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Burrett What a rare gift they hold individually. The combination of his voice/music and her spontaneous spoken word poetry made for a uniquely rare delight in performance last night. Ronda Miller    
160723 thank you. thank you. Wow! Penny Anderson PE SA
160722 better than winning the lotto. food for the soul. healing energizing & all things Good Ursula Browne P Eliz SA
160722 that was absolutely sublime. thank you so much. Monique Bassu PE SA
160527 Tears from my heart. I was flying over the fields of Africa. Angels singing. your poems touched me. Your music touched me. Both you are beautiful artists. Debbie Waters Meppel Netherlands
160228 first time to hear cello live. Was awesome. Opened my ears to sounds and music that I did never believe possible. Will recommend to anybody! Wynand le Roux Cape Town SA
160220 Superb performance. Moving and thought provoking. Good idea is to explore the philosophy of why music is so mind impressing. It of course appeals to the emotions - how and why? Music can move one to murder and to serious compassion. Strange. But powerful. Audre Reitz Plett SA
160212 That was amazing. Continue with your music and poems and your funny 'moofs' That's good! Wilma Kellerman Prince Albert SA
151123 These artist's music and poetry are working to change the world. Mara Sanchez NYC USA E
151120 Much more than a performance . . . an uplifting inspiration. Thank you Francois and Joke. Truly amazing.        
151120 This was an extraordinary evening! You can't describe this amazing duo.        
151112 Creative, innovative, reflective, engrossing! Truly enjoyable from beginning to end. THANK YOU!
151029 The most musical experience I have ever enjoyed. I hope your music brings you great joy and much pleasure. Thank you. Laura Benz Hawaii USA W
151020 I feel so fortunate to be here tonight. Thank you! Kristin Shiga Portland USA W
151014 marvelous, moving, entrancing, I love the innovation and surprises. Beautiful cello passionate. You are a wonderful poet and reader Joke. Marje Umezuki Roberts Creek BC Canada
151014 amazingly creative/talented - loved it! Sue Prentice Gibsons Canada
151014 Delightful. Innovative. Passionate. Inspirational. Heather Conn Roberts Creek BC Canada
151011 soul moving, deep, real, beautiful Renee Burrett Baldwin KS USA C
151006 delightful inventive music - the poetry is sublime Mary Steenson Chicago USA C
150926 very uplifting, always surprising. a deep, emotional base Em Stortroen Ottawa Canada
150906 I wonder if the two of you, humble spirits, realize that you make a difference!? You travel the Globe, perform and move on, leaving us behind, touched by your alchemy of sounds & words, changing us, charging us. Jan-Willem Wiener Oudtshoorn SA
150901 I'm dazzled by your ability to hold a complex, unfolding line of thought, tethered to an externally generated question/topic while singing and playing in harmony. That's got to be both rare and enjoyable by many. Peter Willis C Town S SA
150820 Fabulous! Thank for mixing philosophy, music + emotion Anna-Rosa le Roux C Town C SA
150807 awesome - love you guys! Love the poetry too!! C Rayner Howick SA
150802 your musical performance was unrateable >>100/100 What an amazing evening! Lizette & Jon Lieschins E London SA
150802 Wonderful evening! It was over before I wanted! David Bowes E London SA
150522 innovative, futuristic, fulfilling, fun! Above all - memorable.. Vivien Fleischhammel Norderstedt Germany
150425 sensational, beyond my expectations. It was like listening to an exceptional piece of Art! Naahid Fingerhut Richterwil, Zurich Switzerland
150226 Moving indeed, from start to finish of entire performance. Being from over-seas I was moved - teary - eyed of understanding when Joke spoke of her view of Africa - the brightness besides the violence. I get it totally! First came here Nov 1994. All I can say is thank you! Donna zz S West SA
141019 gorgeous dreamscape music and vocals/poetry - B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!        
141017 You are both gifted and both a gift. Eileen Jackson Seattle USA W
141012 fabulous - don't stop being your SELF! Joke, you are amazing. I wasn't quite sure at first what I was in for then suddenly I "went" with you and tears streamed down my face. Fabulous - touching. so grateful. Gayla zz Basehor (?) USA C
141012 really LOVED the poetry to music. I was shocked that it was improvised. Beautiful! Greg DeVilbiss Lawrence KS USA C
141002 Linda Fabe The improvised spoken word portion of the program blew me away. I was grinning, I was riveted. The well of humanity Joke was drawing on in her words awed me. And the rest of the performance was phenomenal too! I loved the nose piece! Linda Fabe Cincinnati USA C
140815 what a fantastic experience, absolutely STUNNING! Alex Hamilton Durban SA
140702 Your work, I feel, is much more than the making of music. It is muse-ic. You are using music as a tool, and it is clearing and creating the old and new, respectively. Biren Shah Ahmedabad India
140603 site ms It was a great honour and pleasure to see and hear you at the Expo Kunzfetti in Sittard. Your music and performance (including the poems from Joke) touched me deeply, right into the heart. Thank you very much for this very exciting and beautiful moments in my life. I really was moved by this act. Jacques Smeets Stein Netherlands
140315 Beyond what i could have imagined or expected. Absolutely fantastic Martinique du Toit C Town S SA
131221 GENIUS!        
131027 Beautiful! What a gift. You transport us into another plane. Gorgeous! Ann Sansone Dallas USA S
130914 you guys are truly inspiring. May you continue to be blessed. Hlengiue Lushaba Madlala Jhb SA
130912 dankie vir die kopreis ! julle het my na verre pleke geneem. sonder dat ek my sitplek moes verlaat !! Martin de Lange Potchefstroom SA
130903 unbelievably versatile. our organ has never sung so beautifully. the dynamic range was outstanding. thank you.        
130823 totally blown away !! Bhanoo Sukha C Town S SA
130802 evocative, imaginative, wonderful entertainment
Meg van Maasdyk Durban SA
130217 dit was n ongelooflike eerste evening met julle albei. voorspoed met die pad vorentoe !! Wikus Roodt Stutterheim SA
130114 Your music is part of the fabric of this world--like the whale songs and chirping of the crickets, like the visions of dreamtime and the songs that help call this world into existence.
Sharon Alley Loudonville USA E
121110 Your music sounds like the soundtrack of a very emotional movie, right at the point the hero is killed, or the lost love is found, so excellent..
121104 Genius.. You must be the best cellist in the world, as a cello has never moved me the way you play it Bob Turner Los Angeles USA W
121104 Fantastic performance! Absolutely amazing!
Jason Woodard Mesa USA S
121104 Just amazing.. thanks !!
Serge van Neck Mesa USA S
121019 Your sounds, your art, your soul is beautifull
120821 you opened my mind about what music is or can be !!! thanks        
120821 ongelooflik! op alle maniere, en van alle kante af ervaar! Riaan Stavast Potchefstroom SA
120821 what an amazing experience ! my whole being vibrates on every note - awesome !! Carlien Kahl Potchefstroom SA
120821 loved your concert ... the world needs more people like you ! Marisa de Wet Potchefstroom SA
120819 waw!! what an amazing experience.. your talent is just mind-blowing. Susan Wands Jhb SA
120817 Die ouers, deelnemende kore, hoofde, ons personeel, koorleiers en begeleiers, toeskouers, ens kan nie ophou praat oor jou ongelooflike musikaliteit, talent en die fenominale vermod van improvisasie individueel asook saam met die kore nie. Baie, baie dankie nogmaals!!! Die koorkinders het dit verskriklik geniet en meer as een ouer se opmerking was dat die kinders diT aand NOOIT sal vergeet nie.
Carien Horn Roodepoort SA
120811 absolutely beautiful and otherworldly in its inspiration. Thank you!! Mnandi Ridley C Town S SA
120810 Francois le Roux has an approach to music that is special - very talented, feels the music and lives in that moment. It is as much a visual art, as it is absolute passion and incredible arrangement of sounds.        
120720 I was sad you couldn't perform in 'De Bottelarij' in Ulbeek, Belgium. I hope there will be a next time. I was there in Terkoest (Alken) in Belgium, several years ago when you gave a concert, tears ran down my face when I saw and heard you playing...you shared with us the inside of your soul, I'll never forget it for as long as I'll live! Gisele Froyen Hasselt Belgium
120701 Marius Venter:

Ons was die afgelope vakansie met æn koor in Vienna en Prague. Dit was æn wonderlike ervaring. Die kinders het Beautiful Land gesing in die Summa Cum Laude Competition en het 2de ge-einding in die Treble kore. Dit was pragtig. Met al die konserte, het ons met of die National Anthem begin en met Beautiful Land afgesluit of vice verse. Elke keer was jou komposisie æn treffer. Ons konserte was in beide die Ebersaal, Konsert Haus en die Opera in Vienna en StÆ Nicholas Cathedral in Prague. Hulle het ook vele impromt konserte gedoen.
120426 touching, beautifull, inspiring sounds, food for soul Mikla Schermer Voest Soesterberg Netherlands
120426 wonderful soul touching music - it lives in all of us! we are one!        
120406 extraordinary. continue being aternative        
120403 incredible, extraordinary magical, music to my ears.. Beryl Hawson Jhb SA
120329 Voel of ek met vakansie was na hierdie 2 ure!        
120314 Baie dankie! Dit was 'n aangrypende, verrykende belewenis om soveel talent te kon beleef, waardeer en koester Elna Pieterse Pta SA
120304 a very positive force at work here Merle Boshoff Hermanus SA
120218 ons het jou vrygeestige kreatiwiteit baie geniet. baie dankie, jy begeester ons!        
120212 you bend the cello.. Paddie Garland E London SA
120212 awesome! awakens the child in me and makes me happy and become and feel more alive! thank you!! Annette Westgate E London SA
120212 fabulous - just love the child in you and how you communicate with all ages Lisa van Wyk E London SA
111008 Magical. Genius. Mezmerizing        
111008 YOU. WERE. AMAZING. Thank you so much for the experience Gary Burlock Ottawa Canada
111008 Thou art cool. zz Predoyrskyy's Ottawa Canada
111003 fantastic evening out! totally unexpected! a buffet of music.. David Dee Nelspruit SA
110921 ek KAN NIE in woorde vir jou die belewenis daarvan beskryf nie! HEMELSàlewens-veranderend..HEERLIK! Dit is inderdaad 'n onbeskryflike ervaringà want Francois is seker een van die mees talentvolle musikante wat ek in 'n baie lang tyd gehoor het (en BELEEF het!)à verder is Francois se groot gedeelte van sy vertoning "Spontaan"à. Dit beteken eenvoudig dat hy die musiek "skep" soos dit komà. WOWà dit is soos om op 'n MAAND se vakansie te gaan à mens kom wraggies 'n NUWE mens uit sy vertoning uit! Hanli Steenkamp Gordons Bay SA
110916 BAXTER truly stupendous evening. how does one put this impression into words. just clean impossible
Cherith Davidson Claremont SA
110916 congratulations to the Baxter for holding a happening that was healing and joyous. regards donations: the arts are food for the soul and shouldn't be commodified. It is the basics that sustain life (just as water, food and electricity shouldn't be commodified)
Suzanne Hotz C Town S SA
110916 such a great vibe and show. make it seem so easy and energetic.
Brett Williams C Town S SA
110916 fantastic - thank you! what a breath of spring air in feel, flowers, music and energy
Sophie Oldfield C Town S SA
110916 brilliant energy - am walking on sunshine all the way - flowers forever!
Roanne van Schoor C Town C SA
110916 this was i think the most vibrant and enchanting musical experience of my life. a carnival of harmony + inspiration Sarah Foale C Town C SA
110916 Creativity in action - what a joy: THANK YOU FOR GIVING HOPE
Marion Penfold C Town C SA
110916 so many lessons û thank you
WAKES ME UP. awesome connection. awesome communicator..
Nola Davidson C Town C SA
110911 Jou visie van 'n meer verenigde en volwasse menslike familie is
moontlik, en ek voel dat jy op die regte pad is met jou kuns. Dit is
meer as net vermaak, dit is filosofie, en dit stimuleer die gehoor,
daag ons uit en stel ons in staat om ons gedagtes, lewens en stigmas te
heroorweeg en vry te laat.
Jeanettie Pretorius Lady Grey SA
110907 what a voice MMMMMHHHH
Albert Kafuka Durban SA
110904 absolutely phenomenal! Olivia Mack Durban SA
110904 Excellent musicianship - best I have heard on record!! again!! excellent!! Wayne Hutcheon Durban SA
110904 very insightful - also to see how other people react spontaneously and react to music and movement. Amazing how people get freed-up to express, and how music MOVES one to... movement, expression, freedom. Thank you! Elizabeth Lamb Brisbane Australia
110902 Your workshop was awesome. I've always been caught up in what people are going to think of me but today I learned to channel my inner energy and also to just be me and find my artistic genre within. I learned to let go and embrace my creativity. Avril Liezann Van Neel Pietermaritzburg SA
110902 I found myself because of you. I could never thank you enough. Caroline Dennis Pietermaritzburg SA
110825 being merely a collection of phonetic letters and sounds, language would be a useless tool to describe my response. we are ONE bratha Joel Karabo Elliott Haenertsburg SA
110817 Rone Pawson dear Cello, you reflect me, captured by the freedom to Live! signed: Space
Shane Achenbach Pta SA
110803 brilliant, healing, perfect timing!! Kate & Alfrieda Muller C Town S SA
110803 unieke interpretasie van instrument, klank en gevoel Willie Lourens Stilbaai SA
110803 you ARE music... Marina Janse van Rensburg Stilbaai SA
110707 (One Man and a Cello)
so many lessons - thank you. WAKES ME UP. Awesome connection. Awesome communicator.
110628 absolutely phenomenal Liesl Brown Jhb SA
110530 ik weet het niet,, maar francois kan iets dieps in je wakker maken, iets waarvan je wel altijd weet dat het er is, maar toch .. Kristien Verheggen Kortrijk Belgium
110506 it was an absolute treat to listen to your music. your energy on stage is intoxicating. THANK YOU! Sarah Biren Philadelphia USA E
110501 you shine. loved your show Johannes Klint Copenhagen Denmark
110429 Superb, more than beautiful! Hope to hear you again. Thanks! Viviane Wolfs Haacht Belgium
110322 amazing - woorde kan nir die emosies beskryf wat jou musiek ontlok nie Jane le Roux Schoemansville SA
110322 befok mooi Elsabe Holm Hartbeespoortdam SA
110311 Laaikit kwaai Liza Burmeister Windhoek Namibia
110311 wow!! Keep it up, man! God bless! Ingrid Stengel Windhoek Namibia
110302 Wow! Meesterlik. "For elize" is ongelooflik "powerful." Dankie vir 'n wonderlike vertoning!!
Suzette Viviers Stellenbosch SA
110226 as always you have left me speechless... and glowing.
your art... nah!... your connection to art... is turning you into one of the new-world social scientists... the harbingers and bringers of the next wave of consciousness...
Biren Shah Ahmedabad India
110223 a unique, innovative, different musical experience
Toni Tonin P Eliz SA
110219 Stanley World class! Chris & Marliese Woodcock Wilderness SA
110213 very deep and conceptual performance, i love the experimentation Oriole Bolus The Crags SA
110211 This is the first time that I have ever sat down and listened to the cello being played live. It was an experience that I will never forget. I feel that you are moving in the right direction as far as going on your own is concerned. The community needs to be involved. Thanks for a wonderful evening. Diane Rossouw Graaff-Reinet SA
101227 most enjoyable journey! Brett Bard Prince Albert SA
101227 thanks so much - awesome! - grateful for Afrikaners like you Erica Phaal Prince Albert SA
101227 Sjampanje! [soos hulle in Frankryk s = bravo]. Ek het jou vertoning die ander aand in Prins Albert gesien: dit was iets magies, wonderliks. Baie dankie. Hennie Boshoff Prince Albert SA
101120 Thank you for inviting me to the concert. I had a great time. The artist's performance was very spontaneous, as you described, and was full of passion. It seems that he made every single effort to convey his intense feelings through his performance, either by playing cello, keyboard, or by singing and dancing. Several pieces particularly impressed me, including 'Love at 16', 'Revolution in South Africa'. The first piece might be the most memorable one because it brought the audience to somewhere so close to nature. You could almost hear the sound of birds, wind, small creeks running. The audience was deeply touched by his performance and I am sure that the evening will be in many people's memory for a long time. zhuge yong Philadelphia USA E
101120 a magical evening. thank you for offering a window into the spirit of South Africa Kun-Yang & Ken Lin Philadelphia USA E
101119 wonderful! we all love it! Bonnie Hu Princeton USA E
101117 So unique! So entertaining! You put a smile on my face. Mezmerizing. Debbie Heagen Silver Spring USA E
101114 Sweet, wonderful, authentic! Thank you. Stavros Stavropoulos Toronto Canada
101114 seems there is no shortage of good things coming from South Africa - ho!!! David Woodward Toronto Canada
101107 ag man!! sooo... lekker en sielvol Tersia Brooks Charlotte USA E
101104 incredible! unbelievable! an experience like never before! thank you so very much!        
101104 hilarious and captivating Hadley Parum Dallas USA S
101028 thanks for playing and being at our school. you are magical and inspiring. thank you for sharing you! Leah Naylor Hawi USA W
101027 you combine rhythm and melody with success and finesse. you are a great inspiration! Mary Collier Kona USA W
101027 every one of your cells is filled with music! Beverly Halling Kona USA W
101027 Your music is unique and inspired. Some of your arrangements sound like the composer Philip Glass, but much more varied, ALIVE and musical Nancy Bloomfield Kona USA W
101023 you are monumentally talented! Sara Melson Los Angeles USA W
101023 Truly a priviledge to be in the presence of such inspiration and excitement Lee Stickler Los Angeles USA W
101019 Thank you for entertaining us so uniquely today Ha!Man. When I looked around at the audience, you had not only all of our elementary school kids but the teachers and parents enthralled as well. You brought tears to my South African parents eyes with your 'We must take care of Africa' closing song and we all left your performance in a great mood. What more could anyone ask?! Tanya & Rick Friese Duncan Canada
101003 wonderfully out of the box and enlightening! loved it! Ray Ash Cincinnati USA C
100925 i loved your concert! can't believe how you make your cello sing in so many ways Brigit MacKay Kenton-on-sea SA
100925 thanks for making such beautiful music. lost myself totally in a wonderful world of no worries, peace and beauty. if only life could always be like this. thank you. thank you.        
100924 Amazing!! Finally something different!! Daleen Fourie Pta SA
100924 We thoroughly enjoyed the show. Absolutely amazing! Alet Kingwill Graaff Reinett SA
100921 jy is 'n belewenis en so 'n blessing Mercia Theron S West SA
100918 BAXTER Thanks for a great concert - a mix of Sting/Vollenweider/Oystein Sevag/Bobby McFerrin, and of course, Francois! Fiona Farquharson Pietermaritzburg SA
100918 it was a very inspirational show! i play violin and i thought the cello sounded very cheerfull!! Zarah Payne C Town S SA
100918 I would just like to thank you for another outstanding musical
experience on Saturday. So glad that your 'experiment' went so
well.Comments all around were very positive about you having the
courage to do it the way you did. What I love most about seeing you perform is how you melt into your music, you are part of your music and it is part of you. I was absolutely thrilled to be there!!!
Linda Sittig C Town C SA
100912 Uniek!!! Bevrydend - so.... uit die boks. Marian Spies Bloemfontein SA
100909 Awesome and Master of Music! Dante Thord-Gray Rosetta SA
100909 HA! (This overwhelming sense of happyness) Sanjana Thord-Gray Pietermaritzburg SA
100907 You are generous, amazing, classical, avant-garde and very, very coo! Preven Chetty Howick/Durban SA
100904 Love to hear you with Bobby McFerrin! Work on it :-) Sherrill Wilson Durban SA
100902 Just beautiful. We were silent. Bryan Tyrer Pietermaritzburg SA
100902 AHA !!! A - struck !!!!! RonFl Wood Pietermaritzburg SA
100902 Brilliant!! Thanks so much! Awesome to have some talented culture in the area! Donna Moore Estcourt SA
100825 Wow!! What and amazing experience!!        
100822 Wonderlik. Baie dankie vir die wonderlike voorreg om jou talent te kon beleef. Rosme Pienaar Jhb SA
100822 Jou talent is absoluut wonderdlik. Dit was 'n voorreg om na jou te luister! Ek hooop om gou weer so te kan maak. Baie dankie. Debbie Pienaar Jhb SA
100822 a living legend!! Morne Jacobs Krugersdorp SA
100812 Die aand by Beyond The Moon het my so aangeRAAK. Dankie! Jou hele liggaam is musiek. Kan nie help om saam te beweeg nie. Wag, daar begin die 2de helfte nou! M!a van Zyl Midrand SA
100812 absolute genius. a night to remember Martin & Willy Taal Sedgefield SA
100812 Mind...? Blown!!!        
100812 Your music is amazing and transformational Dale Simpson C Town S SA
100808 Helena Vosloo Jou musiek het my na ander sfere geneem en ek wil jou opreg bedank vir 'n besondere musikale belewenis. Jy het my met jou musikale genialiteit, jou spontane en eerlike optrede en warm persoonlikheid oorrompel. Baie dankie vir dit wat jy vanaand vir ons gegee het. Cobus Ferreira Jeffreys Bay SA
100725 All the accolades have been used, Francois - I've been on your site
many times - so I feel limited in how to express my appreciation and
complete AWE of your musical gifts. Nothing I'd read fully prepared
me for the depth and inventiveness of your instrumental effects -
your improvisations, and then your virtuosity on the cello (nogal)! We're all still basking in the afterglow of your concert..

Sue Gordon Port Alfred SA
100725 Brilliant! Much more than expected. Rob Knowles Port Alfred SA
100724 Jy is fantasties. Ek is trots om Afrikaan te wees! Tony Ward Kenton-on-sea SA
100603 Thank you so much. I loved it. You really taught me something about the human soul in all its beauty. Amazing! Conor Hinds Belfast Ireland
100522 I very much enjoyed your performance in Chambesy. Rare is the artist,
who dares to improvise, unfortunately. Your piano reminded me of
Leszek Mozdzer, the great Polish jazz-pianist, whose
Chopin-improvisations I love to listen. During your concert my mind
also wandered to Apocalyptica, the Finnish heavy-rock band consisting
of four cellists.
David Seligson Geneve Switzerland
100514 a deceptive brain massage, sometimes simple, sometimes devilishly clever. thanks!        
100507 Ravi Amazing - such fun! Our boy (in red dhirt) stood up and sang in front of everyone - he is one who hates music! Jenny Burton Berlin Germany
100429 Als we normaal een kwartier napraten over de voorstelling was dat deze keer bij iedereen het meervoudige. Iedereen was geraakt door zijn spel en zijn begeestering. Francois maakt niet alleen muziek , hij is muziek! Ook is hij een prima ambassadeur van zijn land, waaraan wij en met ons diverse andere leden na een rondreis een warme herinnering bewaren.        
100425 From heart to heart. Loved it all, want to hear, experience more - amazing journey, rich variety of music! Irina Taekema Amsterdam Netherlands
100425 Thanks for your wisdom and love in your music. Marjan Rusch Almere Netherlands
100424 Superb. Fabulous promotion of SA! Eric van Thiel Uden Netherlands
100419 I really enjoyed the parts where voice and cello were interacting in a kind of soul - dialog : very full ( filling ) sound! Felix von Verschuer Dornach Switzerland
100418 Ik heb er zo ontzettend van genoten. Bij de pauze was mijn lichaam al helemaal opgeladen en het gedeelte na de pauze bracht mij tot sprankelen. Geweldig die dans!!! "VOELEN VOELEN VOELEN!" Einzigartig zeggen de Duisters
Antonia Mulder Brunssum Netherlands
100418 Een heel groot dank. Het was een heel mooie moment! Carine & Mark Bronwasser-Meunier Obbicht Netherlands
100409 lovely music.. and the power you put into it is amazing! i was completely dreaming away when you were playing. that is very special to me. thank you for that! Kris Dedeurwaerder Antwerp Belgium
100409   Joke Debaere Antwerp Belgium
100323 Ongelooflik! Dankie dat ek jou vanavond kan beleef! Dit was 'n voorreg - so talentvol! Ronell Mentz Pta SA
100323 n wonderlike verrykende aand. Jy het aan ons almal se harte geraak - en gestreel! Dankie Piet Greyling Pta SA
100323 Ek het nie woorde nie! Annemarie Bezuidenhout Pta SA
100323 Awe inspiring! You are brave, bold and beautiful. Michelle Ayden Centurion SA
100316 a wonderful journey into incredible expression        
100313 Indescribable! Your music touches me deeply - thank you. Maureen Thelland Yzerfontein SA
100313 i cannot believe you play to such small audiences. lovely as it is to be part of one. thought how amazing it would be if, august rush style, they piped your music out over table mountain. there'd be less muggings, i'm sure. peace and love breaking out.

and hummingbird taking us to the centre of our sorrow to find our grief in all its colours. your music is SO sad - it has squeezed my heart hard in spasms of grief for all of history -- and her story --- and my story. and at times also transcendent and so powerful.

so - the story of creation could include your extra-ordinary dance against the projection ... dappled light on your body, you looked like a primal being, a jaguar, a hunter, and yes, a madman. i can see why some people don't connect it - it's far too powerful.
Vaun Cornell C Town S SA
100308 Louise inspirational music - lifted the entire event and gone so much to me personally Phil Eayrts C Town S SA
100225 Jy kielie my harsings Wilhelmien van der Merwe Stellenbosch SA
100217 Thanks for the workshop. It was really amazing and allows one to realease their inner being. It was a wonderful experience, one worth reliving. Thanks again. Bali Phasha Mooi River SA
100215 really great stuff. In a previous life did composition at ....( ? ) with Jurfer Brauwger and also did lots of spontaneous stuff!! Really enjoyed your work!! Barbara Duigan Durban SA
100213 "refreshing, wonderful, innovative + professional" Misselhorn Hugo Durban SA
100213 you were amazing!! Thank you so much for such an incredible performance.
I have never heard anything like it before. Hope to support you again!
Lee Brown Durban SA
100209 "Incredibly soulful!" Sally-Ann Boshoff Pietermaritzburg SA
100205   Ivan zz Edenvale SA
091127 The closest to heavenly creativity I have ever been! My spirit says 'Aha' with a sigh of relieve! You really inspired me. Thanks for the honesty of your improvisations. Nadia Kruger Jhb SA
091121 seriously awesome and kiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amora Famous Coleman Plett SA
091107 En 't WAS toe asemrowend vanaand in die monument - tsv die galmende weerklank -- en die hele program het my intens geraak. DANKIE! Ek vind dit oorstelpend hoe jy met soveel emosie: vreugde EN pyn, wanhoop EN hoop, skaamte EN trots ons ganse Afrikaner-geskiedenis in een program verwerk het! Jy het voorwaar besondere gawes van hart en verstand ontvang --- en dis duidelik dat jy jouself met ons ou volkie ver-eenselwig. Dit doen ek ook al is my Moederki Duits en my Vaderki Engels.
Annemie Bosch Pta SA
091101 This man has phenomenal tallent. Love you! Bev Lee Roodepoort SA
091101 Jou musiek dring diep in my gees en bring vreugde! Nico Haarhoff Pta SA
091020 As someone who attended St Andrews Prep and then College in the 50s, I found this quite poignant. We left South Africa in 1957 when my father was transferred back to the USA. I need to go back for a visit.        
091016 ongelooflk! Hugo & Ariza zz Keimoes SA
090919 Your considerable talents continue to mature. I was spellbound to hear
the few pieces that I heard. They have a new depth that is masterful! I
salute you! May your road ahead be considerable. You deserve far more than you are being given right now.
Clive Harvey Fox Durban SA
090914 HA! what a wonderful performance it has been tonight, and such a privilege to have been there!!! Thanks so much for sharing your great talent, your love for music making and expressing yourself, and your soul. I have become a committed member of your fan club! :-)) Gudrun Oberprieler C Town C SA
090914 Still recovering from your magnificent performance !! :) ... Thank you so much ! Christo Trautmann Hout Bay SA
090912 You conjured up all sorts of emotions within me with your music, from feeling like lying down to be massaged, to sadness, to passion. Whilst you were playing these words kept going through my mind over and over again. IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE PLAY ON. !!! Diana Tye Swellendam SA
090828 Awesome - Brilliant to get onto another planet for a brief while! Thank you for a phenomenal concert last night! It deserved to be seen by far more people - we were the privileged, lucky few! Durban is always so slow and sleepyà You do amazing things with your cello, and your passion is almost tangible. It really was inspiring. Stavros Anthias Durban SA
090825 You are a live force in the vibes of our global creative moment.

Your role in this world - trying to show people how to be more than what uncreated life simply serves them - is an act you perform with a dreamy sort of authority that touches me deeply. Seeing you on your feet or with your cello is always a reminder to me that life can be graceful if only we have it in us to respond with the right emotional tact.

Your approach in examining the emotional potentials of whatever instrument you are at that moment entranced by is fresh, competent and exciting.
Norman Morrissey Hogsback SA
090815 most awesome experience Margie van der Ark Jhb SA
090815 so inspiring, creative, fantastic! he gives me hope in mankind. thank you Margaret Wagner Jhb SA
090815   Jakoot Bierman Jhb SA
090814 WOW! U BRILLIANT! Christo Erasmus Roodepoort SA
090814 Dit was net ongelooflik!! Gerda Schoombie Roodepoort SA
090807 when you first began to play, it was only you and the dancing moth illuminated then i knew you were a sorcerer a light hearted being. Thank-you        
090806 Beste Francois, jou klanke bring heling vir die siel! Ongelooflik. Baie dankie! Jan-Erik Jan-Erik Swart George SA
090803 Jy is stunning! Sag op die oog en so talentvol!! Carine White Humansdorp SA
090724 Phenomenal performance. Carry on the magic.... Margaret & Alex zz E London SA
090628 Your music is healing and good for the soul, straight from heaven! Anita Bantosch Jhb SA
090620 Wonderful to be surrounded by such enthusiastic creativity by such a humble guy! Stuart Gibson London UK
090509 Intrigerende muzikant. Eerlijk gezegd nog nooit van gehoord, maar hij lijkt mij een geniaal iemand. Ter vergelijken met Frank Marino, ofwel de beste gitarist ter wereld.        
090427   Nico zz Alken Belgium
090424 Thank you for the evening; your last song inspired us to visit your beautiful country again Wim Ouwerkerk Leimuiden Netherlands
090424 I am impressed!!        
090424 I loved it! Music from the heart!        
090410 Mosaiek kerk Dit was fabulous. Jy maak musiek soos ek dink God dit maak. "Listen. Can you hear it? The music.. It's all around us... All you need to do is open yourself up. All you need to do is listen" - August Rush

Wilmi Marshall Jhb SA
090327 Amazing, stunning, extraordinary creativity! So amazing what you open up in these youngsters.. Gudrun Oberprieler C Town C SA
090327 You are very brave to share your performance with young would-be performers. Your courage pays off in many ways and the audience admires it. Lindie White C Town C SA
090327 Exceptional & Different. A blast! Ian Cratts C Town C SA
090325 Loving you watching you be. I wanted to dance. And you certainly invited us to. I wonder what would make it easier for folks to get up..? David Azoulay NYC USA E
090316 WHAOW - ek is BESOTTED met jou musiek - dit speel heeldag en nag en vul my huis & headspace met Beautiful Peace - het jy al gelees oor Alpha, Beta, Theta & Delta brainwaves - ? Jou musiek verander my brainwaves!
Liza Botha Botrivier SA
090314 Great, Great, and Great. Martin Grobler E London SA
090314 Dit was awesome!!Do what you did tonight. Dankie dat julle ons kinders so 'n wonderlike geleentheid gee. Kay Norval E London SA
090306 Great! The whole show was just wonderful. Really felt a sense of peace, your music just evokes so many emotions.. Jenny Brown Kloof SA
090227 Wonderlik verfrissend. Anthoniette Jansen Centurion SA
090227 Wonderlik! Barbara Muller Centurion SA
090227 WOW!! Chris & Carien Havenga Pta SA
090222 Alda Booysen Ek is mateloos beindruk Annemarie Burger Hartbeespoortdam SA
090221 Your dancing was mind-boggling and thought provoking to my senses
Hedley Myers Jhb SA
090221 Are you for real?! Robert & Rachel Meerts Krugersdorp SA
090221 Sheer musical brilliiance. The spirit soars.......... Riana Hunkin Jhb SA
090221 Jy is ongelooflik N.J.C. Olivier Roodepoort SA
090215 I think we just found our new national anthem Janine Hayward C Town C SA
090215 inspiring, wonderful music sounds, movement. Thanks Elaine Millin C Town C SA
090208 Uitstekend! Elke oomblik geniet! Baie dankie! Fienie Serdyn Moorreesburg SA
090208 Fantasties, Jy's uitstekend. Voorspoed vir die toekoms. Julle altwee is puik Rooies Wessels Moorreesburg SA
090208 Groot verskeidenheid! Uitstekende verwerkings en improvisasie. Ons geniet elke oomblik! Susan Myburgh Moorreesburg SA
090205 Helena Vosloo Hierdie was die ongelooflikste gebeurtenis in baie jare in my lewe!
GREAT GREAT! Het nie woorde nie!
Philip Badenhorst Jeffreys Bay SA
090205 out of this world!!
we love the poems by lara and piano accompaniment!
Tania Venter Jeffreys Bay SA
090204 I saw you perform today for the first time. Such talent and professionalism is to be admired. I wish you well. Would like to see more of you in future. God Bless . Henry van Rayners P Eliz SA
081230 You are absolutely GREAT. Leli Hoch Hermanus SA
081230 SOUL FOOD! You are blessed with a gift. We are blessed that you share it with us. Sharon Marsden-Hill Hermanus SA
081227 So differently creative to the often sterile concert halls and school music. Thanks for a very inspiring evening. Uli Deutschlander S West SA
081227 Wonderlik. Ongelooflik amazing. Comina Visser C Town C SA
081225 unfortunately i have no words, but your music is an emotional and awe-inspiring experience Lisa Kallmeyer Jhb SA
081225 a f...... brilliant moment to remember for a lifetime. Hopeto wee you again in Coffee Bay. What a wonderful Christmas day! Delene Gray Umthatha SA
081225 I am speechless. I can't describe it. It's a transcendental experience! Ashley Jay Jhb SA
081225 Steals my soul!! Dot Devitt Scottburgh SA
081121 Your music was awesome! OFF THE CHAIN!        
081121 the concert was totally amazing!! i lover how you expressed your emotion and feeling through your music! Hope to see you perform again soon! Your fan: Bryanda Bryanda Rand Schenectady USA E
081108 one of the best performances i've seen in years! Wow! :-) Jenny Phillips (2) Charlotte USA E
081108 Hearing you play and seeing you perform last night was truly memorable. Brian and I had a wonderful time. Your music has awakened the child within us again and I am grateful to you for that !! We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you again.
Ginger & Brian Phillips Charlotte USA E
081108 I just wanted to say again what a pleasure it was meeting you this weekend in Charlotte. Hearing you play and seeing you perform is one of the highlights of my life! You are a beautiful person and it flows through you and overflows into your music. I am almost brought to tears.You are such a rare talent and I am sure that everyone that is fortunate enough to hear your music feels the same way as I do. I told all my friends at work today about the last few nights and am still thinking of it this evening. The experience is something special that I will never forget. I look forward to seeing you again as you have touched my heart and my soul.
Ginger & Brian Phillips Charlotte USA E
081104 fantastic expression of creative joy. many thanks        
081101 11/01/08 - one of the most memorable days of my life. thank you very much. Aleksandre Matcharashuil (?) Tbilisi/Georgia USA W
081028 I really enjoyed your music.. I think your style of performance is the art of the future! Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli Los Angeles USA W
081028 Thank you for a beautiful night; and more importantly for being so bold as to live your life in true dedication to the essence of being. It has taken me many years to "undo" programming and to START to discover my own connection. Rock on, brother. Andrew Mills Los Angeles USA W
081028 Jy is ongelooflik talentvol! Moet nooit ophou nie. Elma Vann Los Angeles USA W
081028 I was moved to tears of joy.. You connected with my spirit and heart.. Thank you for your words and humility..        
081024 thank you for the tumult of sound you brought to us last night. Like being hit by an avalanche of starlight.
Diana Stockton San Francisco USA W
081021 It felt so good, like pure ecstacy. It felt like i was inside the voice of the goddess. The best and most inspirational musical experience of my life. Thank you. Lindsey Speights Seattle USA W
081013 definitely an experience you don't want to miss - "musical poetry!" Yvonne McAndrew Oklahoma City USA S
081007 you rock!! keep the music going! Nerina Human Chicago USA C
081002 fanfreakintastic Scott Amos Victoria Canada
080920 It was one of the most electrifying evenings of music we have ever heard/seen/experienced. A lot of the time we were almost breathless, at others transported by hearing music as we'd never heard it before - just the first notes on the cello are enough to thrust one into a new world. Music has always been a vital force in our family - we all make our living - such as it is! - through and with music, so we are prime candidates for enthusiasm, as it were. I could - and do quite often! - go on about it but it's really that we want you to know how wonderfully you affected us all. Your 9/11 music had Julie and me in tears - not just easy weeping, but almost torn apart by despair/sorrow - words fail me. Pamela Blundell C Town S SA
080919 inspiring open channel of creative expression - of self and the universe - beauitiful. Diana Keam C Town C SA
080919 This is great music and deserves to be played in Grand places. It is of the depth and the wholesomeness of the great classics. I am glad we could have it here. I wish to have more of it here. (Persephone Institute, Hout Bay) Yehuda Tagar Hout Bay SA
0809 Absolutely brilliant! You are totally a world-class musician! It has been a privilege to have met you in person! Thank you for your inspiration and innovation! Amazing! Regards Jono Jono Dose' C Town S SA
0809 spoke straight to the heart. beautiful & wonderfully moving Thank you! Kim Houghton C Town S SA
0809 Something too touching for words. Filling space & at the same time creating it! Caitlyn Collins C Town S SA
0809 mmmmmmmm! Anneke Rebecca Van Belen C Town S SA
0809 Keep following the flo... Its wonderful. every occasion the vibe will be different ENJOY your natural intuition - its special. Cherry Giljam C Town S SA
0809 I tried hearing with all the senses. quite amazing. thank you Renata Zijp C Town S SA
0809 Brilliant, Hotrageous, Splendiferous, Gorgious, Beauitiful, Special, Thank You!! Ruth Goodman Hout Bay SA
0809 a beautiful rich and full expression of deep humanity. Thank you Raoul Goldberg Hout Bay SA
0809 Thank you for embracing multidimensional polarities of powerful and delicate expression Elina Tagar Hout Bay SA
080820 You definitely have an impact on people. You change people. You give people the sense of belonging. You break away barriers through your music and everyone who I've spoken to had nothing but good to say about the Ha!man Dominic Kessel C Town S SA
080801 You're a "sound painter," you know. If Monet and Gauguin could make music, this is what it would sound like. Beautiful! Teri Wilder Santa Fe USA C
0807 Wow. Truly Incredible Experience. Thank you. Matt Beetar Durban SA
0807 Amazing, moving, inspirational Andy Horn C Town C SA
0807 a re-minder
0807 Awe-filled. Thank You. Namaste. Vijay Reddy Umtwalume SA
0807 Your music touches me in places that I never knew existed in my heart and mind. I love to write, I write beautifully, and I hope that someday you may play my words in your music Zolena Mtetwa P Eliz SA
0807 I struggle to let my mind lose control of my heart. Your freedom from fear of judgement inspires me & makes me very jealous. Marea Sing P Eliz SA
080515 Het was Æn fantastische avond. Wat æn geweldige artiest die Francois le Roux. En, uiteraard, Æn super Music-painter.
080513 Your selection is wide, your musical range is wide - such a wealth of senses and experiences. All those I invited enjoyed the show very much but especially your solo cello - there's something incredibly magical, touching, soulful and real about it. Bernadine Thixton Vienna Austria
0805 The best of the Future Patricia & David zz Thonon-les-Baines France
0805 Belle Reussite        
0805 Wonderful! Creative! We love!! See you!! Veronique Mortensen Ruch France
080429 We have enjoyed very much in your music at the event. Mathias as well! I
appreciate the way you do it, so pure, the energy flow you feel while you
are playing. It's certainly a very beautiful way to reach people, not only
to listen but to feel the music with all senses. I saw today few friends who
were there on Tuesday evening and they were so thankful and satisfied for
being there. So I am very pleased to have it done.
Slavica Milanovic Alken Belgium
080428 Veel dank voor de magische momenten die jullie op vrijdagvond 25 april in ons kerkje in Rheden hebben laten 'rondzingen'. Wij vonden het een eer en een groot voorrecht erbij te zijn. Het was enerzijds erg ontspannen, anderzijds zeer intens. Iedereen die ik erover sprak, had het gevoel getuige te zijn geweest van iets essentieels, gebracht door een groot kunstenaar (een muzikaal multitalent, heb ik ook gehoord). Ik kan die kwalificaties alleen maar onderschrijven. Ik heb enkele foto's gemaakt, ze staan inmiddels op onze website (www.q-marq.nl) onder het kopje 'laatste nieuws'. Mocht je ze in een betere resolutie willen hebben, dan stuur ik ze graag naar je. Rob van Bruggen Rheden Netherlands
0804 wat een geweldige avond. Ik heb genoten en hoop je in de toekomst nog eens te mogen beluisteren. In ieder geval op CD. Reinette Reinette van der Wolde Velp Belgium
0804 Baie dankie vir die wonderlike vertoning! Na 6 maande in Korea is mens honger vir iets Suid-Afrikaans. En jy het werklik die "essence" van Suid-Afrika vasgevang! Hester Roodt Pta SA
0804 A brilliant musician, completely breathtaking. I was mesmerized. Gail M. Werner C Town C SA
080306 thanks very much..........and thanks for messing up my make up for the day!!!!!!!! your anthem is universal...............good luck i am going to follow your career with interest........one person CAN make a difference........you touched all those performers and the audience........... the faces and actions of the queenstown children says it all..............south africa needs more of you!!!!!!! Rose zz Jhb SA
0803 Dit was die awesomeste, entertainingste lekker show wat ons nog ooit beleef het. Die emosies wat jou songs gebring het is onbeskryflik. 'n Baie persoonlike ervaring! XXX Adele Snyman Hermanus SA
0803 Thank you so much for a wonderful experience of freedom - loved the big "SPLASH" at the end!! Caroline Gabb Hermanus SA
0803 Thank you for a moving experience. I was truely inspired by the Xhosa item and would very much like to have such a recording. Clive Biggs George SA
080214 Your Stutters of Africa make me so happy, listening to them in the car. I canÆt quite believe you put it all toegtehr in 18 hours, but then I guess youÆd have no particularly strong motive for lying on that oneà Peter Willis C Town S SA
0802 Stil verstom! Dankie Hantie Combrink Paarl SA
0802 You are truly inspirational. Thank you! I also believe that the only way to get us out of the environmental mess that we are in - is to activate people through their hearts - which again is why I think your work is so important and valuable David Parry-Davies C Town C SA
0801 Your music was soul-searching & ssoul-satisfying. You have a wonderful, musical gift - may you use it wisely! Good-luck for the future!! Anria du Plessis Kenton-on-sea SA
0801 Excellent free improvisation presentation and talent! An eye-opener to what one can compose when you know your music instruments! Your "show" has been an inspiration!! Retha Heunis G Town SA
0801 This cello took off into realms of excitement, adventure, dreams, with sound effects of a jungle experience. 'Sarie Marais' becomes a haunting expression of the tragedy of the Boer War. Thank you for a most enjoyable and unique evening. Lola Davis Kenton-on-sea SA
0801 What a wonderful evening. You are very talented Francois and we all...?... to have you in the E. Cape. Lets have more performances. I had never heard of you before. However what a happening. Mary Cunningham Kenton-on-sea SA
0801 What a wonderful gift God has given you! Who can imagine what can be achieved from a chello, as well as computer. Francois you have a wonderful talent good health to carry on your wonderful talent! Daphne Aab Kenton-on-sea SA
0801 Excellent free improvisation presentation and talent! An eye-opener to what one can compose when you know your music instruments! Your "show" has been an inspiration!! Retha Heunis G Town SA
0801 This cello took off into realms of excitement, adventure, dreams, with sound effects of a jungle experience. 'Sarie Marais' becomes a haunting expression of the tragedy of the Boer War. Thank you for a most enjoyable and unique evening. Lola Davis Kenton-on-sea SA
0801 What a wonderful evening. You are very talented Francois and we all...?... to have you in the E. Cape. Lets have more performances. I had never heard of you before. However what a happening. Mary Cunningham Kenton-on-sea SA
0801 What a wonderful gift God has given you! Who can imagine what can be achieved from a chello, as well as computer. Francois you have a wonderful talent good health to carry on your wonderful talent! Daphne Aab Kenton-on-sea SA
071210 Goodness but I am discovering the freedom of the informal house concert
and the burnt CD. Made more money that a month of teaching last night,
with only ten people in the audience, just because I have a really wide
range of CDs available. And they are just burnt without artwork or
anything. So this really frees one up to communicate to anybody and not
having to worry about bigger venues and all that nonsense. So I am
starting to understand the freedom of Ha! Thankyou! Funny because I am
selling mrore CDs that i did when i had two impressively packaged
¦proper¦Cds. The long and hard road from snobbery to freedom...
Derek Gripper Greyton SA
071101 nothing that can be put into words Jan Stensland Berkeley USA W
0711 Your performance inspired me to keep my mind open to all types of music, and also try playing all music. Your dancing was very unique and incredibly interesting. I've never seen anyone like you, but I loved it! Lindsey Orcult Ellicot City USA E
0711 THANK YOU! We spent all day at a marching band competition (8 hours!) & then came here. My younger daughter (a bass student of George Vance) LOVED your show even though we were exhausted when we arrived. I've never seen a show like yours & it was beautiful & strange & FUN! I wish you a long & HAPPY life sharing your gifts. Love Joan.        
0711 Wonderful Exp! Makes one in touch with surroundings and Inner Self... you are extremely talented & nicely modest. Be safe in your travels. Julie Malik Fountain Hills USA S
0711 Fantastic! Jeannie Thompson Aliso Viejo USA W
0711 You are amazing & inspired me to play more music as well as being more spontaneous & writing more music. I play the guitar & ukulele & I like to sing. The technique of being able to open up your unconscious was very awesome. It works very well & I will practice with it now. I am from Kauai, HI & I totally agree with you about the "grown up" method. Ryo (Ro) Shintani Lihue USA W
0711 BRAVO!!        
0711   Madelyn Miller Dallas USA S
0711 "Dancing Soul" Thank you for an amazing evening! May you Always be blessed! Namaste! E. Erika Ramelli Dallas USA S
0711 Thank you for this lovely evening! Blair Blair Lewis Dallas USA S
0711 UNBELIEVABLE Gareth Dicker Princeton USA E
0711 Wonderful musicality. Amazing tone & improv - very enjoyable. Enjoyed the variety of musical styles & the humor. Marcia Dosch Niskayuna USA E
0711 Fantastic - will come back! Jeffrey Baker Castleton USA E
0711 Thanks so much - very moving - you touched my core Barbara Armstrong Schenectady USA E
0711 I must say that this was not what I expected - - and was pleasantly surprised AND impressed. Bravo and please get refreshed, revived and enlightened in Africa. This church used to have an active AIDS CARE TEAM with a local family. I played flute in high school & have never heard a cello played this way. Please come back again!! Debbie Dingman Schenectady USA E
071020 truly amazing! i love your music! and thank you for all you do for the light centre and other worthy causes Sue Goldman Prairie Village USA C
071020 you're an incredible light        
071012 stunning!!! come back!!!!!        
071012 wonderful, completely entrancing Elise Maxheleau Toronto Canada
070905 Hier gons die mense nou nog oor jou puik optredes Francois! (show, werkswinkels, gedigte ens.) en almal is dit eens: jy is die merkwaardigste talent wat nog ooit by ons feeste opgetree het! Dit was fantasties!        
0709 Beautiful energy. The "bird" song form Skepping 7 made me cry - touched me & others I noticed. Thank you for sharing your love of life with so many of us! Jane Grindley G Town SA
0709 Brilliiant Francois - Absolutely Brilliant! Thanx for Stiewie's special message! Get YOUNG people to your shows! (youngsters!) How does a chlid in a rural area like ours get to learn to express himself the way you've learned? Alida Erasmus Graaff Reinett SA
0709 What a treat your concert was for Graaf Reinet. Please come back! Shirley Grindley Graaff Reinett SA
0709 AMAZING! You are a genius! Very inspiring - makes me want to break even more an dexpress. Be you! Stay original!!! WOW! Caren Christensen Hermanus SA
0709 Thank you. I've reaised tonight that a part of me is blocked, the part that would've journeyed thru the emotions didn't. I've thought for awhile that I might be desensatised, now I know - for that - Thank You - I can be FREE! Catch Caccivio Stanford SA
0709 GREAT! Val Crocker Stanford SA
0709 No criticism, an incredibly dear and passionate experience of the music/performance. Surprising. Make me want to do better and more for myself. Nicola Cunningham Hermanus SA
0709 STUNNING ORGASTIES!!! Lainy & Stanley Carpenter Gansbaai/De Kelders SA
0709 Exciting and thought provoking intellectually stimulating (husband says destressing) Natalie Ledgerwood Durbanville SA
0708 Sjoe! I had tears in these eyes - and I felt for Lady Anne Barnard!! You are a storyteller. Lee Scott Durban SA
0708 Everything ive ever felt or wanted to express! Absolute heaven. Gerrit Jansen Durban SA
0708 Most creative performance. Loved it. Betsy Oehrle Durban SA
0708 Fantabulous! Sue Olver Krugersdorp SA
0708 Your command, understanding empathy and ability on any instrument and with any part or sound of the body was A-M-A-Z-.I-N-G. You must have been impossible @ school!!! luv ya Desiree Levin Jhb SA
0708 What a wonderful evening of cultural entertainment. Please visit Witbank again. We want to hear more of your beautiful voice! Louis Steyn Witbank SA
0707 Excellent Music! and superb! Cello Performance. I love the inclusion of other sounds such as birds etc. Very well presented. I'd tell people this is " Music personified" as only Francois can do and do it so well and very beautiful and oh so different. Well done. Lara you have an extremely beautifull piano technic and play piano beautifully. Super Lorna Els Port Alfred SA
0705 Fantastic effects. Impressive one man show. Sometimes for me a little bit too mystic. Ideal cello technic. Great soutille. I like the wild cello passages. Anke Joggert Reesas Bremen Germany
0704 Fabulous & Fresh! Thank you for your passionate performance. Sangwon Hong Shangai China
0704 I hear the SA/African influence Hans de Boer Shangai China
0704 Great to have some eclectic performances in Shanghai. Thanks.        
0702 Incredible like a dreamstory from a mythological tale. Anton Loest Sasolburg SA
0702 your music spoke to my soul. my body wanted to respond and dance and wished to express myself. your artistry is amazing. Hope to meet u again. Sandra Smith P Eliz SA
070120 Tanya Surtees, 11/01/06:

Ok, so the dust has cleared and finally I can tell you that the show opened to a packed house that totally loved the show. In fact, the response was so unexpected! Standing ovations and lengthily clapping...really, really cool. Again, thank you so much for your genius. Your music has added such rich texture to the show and people have responded particularly well to it. In fact, people have been bugging us for orders of the soundtrack! We'll take orders then work out the logistics with you.
0612 Marvelous Colourful Stunning Prodigy Kinmer zz   Namibia
0610 Thank you! Mahalo! I cried, the longing and feeling stirred my whole body. Resonated and I want to DANCE! Mahalo! Beautious. Charissa Delphi S West SA
0610 Wonderful, Multidimensional etc. Fabulous, to die for (NYC fashion) Matthew Lohden San Francisco USA W
0610 Beautiful! Moving - life affirming Pat Stangl Lawrence USA C
0610 Phenomenal!!        
0610 Awesome:you are doing beautiful things. Natalie Twigg Seattle USA C
0610 Wonderful Music. Such artistry Elizabeth Weich Sutton Canada
0610 Thanks for letting me play with you. It was fun. I think I could play harmonica to some of your music (I used to play in a southern rock band) Keep up the great music! Gary Craigs Ottawa Canada
0610 Inspiring! The improv and vivid imagery of the music - seeing someone love what they do - and do it well is a joy to experience! Melanie Theriault Ottawa Canada
0610 Ha! What can i say. You are the embodiment of music. Karen Portielje Ottawa Canada
0609 I have journied tonight into the darkest corners of madness to the lightest awe of creativity. Thank you Courtney Ward Jhb SA
0609 Hierdie musiek is FANTASTIES kreatief!! Ons is mal daaroor!! (Ons is mal as 'n reel...) Rudolf & Yolande van Heerden Bloemfontein SA
0609 GREAT!!! WONDERFUL!!!        
0609 You are very talented and gifted. You really touched my soul with your music. Many more shows, please! Lex Kirsten Table View SA
0609 Your music is beautiful!! Your joy is obvious & wonderful to partake in. Clearly a genius and a prodigy!! Therese & Ken Sowinski Union City USA C
060801 his music>

quietens the pedantic's talk
stun the critics' socks off
makes the cynic cry
makes the sceptic believe
broadens the heart of the dispassionate
makes the feetless dance
makes the armless embrace
makes the shortsightedness visionary

the command over his sounds and silences is on par with that of the great conductors
0608 Wonderlik, ek is so jaloers, want ek kan sien dat jy dit verskriklik geniet! Ek is so trots op jou as Afrikaner en ek bars sommer daarvan. Hou so aan!!!! Jeanette Fourie Charlotte USA E
0608 Stunning. More of this should be norm. Lucy Landman Jhb SA
0608 Uniquely brilliant Michael Broderick Durban SA
0607 Fantastiese aand - geniale talent!! Lorraine van Zyl Montagu SA
0606 merci de nous avait fait "partager"ce moment original. Laetitia Bilbaut Paris France
0605 Fantastisch!!! zoveel emoties, zoveel romantiek back to basic. veel success!! Stijntje Roos Rotterdam Netherlands
0604 Super! Emotional! Touching! Scalabre zz Seoul South Korea
0603 Ek wil vir jou se hoe ek voel oor jou musiek maar ek het nie woorde nie. Al wat ek kan se sonder om 'n gek van my te maak is: WOW, AMAZING! Priscilla zz Hermanus SA
0603 Flippen interesant. Africa meets cello - cool! Wayne Simpson Uitenhage SA
0603 Unreal!!!! Riaan Ross Bloemfontein SA
0603 Beautiful, moving and such fun. Talented beyond dreams. would love to see you again. Fiona Reid Jhb SA
0603 Amazing! So mad. The world should love you. Eve Charvat Jhb SA
0603 Keep on dreaming, dancing, playing. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT F.......... BEAUTIFUL Salome Holloway Hermanus SA
0603 Thanks for your masterpiece of a newsletter: it brings with it somehow something of the flavours of Africa. Ravi Cullen Calitzdorp SA
0602 Amandla! Rudi zz C Town C SA
0602 Absolutely Stunning!!! Amazingly alternative - I love it. Jan du Plooy Pta SA
0602 Your work is immensely creative, inventive, original and excellent June Askew Stormsrivier SA
0601 Brilliant, versatile & a producer of note! Mark Wiehahn E London SA
0601 wonderful, creative, innovative, fresh Christina Auerbach Hillcrest SA
0601 really inspiring, looks like your having a really great time up there, makes me want to go home and play, thanx 4 a gr8 performance. Elinor Auerbach Hillcrest SA
0511 Ongelooflik! Ons het te min woorde. Gaan asb. net van krag tot krag! Jou vermoens en brein moet bewaar bly vir nageslag. Fantasties verfrissend! Susan van Hemert? Pta SA
0511 This was the most thrilling improvisation I have ever heard. Wonderful concert - wonderful imagination and use of technology. Dorothy Amarandos Washington DC USA E
0511 thank you for our beautiful journey to africa. now i can say, i have been there! you have a beautiful soul and heart. many blessings to you. Karen & Glenn Cook Boston USA E
0510 Very refreshing and renewing music. healing qualities. Jenelle Bainfield? Phoenix USA S
0510 let me say you are the most remarkable and electrifying musician I have ever seen and I've loved music all of my life. I've seen Jimmie Hendrix, the Beatles and others going back that far. There really aren't enough adjectives to describe your performances. Nancy Nicolay Kansas City USA C
0510 Francois, your performance in Kansas City tonight was electrifying. I am so proud to be a fellow South African, better yet, a fellow African and human being. The AIDS awareness event was magical and you threw yourself out there without abandon. Baie Dankie. God Bless your work. Schaun Colin Kansas city USA C
0509 I cannot express in WORDS how awesome your music is, your talent is a prescious gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. I work with my hands doing massage and I love what I do.. I see the love in your hands!        
0509 wonderful. magnificent show. Well done! You are a true musician. You touched my soul. Karen James C Town C SA
0509 FANDABBYDOZY Sharon Hone C Town S SA
0509 I found a new love for embracing different art forms. Your show has shown that even sound can be accomodated in the heart. grategul. Stephan Stephan Henning Welkom SA
0509 Sublime -enough to inspire immotal poetry! Heather Green C Town S SA
0509 The perfect next note Richard Emslie Pinelands SA
0509 Ongelooflike ervaring van n besondere spesiale talent. Baie dankie dat ons mag deel in hierdie ander wereld van wees!! Jessie Bester Paarl SA
0509 Cinema Paradiso x200! Danel van der Walt Welkom SA
0509 Verstommende talent. Uiters genotvol        
0509 sprakeloos Jeanette Mahnke Belville SA
0509 Baie dankie! Na soveel jare bewonder ek nog steeds jou talent Gavin de Kock Jhb SA
0509 Hey there, caught your show at Novalis on Sunday and well just gotta tell you that the music is absolutely awesome.. Also to say thanks.. you really inspire one to live and really dance through life. Well done. Look forward to seeing one of your shows again soon. By the way the CD is also .... AWESOME dude.
Lorraine-Marie' Cloete C Town C SA
0509 My selle tril. Dankie! sel / siel / kop F..# Liza Botha Botrivier SA
0509 I cannot express in WORDS how awesome your music is, your talent is a prescious gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. I work with my hands doing massage and I love what I do.. I see the love in your hands! Niel Jonker Baardskeerdersbos SA
0508 Lovely. Genius casts light. The ordinary only shadows. Tanene Allison San Francisco USA W
0508 Brilliant. Perfect moment andre zz Humansdorp SA
0508 Diep heerlik!!! Ilonka Labuschagne Winterton SA
0508 Diep heerlik!!! Francoise Steyn Winterton SA
0508 Brilliant. Perfect moment Andre & Cecilia Ruthven Knysna SA
0507 What a priviledge to be present to listen to you. my spiirit was uplifted - "Fractured world" - I could hear the crying and the pain. God bless you. you are in touch with the universe - Heart mind and soul. Athene (mother) zz Stutterheim SA
0507 Briljant! My 8 jaar oue seuntjie se : Die oom is n musiek genie. Dankie. Aand baie geniet.        
0507 Ek snak nog na asem!!        
0507 briljant! ongelooflik! Dit was verseker die mees genotvolle aand. Marietha Pohl E London SA
0507 Dis goed om iemand in sy skeppingsdoel te sien operate. Jy verstaan jou doel en bestemming. Corrie Du Rand E London SA
0507 Stunning! Al my senses is sommer nou weer wakker. Dankie! Jo-Marie Clark E London SA
0506 blooming amazing Sophie Major Saffron Waldon UK
0506 Awesome&inspiring!! You should teach us how to be more expressive. Well done!! Angeline De Kock Pta SA
0506 wonderful and so unusual and refreshing to enjoy something just that were different! i loved the way the children were so engaged and interested. A message for the country you have become!.        
0506   00 Laura Kirsten Lidgetton SA
050507 Gil heel knog! Overweldigend mooi!! Enkel ogen sluiten, en je waant je in 'n andere wereld! Blijf sulke mooie nieuwe dingen maken! Josefa van Hoof Dilsen-Stokkem Belgium
0505 wonderful! nice dancing        
0505 Very special - the music as well as the addition with the dance. What I found most impressive and enjoyable was the piece with the assembled notes and the way you did the duo. Thank you for the evening! Georg Escher Nuremberg Germany
0505 unusual, quirky, emotive Jane de Noord Barneveld Netherlands
0505 fabulous! Yvonne Cichocki-Mare'cha'l Heusden Netherlands
0504 Keep in spirit, freedom. Take Africa in hand, foot and sight. Music lives, it clames and becomes HA! Ian Watson Kareedouw SA
0504 wonderlik om sulke kreatiewe, spontane en uiterste musikaliteit te beleef. Baie dankie Hennie Skein Uitenhage SA
0504 fantasties, great! Adele Marais Empangeni SA
0504 Explosive wander through musicland, feeling, seeing, moving, speaking along. thanks, unique to me... what a discovery... Dave Manning Pietermaritzburg SA
0504 that was really amazing! REALLY inspiriational! creatively igniting! Penny Hin Jhb SA
0504 wonderlik om sulke kreatiewe, spontane en uiterste musikaliteit te beleef. Baie dankie Winnie Grundling Uitenhage SA
0504 you mooned my soul! Elzette Bester tsitsikamma SA
0503 I have also spoken about you to some of my friends and discussed the possibility of your doing a performance in the evening as well.They are also interested. I have no idea how to describe your music to them though as it doesn't really fit into any established genre of music I can think of ! I have however told them it is an incredible experience that they shouldn't miss !
Penny & Pete Whaley   UK
0503 Powerful stuff! A brilliant marriage of the traditional and modern, in all respects. Chris Ihlenfeldt Darling SA
0503 fascinating, inspiring, VERY original!! Arina Hartig Pta SA
0503 Excellently presented. Sound engineering was brilliant. You have excelled magnificantly. Most beautiful cello work. All the backing tracks most appropriate and gave you the spirit to work at singing, dance and lively playing. Lorna Els Port Alfred SA
0503 Blown away! A wonderful, virtuoso performance that captivated us all. Bedford will never be the same. Thank you.
Ann Carter Bedford SA
0503 I can't express your great inspiring talent. let me know everytime you are performing Dawn Bolton P Eliz SA
0503 Blown away! A wonderful, virtuoso performance that captivated us all. Bedford will never be the same again. Cecilia Auld Bedford SA
0503 U R GOOD Christo Booysen Pta SA
0503 It was wonderful to hear from you again; I love your style of writing, you make me laugh, you make me cry. Cathy Pisanti Jhb SA
0502 awesome bloody show Erika van Breda Fish Hoek SA
0502 god bless, love & light. thanks for healing and beautiful energy Frederic Robichon Jhb SA
0502 what a discovery! Jenny Phillips Jhb SA
0502 This is pure genius in play. Genius rolls off every note. This man is as original as Adam. To listen to him is an experience that swings us in and out of history, and stretches the imagination into worlds besides ours. Greg Pastoll Fish Hoek SA
0502 Wonderful, beautiful & superbly whimsical. Tessa Mckay Jhb SA
0502 so georgeous, captivating Joy Leuiw Fish Hoek SA
0502 I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Your professionalism is of the best that I have heard in many years - congratulations! Peter le Seur Belville SA
0502 Stunning! A memorable experience. Bravo! Lyn Lammens Jhb SA
0502 Ek hou veral van jou "improvisering" Dit was stunning! Marijke Harkema Jhb SA
0502 Wat 'n openbaring om iemand te sien skep EN geniet Maureen & Frik Eloff Pta SA
0502 this is the most brlliant show i've seen in my life! Joy Davis C Town S SA
0502 jy toor met my!! Schalk Burger Belville SA
0502 Awe-filled. Thank You. Namaste. Lisa Bornman Jhb SA
0502 Has President Mbeki had the priviledge of hearing you SING "Her Time Has Come??" Inspiring and healing beyond description. It ought to be the anthem for the African Renaissance!! Thank you for sharing so deeply.        
0502 granny died: moving
s7 birds uniek
frustration exhilirating
BL pragtig
S7 finale SO mooi
africa fantasties
Lucia Oosthuizen Fish Hoek SA
0502 I played the whole whistle away CD you gave me twice. I listened. I cried. I realised. Thank you. Life is beautiful...
Sarah Ryan C Town S SA
0501 As you are, Ha Man, you are an inspiration and prove it is possible to go your own road and still touch people on the way. May you carry on even more successully in 2005. Greta & Anton Denk / Fairhurst Hamburg Germany
050 Ambient sounds, from across time, across cultures, delicately interwoven, from earthy to ethereal, whimsical to dramatic, in the spirit of Buddha bar, unifying through a shared language of the soul, transporting into a space beyond the known. But, if Buddha bar is the gentle seduction of Europe by the east, Ha is a reminder of her lost roots in Africa. There are strands of sadness and longing. A fractured world. The struggle of being alienated from oneÆs roots. The title Ha captures the boldness and spirit required to regain wholeness. Clementine Mudie C Town S SA
0412 thank you for expressing my heart's passion for africa and south africa especially in such a superb way. you are an excellent ambassador! bless you! Joyce Scott C Town S SA
0412 absolutely awesome. thank you for sharing all that talent and energy with us Bev & Steve Richardson C Town S SA
0412 So stunning. Pure creativity unleashed through such a clear channel. May you always be appreciated for who you are. Sav (Savyra) Meyer C Town S SA
0412 jy maak 'n mens se voete juk! Werner Erasmus S West SA
0412 Francois! Jy is 'n uitstekende kunstenaar! Skitterend! Ons het die aand hier by Portchie baie geniet! John D'Assonville C Town C SA
0412 Thrilling blend of western and african, emotion and humour; and depths of spontaneity and spirituality Maragret Reed C Town S SA
0412 Ek het 'n paar jaar gelede op Oudtshoorn na julle 3x Show gaan kyk, die CD gekoop en my verwonder oor jou komposisies (veral Gibraltar met die groot verlange na Afrika) en toe MOES ek net vanaand kom kyk wat jy doen: - en jou musiek is steeds grot, monnik, seemis, sterk, wonderlike Afrika-Europa kombinasies. Dis SO uniek, WAAR was die mense! Good luck en baie dankie. Nell Kruger C Town S SA
0412 Al wat ek kan se is WOW WOW WOW!!!! Ek sit hier ene hoendervleis na ek jou
nuusbrief gelees het. Jy skryf so mooi dit voel of ek ook daar was deur
die prentjie wat jy met woorde skilder!

Al jou ervaringe klink amazing. Die storie van John het ons almal in die
kantoor sommer in trane :0) en ons wens almal ons het ook Alec Baldwin se
elemboog gesien! hehe Dis altyd vir my n wonderwerk om te sien hoe iemand
in hulle lewenms lange droom begin loop - en baie dankie dat jy dit met my
deel :0)
0411 I saw Francois perform in a home in Richmond, Virginia, USA in November 2004. He has a fabulous command of the cello and gave a remarkable performance I will never forget.
Jon Wight Richmond USA E
0411 You have great genius Norma Sackheim Jhb SA
0411 You have a wonderful and touching way of playing your music. Unforgettable Isabella Creamer Jhb SA
041012 Genevieve Oosthuizen:

Al wat ek kan se is WOW WOW WOW!!!! Ek sit hier ene hoendervleis na ek jou
nuusbrief gelees het. Jy skryf so mooi dit voel of ek ook daar was deur
die prentjie wat jy met woorde skilder!

Al jou ervaringe klink amazing. Die storie van John het ons almal in die
kantoor sommer in trane :0) en ons wens almal ons het ook Alec Baldwin se
elemboog gesien! hehe Dis altyd vir my n wonderwerk om te sien hoe iemand
in hulle lewenms lange droom begin loop - en baie dankie dat jy dit met my
deel :0)
Student Flights zz Jhb SA
041003 Valerie Legge I'l n'y a pas de mots pour le dire. You're wonderful, very human, so talented. Merci pour votre generosite Jean Pierre Leduc Montreal Canada
0410 You are beautiful, Ha! man. Thanks for sharing your Seoul (soul) adventures. I wish for you a strength in your core as you continue your creative, unique and soul filled journey into the art of life. I also hope you increased your possibilities toward your goal. We appreciate you sharing your talents with us.

Barbara Nehman Dallas USA S
0410 Superb, original, you should go far! Peter & Brenda Marcus Dallas USA S
0410 I really liked the variety of your concert, from the very experimenta; to the more orchestral cinematic. Audience participation was also a very nice aspect of the concert.. Rebecca Lessard Montreal Canada
0410 Vous etes merveilleux! Un grand artiste! Mahatma (grande ame). Merci d'etre. Je suis privilgiee de vous avoir connu Denise Lauzar Girard Montreal Canada
0410 this was an amazing way to spend a sunday evening in an otherwise stressful life! thank you!! Michelle Hatting Seattle USA W
0410 Francois, inspirerend. EK hoop dis selfs rigtinggewend.. Sterkte Ilse De Villiers Seattle USA W
0410 a fascinating transportation into a universe of sound. your capacity to include your audience into a creative experience makes your performance unique (you played at our home and we loved you)
Lynnette & Allyn Baskind Dallas USA S
0410 I really liked he unique sound and vibe from your playing. It was more than refreshing to hear and it inspired me. Anyhow I think most people really enjoyed his music and found it amusing and original. I could only describe it as oddly eclectic and often times punctuated with downright cheerfulness. Sorry for the poor description, but I'm trying to forget the music. (reason in a minute) It was more upbeat at times then I expected, and I wondered if it were a bit too much, yet I must have enjoyed it well enough...
Jason Trusty Chicago USA C
0410 I am so in awe of your marvelous musicianship and brilliant creativity...I have been playing your classical CD in my car and getting to know it better; and each time I hear it I love it more! With heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation for that beautiful soul music!
Laurie Sucher Chicago USA C
0410 and i have to say that i'v really enjoyed the evening. you are an excellent vocalist! Petr Hanzalek Brno Czeck Republic
0410 You are an amazing artist. I have never before experienced anybody with such wonderful talents, charm, presenting such meaningful-beautiful music with so much energy. Don't let your friend change you ! I think you are very much on the right track. You can always do some classical stuff, just to show that you can do it and to comfort those who don't quite understand you ! Adolf von Seefried Sutton Canada
0410 Bravo, Bravissimo!! You are a wonder & gift to us all! A thousand thanks... may you be forever blessed in all ways, signed: Grateful
Greg Baskind Jhb SA
0405 great-inspiring-playful-creative-courageous-optimistic-nostalgic-close
to nature-missing africa while
Ann van Evan   Belgium
0403 "Ek hoop hy kom weer, ek sal enige tyd na nog 'n vertoning gaan kyk. Hy is stunnnig"
0403 Sjoe - Befok. Charl Roux Kareedouw SA
0403 That wasn't a show, it was an experience Rob Martino Jhb SA
0402 Thanks Francois for your e-mail and extraordinary musical ability which pours effortlessly from every one of your pores.You are just getting better all the time a trend that will continue        
0401 I enjoyed your music very much. It was not just music in the air, my
total being was touched! love Marion Dikkers.
0401 Ons was vrydagaand by jou show gewees en dit was absoluut BRILJANT!!!! Dit
is vir my amazing met watter talent jy geseen is en wonderlik om te sien dat
jy dit so uitdeel aan ander!!! Baie dankie. lekker dag en mag jy baie voorspoed nog beleef in jou loopbaan!!!!!!

Theunis & Mari Pretorius Pta SA
0312 I am lost for words.        
0311 Wow, you are by far the most incredible performer I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us & bringing more light into our lives this night. (Sorry about hitting your cello.) Alicia Roldan Princeton USA E
0311 Hey Boet! Baie lekker, jy laat my breath en lewe. Die Musik is werklik universal. Jy bring Afrika sommer vinnig in focus in! Gideon Lombard C Town S SA
0311 You were amazing. Thank you so much for coming to perform for us. I really, really enjoyed it. Its so nice to hear music differently than we are use to hearing it. Good luck with everything in the future. Melissa Koenig Princeton USA E
0311 The piano improv was amazing... only somone who truely breaths his or her music could create somthing like that out of only 4 notes. Kevin Kerschner Princeton USA E
0310 Vreeslik geniet! Baie professioneel en aangrypend! Ananda Geyser Pta SA
0310 thank you thank you for travelling the earth with your body/heart/spirit/music Cindy Engelhart Seattle USA W
0310   Rene Botha Pta SA
0310 You are an amazing cellist- beautiful! Your music is from the heart- and you can tell you're awesome! Liz Peltier Troy USA C
0310 I love your music and am in awe of your musicianship and overall "vibe." Let's keep in touch.        
0310 Instant gliding of grace & power, & sharing of beauty and love. You fall on it. You walk on it. Someway you even lift it up. Thank you. -Lydia Patricia & Lydia Herrick Troy USA C
0309 Julie: " Die volgende Andrew Lloyd Webber, net beter!"
0309 Don: "Ek moes dat hy my program teken, een van die dae is hy so bekend dat ons hom nie sal kan bekostig nie!"
0309 Fantasties! Jy maak musiek mooi en hartseer gesond. Maak dele bymekaar wat lang tyd terug verlore gegaan het. Baie dankie hiervoor. Marietha Van Vuuren Richards Bay SA
0309 Daar het 'n lang tydperk verloop sedert ons soveel inspirasie beleef het. Hou aan wat jy doen. Dis werklik onmisbaar. Stiaan & Ilse Burden Pta SA
0309 jy het 'n ongelooflike, unieke, bewonderenswaardige talent - alle voorspoed! Mariana Loots Stellenbosch SA
0309 Baie sterkte, as jy dit nie maak nie, wie sal dan? Jy het ware talent, nie soos baie hier in SA wat mekaar copy en "meisie, meisie" sing nie. Die publiek hou daarvan, maar moet eers 'n bietjie wakker word en hul eie identiteit ontwikkel. Beate & Meyer Joubert Barrydale SA
0308 Die beste een is seker dat jy "beslis 'n reinkarnasie van Beethoven moet wees!" Great nO? Doe zo voort! Tertius Marais Jhb SA
0308 WOW!! Nadia Hoberg Stellenbosch SA
0308 Fabulous. Brilijante musikus Morne Gallowitz Jacobsbaai SA
0308 Wonderful entertainment - uplifting & original! Trevor & Margie Collet Kenton-on-sea SA
0308 Brilliant & Awesome Konrad Brummerhof Stellenbosch SA
0306 maestro, perfect! Simon Tobias   UK
0306 Very unique - I have never seen/heard anything like it! Kato Oosthuizen Hampton UK
0306 Wonderful music which you feel with sould and body. Deep feelings, communicative and fascinating music Marianne Frossard Paris France
0306 Long live South Africa! Anyway, my humble greetings to one of the most sympathetic and finest musical globetrotters in the world, and that means you of course! Steven Grietens Antwerp Belgium
0305 Wonderful music - the more so because it was so unexpected - the combination, the revival of the art of whistling - I loved the cello so - so sweet, so emotional Jane Taylor Knysna SA
0305 my heart was wet Rob Stimoli Catania Italy
0305 Original & Fabulous to listen to        
0305 Francois and his strings touched our hearts and made the English winter bearable - even if it was for just a few hours Marianne & James Opperman London UK
0305 !!!!!! Mabusha Masekeko Jhb SA
0305 Thank you..it was a truly memorable occasion and was honoured to see and hear your very obvious wondeful talent. May you go futher than just far... One day ..well not my grandchildren cos I wont have any... but one day may our next generation revere your music.

Wendy Dewberry Knysna SA
0304 I found the experience VERY real and ACCESSABLE and look forward to more Michael Phaal C Town S SA
0304 Gaan lekker wees om eendag te kan sO: "Hy het in ons huis gespeel!" BAIE DANKIE! Heidi-Lee Pauw C Town C SA
0304 daar was glo 'n Nederlandse man wat gereken het dat hy nog nooit so iets uitstekends gewaar het soos jou vertoning daar nie - no small praise van die Hollanders wat alles weet en gesien het nie! Johann Kotze Stellenbosch SA
0304 Really original & inspirational - great to see someone following their feelings! Susie Helme C Town C SA
0304 Francois is completely at home in a creative world. Clever and full of feeling Diana Graham Hogsback SA
0304 I had an awesome and liberating experience watching and listening to you. I think it's a wonderful way of sharing music. Way to go! Mary Frost C Town S SA
0304 A wonderful evening. We love your music. You will never know the balm to hurting spirits that that evening in Hogsback you gave us provided - I will never forget it. Stuart & Marion Ferguson C Town S SA
0304 I had an awesome and liberating experience watching and listening to you. I think it's a wonderful way of sharing music. Way to go! Gwen Currie C Town S SA
0304 you're the essence of spontaneity. you free the child in us Mindi Baldwin C Town S SA
0303 Blown away by the wind. So fuck you. Loved it!!! Benson Nkiwane G Town SA
0303 Dankie vir 'n ware sielvolle aand. Ek het baie gemaklik gevoel en jou eerlike aanbieding terdee geniet. Dankie vir 'n GROOT talent! Hennie Delport Alexandria SA
0303 i am deeply blown away by you... the way you insert yourself into the moment and use the energies available and make them into art, the way you Be with complete integrity all and nothing in a moment, Corinne Knowles G Town SA
0302 EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT F.......... BEAUTIFUL Salome & Sam zz Port Nolloth SA
0302 Powerful tranquility! Orpha Viljoen Jhb SA
0302 Baie dankie. Ons het jou baie geniet. Onthou ons hou jou naam dop! Mag jou talent net meer en meer waardeer word. Theo Triegaardt Lichtenburg SA
0302 Wow! Jy toor met musiek en dus ook met my kop! Laat die fontein spuit. Wat sal ons onthou? It couldn't get worse - so let's laugh! You must experience it! Christel Strauss Upington SA
0302 01/04/07
I really hope that your coming in this country will fit with my diary, if yes, me and my friends will come along.

Just continue to express yourself the way you do because people need that, need to be connected to themselves through sounds. Joy and care! Thanks.
Nicole Stoller Laval Switzerland
0302 Supermanjifabeltasties! Wat 'n voorreg om na jou te luister! Freda Smit Lichtenburg SA
0302 Jy, Francois le Roux, het 'n BAIE BAIE besonderse talent. Ek het altyd jou bewonder vir die vermoe om iets van die hemelse klanke hier te bring. Ek is trots op al jou musikale prestasies en weet dis slegs die begin. Mag alles wat sukses inhou jou toekom        
0302 Truly professional Very interesting demonstration of enourmous talentand versatil....most enjoyable..... Thank you Mike Pratt C Town C SA
0302 lang, stadig stap ek oor die berge
fluit, fluit sing ek en dans die hele
dorp vol. Vrolik lag ek en skud 'n bietjie gil ek en lag en dans net weer. Almal lag en giggel en praat. En hoes en hoes en sing en dans. Stadig, stadig dans weer en lag, lag
Chantelene Mouton Keimoes SA
0302 The way you work your free will is masterful, You showed me a lot. You go to the place of dreams and creation. Carolyn Ingram Noordhoek SA
0302 Dit was en van die lekkerste musiek wat ek al ooit gehoor het. Hoop om meer daaroor te leer. Hoop om jou weer te sien om ons meer te ler. Colleen de Wee Keimoes SA
0302 Jy maak mense se koppe oop, harte week, en selfs soekend in hul siele Bernice Oberholzer E London SA
0209 Tonight was an experience that has truly enriched my soul.. Life is a journey and I am honoured to have had the priviledge of hearing this new genre of spontaneous music which has fueled my journey onwards. Well done, Francois.

Mary Benson, cellist
Mary Benson P Eliz SA
0208 "Overwhelming - that's all - overwhelming"        
0208 "Speechless, I'm gonna take two days or more to absorb!"
0208 "A rollercoaster experience of true artistry!!!"
Bertus Dreyer Jhb SA
0208 I enjoyed your music very much. It was noy just music in the air, my
total being was touched!
marion dikkers Epe Netherlands
0207 Atmosphere was brilliant, could feel the madness in the air! Recorder very effective. Eventually came to fear and dread the sound. Smokey's body language was so expressive. Made me re-evaluate my prespective of reality. Lisa Visser King W Town SA
0207 Concept discussed is much appreciated & taken to heart, horizon broadened. Stacey Roberts Pta SA
0207 Great organ, excellent organist - great to let the sound "walk" over and into me - hard as a classically trained musician to relax into it. But thanx - enjoyed it. Liz Pomeroy Durban SA
0206 Jou fontein bruis, mag jou spontaniteit nooit opdroog nie! Elzeth Grobler C Town C SA
0205 Thanking you for sharing your magnificance with us! Tanya Peter Riebeek Kasteel SA
0205 diepste harteroerseten.. ik vroeg me af hoe muziek in de hemel zal zijn! Sjoerd & Jonneke Oskam Renswoude Netherlands
0205 Excruciating subject matter brillantly portrayed. Moving and profoundly touching. Excellent performance Desiree Lourens Jhb SA
0205 Great, lekker. I enjoyed this thoroughly, freeing, it made me want to play and sing and be free again! Simon James Riebeek Kasteel SA
0205 Absolutely smashing...
Devin Burger George SA
0205 Bleddie wonderlik - turned a kak day on its head! Dankie! Mike Adendorff Riebeek Kasteel SA
0205 Awesome name. Awesome workshop. enjoyed your flute performance.. Joanne Rodgerson G Town SA
0205 You are a very inspirational person. Your attitude is very connective on a humanity level. Good luck for the future. Jenni-Lee Hof-Meester Graaff Reinett SA
0110 Tonight was an experience that has truly enriched my soul.. Life is a journey and I am honoured to have had the priviledge of hearing this new genre of spontaneous music which has fueled my journey onwards. Well done, Francois. Mary Benson P Eliz SA
0107 It was so intense and it was performed very well... the characters pulled of their parts incredibly well. I was very impressed and it has opened my eyes to what's really important. Keep up the good work. Liza de Abreu King W Town SA
Lawrence, Oct 2014 Francois and Joke are an amazing performance team adding variety and brilliance with spoken word as well as interpretive dance.        
  Thanks for a great concert - a mix of Sting/Vollenweider/Oystein Sevag/Bobby McFerrin, and of course, Francois!