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140717 come and play in HA!laland special themes a selection of HA!Man recordings for playful kids
140717 i am oh so dramHA!tic! special themes a selection of HA!Man recordings for youth who crave dramatic expression!
140706 this is my HA!rt beat special themes a selection of HA!Man recordings to energize anyone who is young and young and young
120816 let the tenderness be blue tonight collaborations a live recording of a spontaneous collaboration between the HA!Man (cello, keyboard, sound effects), Joe van der Linden (electric guitar) and Joke Debaere (poetry in 3 languages), on her first South African performance tour (Port Elizabeth, 16 Aug 2012)
120815 MIGRATIONS SENSED special themes a nine-movement work on the theme of Migration, evoking intense feelings around the large-scale movement of people
120613 Into the Unknown with Michael Brijs live event Improvisational house event with guitar/flutist Michadl Brijs and some Antwerpen poets including Andy Fierens and Joke Debaere
080720 HA!Man Best 2007 show variety the third HA!Man Best album, with favourite tracks like Child of the World, Love Dance and Global Warming. A number of tracks have double cello layers, others include voice, whistling and recorder
071120 HA!Man Tracks to Play with other a selection of not-too-tricky HA!Man tracks for you to improvise with
070710 Paul Hanmer and Francois le Roux in concert collaborations this recording of a live improvised concert at the Grahamstown Festival (2007) provides quality music with jazz, african and classical strains
070115 Hammer en die HA!Man speel saam II collaborations township guitarist "Hammer" and the HA!Man joins with vibey songs from HAmmer's busking repertoire
070110 Vyftien Musiekverse collaborations 15 gedigte uit Carina Stander se debuutbundel "die Vloedbos sal weer Vlieg" deur haarself voorgelees, met bypassende musiek deur die HA!Man
061006 Gumbo soundtracks soundtrack pieces for FTHK deaf-dance companys long-running play "Gumbo," set in a somewhat surreal coastal village..
060120 HA!Man Best 2005 show variety more variety, also more dramatic than HA! 2004.. including Lekke Lekke Cape Town, sarie Marias and "America"
060120 Piano and Cello acoustic solo a selection of piano improvisations with added cello. a variety of musical styles, the album provides gems of relaxing as well as artistically refined pieces
050700 HA!Man Best 2004 show variety 15 Tracks of mostly energetic and fun HA!Man creations. Show favourites include Beautiful Land (on cello) and Her Time Has Come (recorded with solo voices and choir). Best selling album for the past four years.
050220 Organic Cello & Guitar collaborations spontaneous live performance with Cape Town based guitarist Derek Gripper, with his blend of classical and unique western South Africa sounds
040700 Skepping 7 soundtracks soundtrack based on the creation story of Genesis 1. created for a multimedia production. epic celebration building from the simplest musical imaginings to an emotive climax. with real life bird and animal sounds
030920 Stutters of Africa special themes Unique recording: Music created along with the rhythms of different running engines of around a hundred years old, in the engine musiem of Stutterheim (Eastern Cape). Strong African flavour, yet a variety of moods created.
030300 Whistle Away special themes ambient music recorded in a garden. with whistling, recorder and soft cello. music that transports to a paradisical plane. to get yourself relaxed and transported. good for meditation, a romantic moment, a peaceful meal
010500 Piano Lite acoustic solo Solo piano to accompany you gently and heartily, wherever you might go or be.
music style: eclectic - mostly a convergence between jazz and classical music
000400 Creation, creation, creation! acoustic solo Take a journey through the process of creation. From the dark beginnings of inspiration ("seed"), to the exploring lines of focussed development ("sprout") to the blossoming of something triumphantly new ("flower"). St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town.
0000981000 Ek Praat Klavier acoustic solo First ever recording (pre-HA!Man, 1998) after some years of reluctance to fix spontaneous moments. On Steinway concert grand, SABC M1 studio, Johannesburg. Uninterrupted hour of piano, voice and whistling, as it flows.