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160211 My son took one of your workshops several years ago and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever witnessed. Don't ever give up on your music and expressing your creativity - it is a gift to the world... Lisa Fruth Washington DC USA E
151122 Francois really gets to the heart of music and creativity and explained and showed "what's it all about" so well. I was most impressed with how beautiful all the music was - how well the children could improvise along with Francois. It was quite amazing and a very moving experience.
Sarah Vakkur Kensington USA E
150824 Baie dankie vir 'n pragtige oggend! Ek het trane in my oë gehad. Die kinders en onderwysers get dit verskriklik geniet. Dit is absoluut magical. Delina Lombaard Stellenbosch SA
150602 Ik vond het heel leuk. Het was wel grappig hoe hij al die geluiden maakte. Dat we zelf mochten spelen was ook wel leuk. KATOO

Ik vond het echt supertof! En ik bewonder hoe Francois bij iedereen er een melodie in kreeg,à en ga zeker meer improviseren. Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar! SONYA

Het was leuk en raar, maar een beetje onduidelijk. Ik vond het leuk dat hij instrumenten had meegenomen die niet heel bekend waren, zoals neusfluit en die fluit die een vogelgeluid maakte. Dat moet moeilijk zijn om zomaar te improviseren.

Het was wel leuk.

Het was heel leuk en vernieuwend. Ik heb er veel van geleerd.

Eerst heel raar. Maar heel leuk en een leuke interactie met de klas. Ook tof hoe iedereen eens een instrument mocht kiezen om te bespelen. ROBIN

Ik vond het leuk en het was mooie muziek. Het was ook leuk omdat er veel instrumenten waren. Zuid-Afrikaans=grappig! CELESTE


Grappig. Genant. Liever kijken dan zelf doen.
In het begin raar, hij zei niks en ik wist niet goed wat er gebeurde. Ik vond het wel grappig maar zo voor heel de klas iets voor doen niet zo.

Het was een vreemde, maar zeer leerrijke ervaring. Ik zou er natuurlijk meer van gehad hebben als we wat meer tijd hadden gekregen. Al bij al een leuke ervaring! GLORIA

Heel leuk. In het begin een beetje vreemd maar daarna was het super ferm. BASIL

Super leuk! Ik vond persoonlijk het dansen het leukst. Ik vond het in het begin hTTl vreemd maar het is allemaal goed gekomen. Vriendelijke groeten UMA SARWAR. P.S. Het was hilarisch :

Ik vond het heel leuk en mooi. Dank u wel ANAIS

Ik vond het heel inspirerend. Had direct zin om op mijn piano te spelen en iets te bedenken. Je was grappig en had direct de klas mee. ALANA
Het proberen van instrumenten was leuk en voor de rest vond ik het heel leuk. ANTOINE

Ik vond het wel leuk ook wel raar. Je macht spelen wat je wou en hij maate er altijd iets moois van en hij kan alle instrumenten. Super goed!
Feedback workshop: Inspirerend, grappig, leerrijk, origineel. LUKAS

Apart, wel leuk.

Was leuk

Leuk! Spijtig dat niet iedereen muziek heeft kunnen maken.

Ik vond het heel leuk ook omdat hij de leerlingen er bij betrok en omdat je gewoon jezelf kon zijn.

Ik was er niet. CALISTA

Ik vond de geluiden die hij maakte grappig. Ik vond het ook leuk dat we zelf de instrumenten mochten uitproberen. Wat ik mooi vond, was dat hij alles ter plekke verzon en dat het dan heel mooi klonk.

Leuk, tof.

Raar, wel leuk. Hij kon heel goed muziek spelen en dat was wel leuk.

Genant. Ik keek liever dan dingen doen. Grappig. Niet leuk als ik iets moest doen, wel leuk om naar de anderen te kijken.
150312 This was just one of the BEST BEST experiences for us!! Thank you! So much fun and learning out of the box. LOVED it and will definitely organise another workshop. For sure.        
141018 Thank you very much for this rich music-community-joyful experience. We absolutely loved it. It brought us together as a class and school in very special and magical ways. It was wonderful to watch the 5th graders "pull" for their classmate - encouraging him to sing and use his voice. (Shawn LeValley, Thornton Creek Primary)
140531 Alida WS Ik vond het een stromende bijeenkomst. Heel gemakkelijk kon ik me voegen in de gang van zaken. Ook al was ik later aanwezig, geen probleem. Prachtig hoe Francois mensen begeleidde. Hoe hij de toon zette en mensen zo stimuleerde om volkomen natuurlijk te horen te geven wat in hen op kwam. Onder de deelnemers waren onderlegde muziekmakers, die ook heel makkelijk op improviseren overgingen.
140427 *
I realised tonight that I don't need to be afraid! It's tricky though letting go, don't know why! But the process is started and I just need to be courageous and have faith. (Kate)
Thank you Francois and Paul (Chenour) for your beautiful music, your gentle authority. Together you inspired us all and gave us a day most magical, allowing us all just to be without self judgement or expectation. And in that space where the mind falls away, I felt able to touch the infinite possibilities which lie within myself and others. I have been reflecting on the spiritual dimension of our day spent together. My teacher always tells us that creativity is a spiritual exercise and I was very much aware of this on sunday. It's not something you can grasp, the mystery is in the unfolding of the creative act. We are Creation itself but the preconditioned mind holds us back, it clouds our understanding that we are free to be creative within our own Divine potential. (Valerie)
... out of the regular and more pedictable acivities that one is normally engaged in this Spontaneous Creativity Day opens up a slot it time where you are suddenly thrown in upon your own resources and are free to respond or not to other people. It invites you to risk take without any pressure or obligation. I felt myself giving myself permission to engage without fear of embarrasment at my lack of musical skills. Actually I used to teach Movement and Drama in London schools and I took part in various Actors' Workshops over the years (e.g. at The City Literary Institute) so I am no stranger to the concept of Improvisation. And it got me to dig my spanish guitar out and handle it! It's about trying to live in the present - albeit for a certain span of time - and adapting the conciousness of a child. (Chris)
140423 The girls are deeply and hugely inspired by your input. Thank you for adding freedom and creativity to their repertoire! You're amazing. Sarah Odyssee Ashford UK
140423   Kim McCabe Tunbridge Wells UK
130531 Very inspiring and unforgettable! loved it so much. I discovered that I miss playing and what it in general can mean to me ! Michel Fonville Hoogeveen Netherlands
130503 One of my sons is passionate about guitar and he was fully captivated by the event. I wanted to say how moved I was by your performance and of how I was reminded of such simple but important lessons, like breathing and being, and of moving freely. I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do, it is a natural gift and very humbling to watch. I experienced a whole array of different emotions, joy, a primitive sadness, a desire to run across the hall with my arms flung wide, an anger at those children who were rude and disrepectful and a gratefulness that we were there at that moment in time! Ali Stump Colliers Green UK
120615 het was zeer plezant - doe vooral zo voort!
there should be more people of your species
Kristien Busschots Antwerp Belgium
110904 fun. lovely to have freedom of self expression, child-like bliss.. lots of laughter. i feel lighter - thank you!! Donna McCallum Durban SA
110902 Thank you so much for coming to our school and giving us not just a dramatic arts lesson but a LIFE LESSON! You really inspired me! Chante' Jonas Pietermaritzburg SA
110902 Your workshop has taught me not to care about what others think and just to do what I am feeling. I thank you for coming. I have learned more than I can say Loryn Cloete Pietermaritzburg SA
110902 I loved the structure created - movement, one-on-one time for real self expression ... the ability to create in colour. I felt the way that I give, but often do not notice what others are doing as i get self absorbed. Thank you for the oppotunity! Erica zz Durban SA
110827 Die hele improvisasie-idee was 'n nuwe ding vir my. Ek het altyd gedink dis afgesonder vir ander mense en dat dit onbereikbaar is vir my. dit was die eerste dat ek so iets probeer het, en ek is spyt dat ek dit nie al vroeer probeer het nie. dit was awesome! baie dankie!
Elsjhe Botha Witbank SA
110827 Dit was fricken AWESOME!! ek love dit. Dit is wat ek nog altyd wou doen. soms gaan sit ek net voor die klavier en speel 'n klomp goed net om op een of ander manier my gevoelens te laat uitkom. vandag het aan my bewys dat ek nie die enigste een is wat "anders" is nie.
Sherilee Botha Witbank SA
110827 Dankie Francois, mens leer net elke keer by jou! kreatiwiteit is die antwoord van die toekoms en ons kindres moet leer om kreatief te dink.
Eileen Uys Witbank SA
110826 Today I've learned so much about music. It has inspired me and reminded me about my cello. Playing your cello gave me the courage that someday I might be a good cellolist like you. Music is an explosive expression of humanity. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to have someone who can really touch your feelings. Elisa Lekganyane Polokwane SA
110826 The experience was great. Never thought there were so many things put together to compose lekker music. It was a fun and an experience I will use till I go pro... #smiling# wow Phasi Selepe Polokwane SA
110826 This was a great experience but in the beginning it was very strange and I didn't understand what was going on. But towards the end it was very exciting and must say playing spontaneously was an awesome workshop!!! (-:
Mamothama Malahlela Polokwane SA
110826 - it uplifted me.
- inspired me to keep playing and loving the art of music
- it also brought joy to my heart
- I learnt how to use my emotions, breathing and expression to play music
- I learnt also the three primary foundations of music
Kagiso Mahlatji Polokwane SA
110826 I've learnt a lot about music and it inspired me to become more passionate about my music and my instrument. I now see music in a different perspective and recognise the different moods and expressions in music. THANK YOU!        
110826 *I've learnt how to express my feelings through my instrument
*The workshop inspired me to be more passionate about music which i extremely enthusiastic.
*I've been encouraged about the three elements of music which I never noticed before.
*And now I am able to tell how does music work and all its foundation where it comes from.

110826 It was a great opportunity to experience a good example of a person showing his or her spontaneity and I now am able to explain how music can change the feelings of a person. thank you very much!!!

110826 I like to thank you what you have done today. It was a wonderful day> I will never forget it and also learnt lots of things like how feelings work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Motsepe Katlego    
110825 Aahh! Aha! Eureka!! You've got it HA!Man - you da man. KM Mailwane Polokwane SA
110825 A revelation, never thought the audience gives back the energy. It's very true. What a revival! May Machaba Polokwane SA
110825 Break out of the box, art says to humankind. I am glad you heed and may there be more such explorations of originality. We are in the middel of a birthing process, to a new earth, to a new UBUNTU, artists are the charters of this godly intervention but we can only do this if we step away from what we already know.. Tawanda Mhlandu Polokwane SA
110816 It was mind blowing! Great creativity from the HA!Man. Thank you for your time, entertainment, and homour. You are an amazing artist. I learnt a lot from the workshop, hope you come again soon. Yolo Njaba Soshanguve SA
110816 I thinked that the workshop was very good. I felt like I saw a world super star., This was the firts time in my life. Ha!Man i really like you.
110816 wow!!...wow!!...wow!!. I've never seen such uniqueness and humour. and you as a person very humble and generous. and your concerts was very insightful and it was a learning experience and that was quite a journey. thank you so much and may GOD BLESS YA.
110816 you rocked my day thanx. you were hot, crazy Jesus please come again it was cool having you around.mwah!!!! love your concert. God bless u!!
Anna Khoza    
110816 This was a great experience that opened my eye in terms of music, we all make different sounds but listening to each other and flowing with the beat is a great experiment we did today. I also realised that having the knowledge of music and sound connection, is a great path to success in the music field. thanks. Please come again! Zukile Magaqa Soshanguve SA
110813 Loved it! There is a need for plenty, plenty more of these.        
110801 It inspired me a lot. For one of the first times in my acting life I really let go of all my inhibitions and i feel it will help me greatly in the future. Amazing really. Thank you!!
Jessica Rijs P Eliz SA
110801 can't explain how much i learnt and experienced. everything you said made so much sense. absolutely love feeling so free. Thank you! Bridget Penny    
110801 I am a photographer who has recently lost my inspiration and this workshop has really helped to get it back. I have so many ideas and i've thought out of the box. Thanks so much.
Julie Aarts P Eliz SA
110801 It really made me break free and let me be myself. i gained stage confidence and i thought it was really meaningful. I enjoyed it a lot. Sinomtha Nckuna P Eliz SA
110801 It was very freeing . I felt rejuvinated and excited. It released a more confident performer in me. I want to do it again :) Luphumlo zz P Eliz SA
110801 Wow. thank u. I've had trouble with releasing my emotions and this experience has taught me its meaning. it is a feeling - not to be expressed with words.        
110801 It was most amazing. I have never done improv so easily before. Thank you so much. It was an amazing experience. Jade-Beth Houwens P Eliz SA
110801 the experience was beyond wonderful... thank you I've never experienced anything like that, so much emotions and i just wanted everyone to see and i usually hide my feelings behind a mask but this time i just wanted to let go and didnt care... thanks        
110401 All the children were wonderful and got along so well it was just brilliant to see. It was so lovely the way "Ha man" engaged and interacted with them all. the man is a genius and all with out speaking!
101006 thank you - you made a non-musical person understand a little of the creative process that can be applied to any area of life Michael Bochnewych Chicago USA C
101003 Reverence: everyone's voice was heard. Fun and participatory, as i wish democracy was in practice Tina Michel Newport USA C
101003 Love this - singing, drawing, beautiful music, rhythms, audience participation. Heard my voice again, my personal expression Judy Sengewald Cincinnati USA C
100911 Ronella WS Baie baie dankie vir vandag en gister se Bloemfontein workshop en performance - dit was onbeskryfbaar wonderlik om deel te wees van die rou energie wat jy access. As ek terugdink aan die optrede voel dit vir my asof die koor soos 'n lewende organisme begin funksioneer het . . . Die gemak waarmee jy deur musikale emosies, lande en teksture beweeg is asemrowend. Dit was werklik 'n belewenis. Marguerite Visser Bloemfontein SA
100909 Wat 'n ervaring!! Raak nogal van jou inhibisies ontslae en kry vrymoedigheid om die mens te wees wat ke behoort te wees. Baie dankie! Julia van der Walt Pietermaritzburg SA
100909 so lovely and necessary for community building, healing, joy Morwenna Bosch Pietermaritzburg SA
100909 The workshop was amazing. Just loved the interaction and progression of music. Mitchell Banbs Pietermaritzburg SA
100328 What a great show. It really teaches me to come out of my shell. Thank you. Jonathan Nolan   SA
100328 This was a total new experience. I am stunned. Would like to know more. W.C. Petersen   SA
100328 Thank you for giving me a lifetime therapy session. You are the best. Tshepiso Motaung   SA
100328 Waw, I am in awe, the emotions I felt today was amazing. First time in 19 years did I see what true awesome music is, youÆre great. Thanks!! Humairah Jassat   SA
100328 Never mind what people think about you. Just know that we are on your side everywhere you may be. Not every where but I will keep you in my heart. Keep up the Good Work  !! Xoli MbayiMbayi   SA
100328 Thank you sooooo much. It was AMAZING !!!! I had tons of fun, and felt so free and enthralled. Rebecca Jennings   SA
100328 Thank you for helping me come out of my shell musically and by leading by example. You were thoughly entertaining and I enjoyed myself very single moment! I feel very priviledged to have experienced your workshop. Chumzy zz   SA
100328 Thank you, thank you! Awesome to have people like you to act as a medium to help ætransportÆ us elsewhere à to a place where we exist completely independently. Treasure the experience, because itÆs captured in this moment and nowhere else to be found. Crave experiences like these where people cast their veils off and show what/who we are. Charlize Morgan   SA
100328 I havenÆt sung since my voice broke and today was litteraly the best time IÆve had. Inspirational! Nicholas van Saarsveldt   SA
100328 You are a phenomenal and miraculous HAAA!Man. You are a supernatural HA!Man with super human feeling, you are able to take people like me to a present state of this world my world and your world à to experience the wholeness, wonder and beauty of it All. Thank you very MUCH ! Sizwe Blatsemela   SA
100328 At first I thought you were crazy but then I enjoyed myself. Tracey Phillips   SA
100328 It was an unexpected experience, I got to express myself through colour of paper and IÆve learnt that life could be a stage of performance. LIFE IS FUN !!        
100328 You unleashed all my sorrows and I was able to identify them through AA Colours. Waw Ha!man U the Boms !!! Ficile Manana   SA
100328 You actually have inspired me, YOU ROCK BIG TIME !!        
100217 "You are an artist! No, you're an artis of note! In that little space of time, you taught me how to be a little more expressive and ... free! Dead honestly, Francois, I only met you only today but I can confidently say I absolutely love you!"        
100217 "Thanks! You taught me a lot. You made me realise that everything basic you needs comes from within. Now I know how to draw on passion. You gave me some courage to use on stage. Good luck with the future! Sincerely."
Karen Emby Mooi River SA
090704 Phenominal Peace of Art.        
090622 As we walked into the room and sat down I felt a lump in my throat and wanted to cry with happiness.... Was sooooo lovely to be ale to buzz off of someone elses energy which seemed so vibrant and pure through his passion. S and A [4 and 5 years old] are very intutitive and rarely respond to other peoples let alone a strangers' suggestions to what they may like to feel about 'sound'. They were shacking thier hips and into it. Truely inspirational and someone I will always remember! It was contagious!!!!!!!!
090606 Your workshop and our talk, no matter how short it was, helped me to 'relax' certain views, I eventually tried to play something spontaneously after practising... I found it is not that difficult after all, I liked the music once, so it is quite a big progress for me. Mojca Gal Bern Switzerland
090223 Dear Francois. Our 7 year old son (Michael) is a student at The Mountain Cottage School in Hartbeespoort where you performed on Monday 22/02/2009. Their teacher had showed them a clip of your performance the Friday prior to the show and he couldn't wait for Monday. Over the weekend he was bitten by a spider but refused to go to the doctor on Monday because he didn't want to miss your show. (He is on anti-biotics now and recovering TG) He loved every minute of your performance and hasn't stopped talking about it. Thank you for bringing music into his soul and for being such an inspiration to our rather shy boy. Thank you for giving the gift of music! Much appreciated! YOU ROCK!
Hannelie & Ian Warren Hartbeespoortdam SA
081012   Jan zz Kansas City USA C
081012 I really was not looking forward to attending. However had to as my wife really wanted it. After saying this I must confess that I evaded my discontent and anxiousness and THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself. I collided with myself and found that I am not so predictable. I am ending this workshop refreshed, calm and rejuvinated. Thank you Francois! Rob Knight Kansas City USA C
081012 First let me say that I am really not "musical" in any way, except as a listener (no rhythm and tone deaf). When I went on stage it was to conquer my terror as in fire walking. I took the plunge. During the music exercise a free spirit overtook me and I was dancing. Then the paper exercise was extremely enlightening. This is a fantastic experience. Thank you. Joa Carter Kansas City USA C
080810 HA!! how relieving. well just to refresh ur memory, im oarabile, the guy 4rm mmabana and am one of mrs Lewin'S students. I must say i enjoyed the session we had especially during the concert when u called me and kabo over on stage first. ... Wel i have so many descriptions of ur style but all in al5l have to say The ha man lives and harmonises on his name. thanx 4 giving me a new lease on life.. and oh, please be gentle on the poor cello, no just kiding, pluck those strings as loud as u can and paint the world with the HA!!.
Oarabile Ramutloa Mafikeng SA
0808 Incredible, exactly what I've always wanted to hear! It's given me the method (workshop) to reach that place of freedom in music that I've always wanted. Thank you. L.P. Louw Bronkhorstspruit SA
0808 HA!! This workshop seemed blunt in the beginning, I mean arriving late and all, but IYOH! as it carried on, I just felt the ha! Thank u!! Oarabile Ramutloa Mafikeng SA
0808 I felt like i was in heaven. I thank you Kabo Mekgwe Mafikeng SA
080625 My cello-benadering voel definitief vir my anders vandat ek meer tyd aan improvisasie afstaan. EkÆs nie meer so bang vir die ding nie, en dit raak nou meer van æn love-affair. Danksy jou! Karin Eloff Jhb SA
080401 Die blootstelling van die meestersklas is wonderlik. Eerstens het ek my verbaas vir wat die leerlinge
kan doen en hulle self was verbaas oor dit. Cheric is in vervoering. Sy het nog nooit so iets gedoen
nie en het nie geweet sy kan dit doen nie.
Jeanet Domingues Yzerfontein SA
080306 Just to thank you so much for the most fantastic presentation you did with our parents and some of us music teachers on Wed, evening.
Thank you for accepting such a reasonable payment and for arranging to come at such short notice.Everyone is talking about the experience,
and I would love to have you work with our students, perhaps on some ongoing relationship that you spoke about, as what you offer is incredible.
Denise Fiveash C Town S SA
0803 Thank you for the creativity injection! I only regret that we can't do this once a month! I think all music students & teachers should attend workshops like this & all music students should, ( if they want to go the formal exam route, especially) be required to take a drama/acting/perfromance skill class. Thank you for reminding me that everyone can improvise!!! It will become a dedicated segment of my music lessons from now on.... Death to inhibition! Why wasn't this publicized/advertised more extensively? Will you come again please? Sally Catz ?? Canada
0803 Dit was absoluut fantasties en lekker om te weet dat daar nog sulke mense is. Soos reeds gese. Dis uniek, dis anders. Briljant. Ek het ook 'n manier gekry om my emosies verder uit te druk. Ek sal hierdie "gewoonte" wil aanleer en begin eksperimenteer in my musiek, kuns asook drama. Voel soos 'n nuwe mens! Baie dankie! (Jy speel regtig "amazing"). Kelly Kelly-Jane Peo George SA
0701 I'll definitely not sit again with all my feelings cooped up. Thanks for allowing me to set my soul free zz zz Pta SA
0701 Thanx a lot. Ek het amper klavier gelos ma nou kan ek nie wag om weer te speel nie. Thanx. Charlotte zz C Town C SA
0701 When I went on stage and started playing, I felt as though I were in a trance. My head just felt like it was going to explode. I think that I don't reach my borders often enough. Thank you! for helping me find them. Viwe Tafeni Queenstown SA
0701 I love the way you just let go and do stuff. It's quite amazing! Thanx 4 2day it was great fun, had some laughter! You must have a lot of confidence. Don't ever stop doing your THANG! You great. Zaendri zz Queenstown SA
0701 Thanx I've really learnt something. might even go on and try to improvise! Waldo zz Queenstown SA
0701 Baie dankie vir 'n great middag en die great idees vir my klasse. Baie sterkte - jy's amazing. Carlien Buss Queenstown SA
0611 Even though I don't have a large musical vocabulary, you showed me I can still say something! Thanks for introducing freedom of expression! zz zz Pta SA
0611 On my 58th birthday this year I decided to learn to play the cello. I hope that the joy and happiness that is expressed in your music will stay in my heart as I continue to play. That the feeling of water flowing in the Grand Canyon, the full moon shining at midnight, the beauty of a fall day will be reflected in the joy of music. zz zz Pta SA
0611 Thanks so much - it was a great experience and really boosted my confidence as a cellist. It helped me see that feeling is more important to thinking in terms of music. Thanks again, it was fun! lovely.        
0611 I no longer believe in a wrong note - they all come from somewhere inside. Thank you.        
0611 It really helped me to be more expressive with my emotions. Jasper zz Washington USA E
0608 Dit was ongelooflik en... ja! Ek was die een wat moes DINK voor ek iets kan speel op die keyboard. maar aan die einde van die werkswinkel... kon ek teken sonder om eers 1 keer te dink! Dit het my baie inspireer. En musiek is my lewe ook my loopbaan vorentoe...verseker Zonikar zz George SA
0608 Kyk hier wow, dit was amazing meer as amazing ek weet nie hoe om in woorde meer te beskryf nie ek is nie iemand wat praat maar ek besef dit bou te veel op en jy het my baie goed lat besef ek is moeg vir die rol wat ons kamstig moet speel ek wil nie meer jy het regtig gehelp meer as wat jy ooit sal verstaan. zz zz Pta SA
0608 Keep it up... neva stop what ur doin.. ps ur pants r 2 tight zz zz Pta SA
0608 'elo Shjoe, weet nie eens wat om te se nie! Behalwe dankie! Ek wou eers nie 2nite gekom het nie, maar eks bly ek het! Dit was baie fun, rerig! Dis fantatsies om te kan sien en voel hoe musiek en ritme die liggaam en siel kan oorvat! Thanks again - keep on rock'n dude!! zz zz Pta SA
0608 I LOVE U! Jy's uitstekend! Jy weet presies wat om wanneer te doen en hou almal heeltyd betrokke! Ek't baja geleer FANX! zz zz Pta SA
0608 Hey! Ek het in 'n baie goeie bui ingekom. Jy het laat ek in my siel krap en al my ware gevoelens ytbring voor dit te laat was! Baie Dankie        
0608 Francois, Ek het in die begin donker diep hartseer gevoel maar dit het my baie geleer aan die einde het ek vry gevoel en vol lewe. Dankie vir alles. Dit was baie lekker gewees.        
0608 Francois, Dit was 'n great aand, soveel inspirerende dinge. Ek voel meer gecenter omdat ek my diep gevoelens laat uitleef het, nou kan ek die wereld anders beskou.        
0608 Dankie die aand was net wat ek nodig gehad het!! Jyt my gewys dat ek ook my talent kan ontwikkel soos joune! Ekt regtig geteken wat ek voel! Wens ek kan jou voorbeeld volg! Sterkte met die pad vorentoe!        
0608 Thanks vir die show dit was regtig great jy maak vir baie jong mense deure oop wat hulle lewens verbeter en bring die kuns uit almal Thank jy het my baie gegee om oor te dink. Thanks dit was GREAT. Groete        
0608 Ha!man
Jy's baie talentvol. Hou so voort! Ek haal my hoed vir jou af om so voor 'n klom (sic) kinders en onderwysers jouself te wees! So inspirerend, vol energie, en lus vir die lewe! Ek moet se jy lewe ten volle elke dag Jy't baie talent
Njoy life. Thanks
0608 I came to take a few photos, cause it's part of my job - but ended staying the whole evening. This was amazing zz zz Pta SA
0608 Dit was vantasties (sic). Baie dankie dit was baie lekker Ek dink almal het daarvan gehou baie Dankie ek voel sommer lekker van binne Dankkie (sic)        
0602 wow Gretchen Viljoen Hermanus SA
0602 wow (regtig wow)        
0602 Absolutely fantastic. Most inspiring I've heard and done since the last time I heard you! Anya Tiepelt Hermanus SA
0510 I have no words. Experience the music through you / with you is powerful, inspiring, spiritual. Mohita Satara Aliso Viejo USA W
0501 it was absolutely awesome being able to free my mind & spirit and play at anything that was on my heart... I have to say it really is... WOW!!! Thanks a lot and I like you to come again! Danika Swanepoel G Town SA
0404 FRANCOIS Baie baie dankie vir alles..... Ek het geleer hoe om myself meer uit te druk!! Ek het nie geweet dat ek eers kan skryf nie (gediggies). Dit was FLIPPIEN LEKKER!!...Ek wens ek was ook so talent vol om so baie instrumente te speel!!
0404 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. It was extremely valuable and can be applied, not only to my music, but it will also help me to understand life a little better. Your music brought calmness and serenity to an otherwise rushed lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed the time you have spent with us. Good luck with the future and all the projects you will still make a success of.        
0404 For the Ha! man Thanks. dit was deffinitief uniek en 'n belewnis wat onvergeetlik was. Daar het geestelik BAIE deure vir my oopgegaan. Dit is iets wat ek deur my hele lewe sal onthou. Moet asb nie ophou met sulke "werkswinkels" nie, dit kan, het, gaan so baie mense se lewens radikaal verander.

0404 WOW! Stunning! Amazing!!! Dit was great!! Baie, baie dankie! Ek hoop dit sal gereeld in 'n jaar/jare plaas vind hier by Hoerskool LTB... . Ek het baie geleer, sal nog net graag tjello wil bemeester?! Daar kan meer sulke geleenthede plaas vind. Ek sal my instrumente definitief met meer gevoel en KOMMUNIKASIE aandurf. Ek dink die stappe v.d. werkswinkel was heavy cool! Die dans was wacko, maar dis als deel v. musiek. Weer thank a mil!!!

0404 Dankie dit was 'n belewenis wat ons nie gou weer gaan kry nie. Moenie lank weg bly nie kom gou weer! Moet ook asb. nooit op-hou musiek maak nie, dit laat mens dink, voel en maak mens rustig.

0402 Thanx for connecting music and body and emotions for me. Lichmeth zz Lichtenburg SA
0402 Dit was AMAZING!!! het baie geleer. ek kyik nou na musiek deur ander oe!!! Thanx!!! Elsje Blignaut Lichtenburg SA
0311 You helped me think of things I haven't before. Kent Busman Albany USA E
0310 It was fun and playful. I enjoyed the creative expression + connection that was effortlessly created w/ other people. Melissa Schussler Seattle USA W
0310 found an inner communal & self expression, and allowed the inner child to show its smiling face. Jason Geibel Seattle USA W
0308 Viola De Jager "I LUVD the session. I found it funny at first but I got more interested. You really changed a part of me! Thanx! Really cool show!!"
0307 "Unusual but appropriate. It made me discover some strange but creative subconscious part of me"
0307 "It had a profound impact on me. His points made me ponder over what shape I want my life to take. His overall topic was helpful although he seemed unprepared and sort of 'thought on his feet'."        
0307 It was fun. I enjoyed making music. The concept discussed was discussed in a very free and open way, which the subject itself enjoyed. I think i learnt a lot about creativity and the fact that the discussion was so open was something i appreciated. Smile Vermaas Welkom SA
0307 definitely very spontaneous, free, charged.. different slant on reality and much needed in this stuffy culture/society that is South Africa - now take it over the ocean and put yourself on the map Anja Hustler P Eliz SA
0307 Being spontaneous can be a solution in life. U don't have to be prim and proper 24/7, or be totally lost. Being in between can be cool. Improvsing is a source of life. Megan Constance   SA
0305 You rock!! Jean-Mari Blaauw Bloemfontein SA
0304 Thank you for the wonderful presentation. I agree - we need more time to play - not only in the class, but children need free time and not to be "organised" for every minute. I found your presentation very meaningful. Teachers also need time to "play" as well as children. Thank you (Jenny Conning, Grade 1 teacher)
0304 A wonderful illustration of facilitation as apposed to instruction! If we could be free enough to "connect" with our learners in this fashion, they would be fighting to get into our classes!
0304 I fully subscribe to your line of thought. In fact as a science person I began to explore my artistic ability after I heard about multiple intelligences. Was so surprised I could easily learn to play guitar (rhythm), bass, drums and also visual arts drawing and painting. It is only the problem of time. That was excellent artistic presentation. (Khungile from Selbourne)        
0304 Inspiring! It's really good to be reminded about the WHOLE person - we're so used to being logical, objective and results driven (not necessarily bad) that we forget about the other "side" of ourselves! Thanks! (Di Aallderman)        
0304 What a talented young man you are. Congratulations on your excellent, inspiring musicality and your belief in yourself. You should go far! (Rhona Pendoch?)

0304 I have learned about so many things I can't even explain. I have learned that every one can go wild and emotional. I have talent and I sang in front of everyone. You have inspired me, I even wrote my own song. I love what you doing and keep it up. (Katlego)        
0302 Francois you are the best one that played a best melody in my life Lesego Sebokolodi Mafikeng SA
0302 Please phone me , I think this therapy can help the broken souls. You are an answer to my problems, A light hope to my dreams. For the first time ever I spoke about, about how I feel, about my work in front of people. Maybe that spontaneous within me ...WILL COME OUT SOME DAY Grace Rangata Pta SA
0302 The workshop was the best thing that had happened to this school Thapelo Pitso Mafikeng SA
0302 Francois was really brilliant, kind and gentle. He is my role model. Maybe he could come again. Rorisang Monedi Mafikeng SA
0302 When you started to speaking with us I felt likeI am in a lost world. When you started to play the instrument now that's when you took my mad away. The instrument now it blowed my mad more farer. Kamoge? Mohlamme Mafikeng SA
0302 Th e workshop was so nice. There was jokes, fun and music. I had a lot of fun at the workshop and the music instrument were great all I can say is it was great. Seipelo Kgosiejang Mafikeng SA
0302 The workshop made me fill free, powerful, inspired and it taught me to believe in myself and one that I may follow in the footsteps and that I can inspire others and wish there could be another workshop. Tshiamisa Kgomanyane Mafikeng SA
0302 Thank you so much! Please keep in touch! Lebogang Bogatsu Mafikeng SA
0208 It worked... I hear lots of voices now! pupil 16 zz   SA
0208 Interesting, learnt how to find my inner muse and to use it positively and creatively to my benefit pupil 13 zz   SA
0208 If I could do this over and over again..I would! pupil 10 zz Welkom SA
0208 YOU ROCK!!! Banca Singram Kimberley SA
0208 You rule!! I say you're the best and I love your music and the actions you make when you play your music. YOU"RE THE BOMB!!! Constance Makebe Kimberley SA
0208 Ha!man keep it up 'cause you rock the world. Your music is hot, I mean hot. Boitumelo Diale Kimberley SA
0208 I love your whole image Samatha Burger Kimberley SA
0208 You're cool and you rule. Rosslyn Brown Kimberley SA
0207 It was fun. I enjoyed making music. The concept discussed was discussed in a very free and open way. I think i learnt a lot about creativity and the fact that the discussion was so open was something i appreciated.
0207 Absolutely amazing ! Helped me into a new understanding Pupil 4 zz Jhb SA
0207 I can't describe to you how much this inspired me! It was a really amazing workshop! I can honestly say I will never be the same again! Thank you! Pupil 2 zz Jhb SA
0207 Really great, freeing! The group was really open and worked well together! The cello was great and amazing how you are able to create spontaneous music - that sounds like music! Thanx. Casper & Jaco zz Belville SA
0207 I admire you and your work. You are a great inspiration and have made me take things in life a little less seriously. Things are so expressive and I felt it will help with my dancing. Thanks Candy van der Merwe Belville SA
0207 Workshop helped to put some feelings I've had into sort of clearer frame - feelings I was previously unable to define are now more visible and clear!?! Had a good time, too. Warren Steenkamp Pta SA
0207 Wow! I am totally blown away and the spontaneous creativity has been evoked. I liked your spontaneous approach to the workshop. There was no organization and that was cool 'cause order is restraining. We had no boundaries and we could express ourselves openly and freely. Thank you for the inspiration and my first cello lesson :-) Mbethe Sibongile Welkom SA
0207 Not what I expected! Very vibrant and interesting. Lots of new ideas and concepts to work with and think about. Thanks! Kirsten Payne Durban SA
0207 I really enjoyed the music side of the session, it was beautiful and really reached some deep chords inside. Although I am not myself very spontaneous and open, it was really good to do a workshop that encourages us to be spontaneous. Claudia Parnall Durban SA
0207 I found this workshop very inspiring and intriguing. It really made me think about things, really deeply, and their meanings. Tara Nissen Stellenbosch SA
0207 Wow, you are really inspiring & remind me a lot of my aunt in a good way. She is a lot like you. U were able to give me the opportunity to look at life from a whole new perspective. Continue what you are doing 'cause you have given me something in my soul & heart 2 take with me. Others deserve to experience it too. Nicole Nel E London SA
0207 I enjoyed the workshop. I learnt that it's a case of losing all inhibitions and trusting what you feel - something which may take practise! But I will try to be more spontaneous in the future because it feels natural and it's all your own work - unique. Cassandra Miles C Town S SA
0207 For lack of better words (emotionally and vocabularily drained - but in a good way).. brilliant. I enjoyed how you incorporated the weather. I also found parts to me I had never discovered - thanks (thus the emotional drainage) Shannon McNair Pta SA
0207 You brought out a lot I never knew I was able to achieve. Lerato Matlakeng Pta SA
0207 I really enjoyed this workshop! It ws somewhat fulfilling spiritually and psychologically because I realized that my fear/hesitation in doing things puts a limitation to my capabilities - I realized that maybe I should DO more than just THINK Nyamu Makhuvha Jhb SA
0207 Thought the show was very innovative and spiritual. Opened my mind to different ways of thinking about things & ways of exploring my deep inner emotions. Thank you for awakeing my inner spirit (lost my mom last year and I shut my emotions out) Yandisa Makalima E London SA
0207 Thought provoking, very interesting and a very relaxing workshop. I think that not making us show our work is effective, it tends to make you relax and you use exactly what YOU feel. Jessic Linden Jhb SA
0207 I enjoyed the workshop. I think this whole spontaneous thing is so cool. I've never expereinced anything like this but I've learnt that I'm not very spontaneous, You should tell people that come up to do movement to close their eyes. Minasonke Kunene E London SA
0207 I enjoyed it completely. I totally scared myself and will be spending the next 17 years trying to analyze what I have become. You seem to be an extraordinary person. Congrats. Mariet Kritzinger Witbank SA
0207 Was really intrigued by your character. Interested to know whether you've always been so in touch with your emotions and "inner core" etc., or if you had a specific moment of realization. Thanx for taking my hand and pulling me out of my comfort zone. Keep up the great work and inspiration. Jessica Heathcote Durban SA
0207 I LUVD the session. I found it funny at first but I got more interested. You really changed a part of me! Thanx! Really cool show!! Viola De Jager Belville SA
0207 I really enjoyed this workshop, it was totally original and like nothing I have done before.. hence the name spontaneous creativity! Thanx for taking time to introduce us to this and I am looking forward to the newsletter! Claudia Cutino C Town S SA
0207 Thank you for a very inspiring afternoon. The workshop is, and will remain my favourite. I felt like there are no boundaries. I feel free. Thank you. Erin Chothia Belville SA
0207 At many points in this workshop, I would've liked to participate. Unfortunately I've never played an instrument. So I did not feel comfortable. When you played and asked us to stand up and say something about ourselves or anything, I almost did. I have an issue with trust and letting go and this workshop definitely brought me closer to the destination of my journey to freedom. Zakkiya Brey C Town S SA
0207 Really great, freeing! The group was really open and worked well together! The cello was great and amazing how you are able to create spontaneous music - that sounds like music! Thanx. Hannah Botsis Belville SA
0207 with gratitude and love, Thank you! Julia Botha Jhb SA
020501 Quite an inspirational display. I've always wanted to just be able to play, but it always sounds wrong (I'll try some more stuff on the cello) Heloise Collett G Town SA
0205 THAT'S THE BEAUTIFUL MARVEL OF CREATION! To say you're a star equates you to relegating to already existing but in short you're genius! The person in you is naturally a teacher but a master best describes what your nature is. Keep the good work up!!!        
0205 I find your music quite unbelievable. On the trombone (my instrument), I find that anything I play sounds awkward and disjointed, but next holiday I think I will try again. Helen Wright G Town SA
0205 Thank you very much for this workshop. In a very little time I have learned so much. It was lovely. Jo-Marie van Rensberg Oudtshoorn SA
0205 Thank you for helping me release my emotions. I've had writer's block for a few months now, so it was stressing and frustrating. So again, thank you. Grace Sing Gen E London SA
0205 Firstly! I must say you are VERY spontaneous and funny and I was very impressed with your presentation. Keep up the good work! God bless Ha!man Nathi Saba P Eliz SA
0205 Really enjoyed the show!! Give it 10/10! It was very realistic and on an individual base even though in a group. Hope I learned a lot from this workshop & will remember it.. 'cause it was awesome. Keep on! You inspired me! Nadeema Noorbhai Roodepoort SA
0205 I thought it was absolutely amazing. I had no clue music could have such an effect on me. When you sang my poem from the top of your head - I was flabbergasted. The whole mood in that room was... (no words) Leesen Naidu George SA
0205 You are awesome. I know that if I could play like that I would be world famous. Daniel Luluu G Town SA
0205 You really inspired me to explore spontaneous composition and to just to really play around with my instruments. I enjoyed your demonstration very much Carol Hartzenberg G Town SA
0205 Brilliant stuff, really enjoyable and interesting. I will always try to start at the root for any work, bring out true creativeness. Mark Green George SA
0205 Wel, ek se, Steve Hofmeyr se moer!!! Lynn-Hay Frewen P Eliz SA
0205 Very good stuff. Amazing the way you bring your message accross. John-John French Oudtshoorn SA
0205 Your workshop was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! You are talented and inspired me a great deal. Thanks for everything! Jessica Dunnett E London SA
0205 Your classes are brilliant! You know how to open people's minds without them realizing it!!! Leonie Drury P Eliz SA
0205 I really enjoyed the workshop, honestly. I would like to further explore the way you make you music, I am excited by it! Thank you Craig Dewas G Town SA
0205 You are amazing! Deur net 'n uur het jy klaar my siening oor baie dinge (the dark, ens) verander. Jenny Burger P Eliz SA
0205 I struggle to let my mind lose control of my heart. Your freedom from fear of judgement inspires me & makes me very jealous. Kelly Booth Graaff Reinett SA
0110 "Ooh, that guy is good" (10)