereelde instelling soukon word om sodoende ons"kultureel-arm" kinders op musikale gebied meer te laat ontwikkel.


Die Gr 1's het vir 'n uur aan sy lippe gehang.



Highly recommended: The HA!Man for Corporate Functions

By Sue Curtis, JPMorgan Asset Management


Corporations are constantly thriving for innovation which can also extend to the entertaining they do in their quest to give their clients, prospective clients and employees a unique and memorable experience. On 21 April 2007 we hired Francois le Roux, the HA!Man, to perform under the banner of "A musical evening with a difference" which included a South African theme throughout, a three course dinner of South African food with fine South African wines. The venue was The Great Hall at 60 Victoria Embankment, EC4, London. He contributed greatly to make the evening a huge success. Some of the comments from the Firm's top tier clients include:- "we found the music genuinely moving and of course your kind hospitality was first rate" "Francois has a very different style and clearly great enthusiasm coupled with a natural talent. The company was excellent and the setting befitting for what was a truly great night" "..it was certainly a musical evening with a difference. Dinner was delicious and Francois le Roux was absolutely brilliant - an inspired choice. Good company, great food and wine and his outstanding performance, all in such magnificent surroundings, made for a truly memorable occasion". "Heather and I really enjoyed the dinner, the excellent company and the thrilling performance of Francois le Roux. I did not quite know what to expect but the whole experience is one I will not forget".


I hereby recommend him highly as an entertainer for corporate functions and would be delighted to serve as reference for him.



Woon-zorgcentrum Tabitha       

Thea Keijzer


Francois Le Roux heeft al verschillende keren in Woon-zorgcentrum Tabitha in Den Haag opgetreden. De eerste keer dat hij Tabitha aandeed was tijdens een Zuid Afrikaanse week die wij voor de bewoners hadden georganiseerd. Na die eerste keer waren wij gelijk verkocht en zagen we hem jaarlijks terug tot groot genoegen van vele bewoners.


Zijn cellomuziek is zo ontzettend mooi, daar zijn eigenlijk geen woorden voor! Nooit eerder zag ik een musicus die met zoveel passie, hartstocht en overgave speelt dan Francois. Als hij de snaren van zijn cello beroert, lijkt het of hij 1 wordt met zijn instrument en alles om hem heen vergeet. Toch is er veel interactie tussen hem en het publiek.


Dat hij een groot talent is, blijkt wel uit het feit dat hij alle stukken zelf schrijft en componeert. Daarnaast speelt hij verschillende muziekinstrumenten en is hij eveneens een verdienstelijk danser en zanger.