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170113 praying with open eyes LAYER bended piano on a drifting E major chord from "soft pad" by Roland XP10 praying with open eyes
170110 a minor drift LAYER sustained a minor chord with pad sound, expressive piano coming in and out like shooting stars praying with open eyes
151010 Relentless Abundance LAYERING   Relentless Universe
150822 night watch LIVE item ongoing african drum loops with mouth and voice sounds, some marimba and cello percussion, evoking an african night full of silent alertness HA!frica
140707 zuid afrika ARR to text Joke    
140428 dreams descending LAYER    
131212 slaapliedjie SOUNDTR poetry Joke a lullaby written by Joke and musically arranged by HA!Man  
131212 slaapliedje SOUNDTR poetry Joke   mijn weg in jouw ogen
131204 jaja LAYERING Fast moving piano in baroque style along with strings spiccato, bass pizzicato and some percussion. Recorded for the fun of it! Chasing time
130918 thank you LAYERING slow moving strings improvisation creating warm harmnoic narrative expressing appreciation Along the red red river
130730 first contact   Another echno dance type piece, on basis of a very defined electronic motive. Added my voice, playing around with any kind of sound that comes from my rolling mouth.. Chasing time
130701 stringasong LAYERING Techno dance type piece with a classical feel. I like this one! Let's dance and move. Chasing time
130508 ntyilo ntyilo ARR to song arrangement of popular african jazz song ntyilo ntyilo for Nolufefe Mtshabe to sing along with Grand Africa
130503 Mene-mene ARR to song arrangement of recording given by Nolufefe Mtshabe, for her to sing along with Grand Africa
130503 huiwer LAYER strings on a dark wave, moving forward full of feeling, retreating again  
120215 Bondibizelndlk ARR to song arrangement of xhosa style melody by Nolufefe Mtshabe for her to sing along with Grand Africa
120205 amadoda ARR to song   Grand Africa
120112 It's Up to Us COMP song i wrote this as a clarion call to local communities to renew themselves and take creativity and power back that has been relinquished to governments and big corporations. saving the world is also a "small" task..

looking at the world of today, the financial mess, the envirnmental distaster the global economy is driving, the realization is that too much power and wealth lie in too few hands and it is up to the smaller local communities to reclaim their productivity through the realization of their gifts.a song to call for a groundswell of local responsibility
We bring our worlds together
111010 Iyhofullblown ARR to song arrangement of xhosa style melody by Nolufefe Mtshabe for her to sing along with Grand Africa
110713 Autumn SOUNDTR poetry The fiery colours of fast fleeting autumn leaves, ruby wine, olive oil and the comforting hearth of winter juxtaposed with the stark image of bare trees, "clanging chains" and the "gale" make up the palette of this piece. Winter is appreciated; its subtle beauties revealed. One performer will recite this whilst another interprets it through


accompanied by music which needs to capture both the
- starkness and
- abundance of this season.
Matric Poetry 2011
110315 you can do that again LAYERING piano chordal triplets constantly shift harmonically towards affirmative markers, supported by percussion HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 oriental calculation LAYERING a delicate techno arpeggiato crosses harmnoic strands as it jolts the guitar into free play HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 where my home is LAYERING guitar and string touches lead into the touching warmth of a homely house, not too big at all HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 landing strip LAYERING strings and flute floating interlude HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 good morning south africa LAYERING flute and marimba on a south african-ish riff HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 doring in my voet LAYERING piano with jerky rhythms supported by thorny percussion ("thorn in my foot") HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 oriental landscape LAYERING cello sonority in pentatonic scale accompanied by piano and orchestral strings to provide a broad and telling vista HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 children asking LAYERING guitar alberti bass iwth enquiring piano motives, minimalistically echoing itself HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 the ice is melting LAYERING marimba minimalistically dropping as echoing piano drops heat from an expanding sky HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 the importance of being earnest LAYERING piano put forward affirming rhythms from a suspending bass, guitar dangling on top HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 down the hill we go LAYERING piano and marimba roll downwards in joy and electrifying hobbledyhop04:34 HA!Man Hotel Music 05
110315 romance for the unannounced visitor LAYERING a romantic piece revolving around a rather serious motive, yet blossoming into spams of beauty. reserved for the one who was not supposed to come. HA!Man Hotel Music 02
110205 a fine meal LAYERING a jazzy rhythm that pushes one forward is carried by three jolting piano hands and an intruding clarinet, just like the energy and satisfaction gained from enjoying a fine meal..  
100121 Pearl Fisher Fantasy ARR of piece I got myself into a fix by offering to arrange any music piece as a prize to a concert lottery. The lovely duet ("au fond du temple sainte") from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet opera) was given. I did not work off a recording, thus only elaborating on the basic theme as I could remember it.. Blue petals
100102 African Groove ARR to song my own afrcian groove motif arranged for Nolufefe Mtshabe to sing along with Grand Africa
091103 psalm 146 ARR to song    
091027 psalm 51 ARR to song    
090603 Boereseun ARR to song A song sung to me by a Soweto-based singer, about an Afrikaner (Boer) woman having lost her husband and now has to rely on her son for surivival. Simple and hymn-like, straight from the Boere-soils.. (arrangement)  
090408 space arise LAYERING space-type electronic sounds at first paints vastness then progresses into a fast moving rhythmical odyssey  
081006 on the road to Chicago OUT personal the HA!Man sometimes gets excited by music in the car, and then lets himself lose on it!  
080813 Afrikaner Is My Naam COMP song A new song (Aug 2008) for Afrikaners to sing as a collective. It traces our 300 year history through the delusional years of Apartheid to the problems of identity and fears for the future of South Africa today. It celebrates, in fact, that we have lost our iron grip on the country by hearing the heart beat of those around us. Afrikaners may well be better off as a creative minority applying their unique "two-world" identity to building human bridges between the "1st" and "3rd" worlds. HA!frikaner 09
080331 Stroll     Grand Africa
080225 Grand Africa ARR to song a xhosa song with two distinctive parts is combined in this at once jolly, quirky and massively "grand" piece of orchestral African Grand Africa
080107 Vergissing ARR to lyrics A beautifully song giving an added poignant meaning to the words, by well-chosen chosen timbres and rhythms. The words are full with rich images and feekings of love-longing and loneliness. "Vergissing" is not easlily translatable - it comes close to being confused, deluded. DOEPA
080107 Doepa vir die droefte ARR to lyrics A simple touching song about healing ("doepa") of the sadness ("droefte"). The melody with nostalgic overtones will endure in the mind's ear long after the last note has faded out. DOEPA
071103 planet 5 LAYERING A space that hangs on your toes and pulls you over expanses of weightless, peaceable and tranquil wonder..

A space that hangs on your toes and pulls you over expanses of soundscapes. Weightless, peaceable, state of tranquil wonder. Music to meditate and/or dream to. harmonious healing resonating through the tight muscles of you body and soul and bringing you to a state of complete relaxation.
From the mists
071023 he can dance LAYERING a quirky organ sound leads a jumpy, jazzy, jocular beat that tickles you to a losening and tricky dance HA!Man Tracks to Play with
071013 Soul of Soles LAYERING a home-coming sort of piece, sort of peace.. gentle bass pizzicato's punctuate a cyclical lilt that gives you comfort wherever you are HA!Man Best 2007
071013 salsa LAYERING spunky sounds, a sharp beat and playful sprinkles juice the salsa feel up to become an irresistable leg-lifter HA!Man Best 2007
070514 jy's laf (silly you) LAYER acoustic again the mood swings into an unexpected arena: a folkish energetic dance! but then broken again by a lingering, whislting thought, as if it wants to return to the original statement, not allowing surprises to compromise its integrity Jy het my laat sing
070514 maak al die kaste leeg (empty all wardrobes) LAYER acoustic after a short interlude, a definite dance-like rhythm sets in for the first time. mouth sounds adds percussive effect as the music opens up into wider regions of expression, ending in a strong, yet playful climax. Purely HA!Man. Jy het my laat sing
070514 skaamgesang (hymn of shyness) LAYER acoustic a hymn-like contrapunctal piece still holds the darker feel of the previous, this time shyly. it swells for a while and returns to the opening motive that hints of light that might break through Jy het my laat sing
070514 bars los (break free) LAYER acoustic starts in the mood of the introduction then gradually acquires a clearer beat, as bass octaves introduce new harmonic directions. ends in a late romantic burst of energy Jy het my laat sing
070514 dis nog nie dag nie (day has not broken yet) LAYER acoustic introduction to an hour of a creative piano journey. lingering, anticipating, yet somehow quiet. impressionist harmonies. no set beat nor rhythm. like leaves in the wind. Jy het my laat sing
070402 East to Africa LAYERING a thickly textured visit to the east. lively sounds evoke the simple beauty of oriental music.. until it slips by accident into an african groove.. HA!Man Best 2007
070320 Child of the World COMP song a song that intends to haunt you. a child is asking all of us to revive the child in you, as a measure against a dying world. originally for a child's coice, female voice and choir
HA!Man Best 2007
070214 lady anne medley SOUNDTR phys theatre a medley of soundtrack extracts from "Lady Anne," on the life of a British woman who was being changed, enriched, challenged and ultimately diminished by her intense stay in the South Africa of the early 19th century. / AFR klank-uittreksels van die toneelstuk gebaseer op Lady Anne Barnard, 19de eeuse vrou gedreineer deur Afrika..
070201 first love COMP instrumental a piece recalled from my teens. it was a favourite with my friends, especially with the one I was obsessed with, but never got close to. full of tender love. HA!Man Best 2007
070131 bluegrass revamped LAYERING i called this "bluegrass" not for any accurate reasons. those preset percussions again..

A coooool number that will hit you straight in the core of those dancing muscles! A strong beat given by the percussion section lends a big party-feel, carnival-spirit to the music. Crazy jamming as expected from the Ha!man.
Of fun and fest
061006 the fight SOUNDTR theatre a racing adrenaline-rushing piece following a nasty, but quirky domestic brawl. from the Gumbo soundtrack. Gumbo
061006 gumbo theme variation SOUNDTR theatre a strange world is evoked in this build-up of three themes from the soundtrack of the dark but magical play "Gumbo" Gumbo
061006 a game of chance SOUNDTR theatre A highly suggestive piece of music portraying the playing of cards. All nerves are on edge and faces glistening with sweat and expectation. Tension is marvelously built-up pulling through the entire piece, and then resolving the game to the last cadence. Gumbo
061006 gumbo theme SOUNDTR theatre A smooth-moving piece with playful, dance-like and sexy overtones. A brilliant interplay of instruments to let the imagination of bodily movement and facial expression come naturally - that makes it a bloody good piece of soundtrack! Gumbo
061006 round chase SOUNDTR theatre A frenetic dance for a mad interplay of surrealistic action and character explosions! Wonderfully enhancing for the play as only the Ha!man can work with his masterly hand over scene-creation-and-excitation! Gumbo
061006 love dance SOUNDTR theatre young love: starts shyly, feelingly, testing.. slowly building, gathering momentum, and then.. a full on dance! / AFR jong verliefdes ontmoet vir die eerste keer, skaam-skaam toets hulle die waters, tot hulle .. dans!!
061006 gumbo epilogue SOUNDTR theatre and oh so smooth, delicate, dreamy play of sounds. A subtly sexy dance with tinges of melancholy between the piano and cello. Brilliant soundtrack for a brilliant play! Gumbo
060904 relentless LAYERING a mathematical persistence, a baroque-like clarity and a dogged linearity gives this classically sounding piece a feeling of endlessness HA!Man Best 2007
060903 my africa LAYERING a lone, but peaceful marimba starts a journey, gradually building excitement until it rattles one's bones in a stram of unrelenting rhythmic flow. after peaking, it slowly brings one back, gently leaving with an almost forgotten, affirming, good-bye note. HA!Man Tracks to Play with
060816 global warming LAYERING epic portrayal of humanity rushing towards a meltdown, then falling into a swoon as the heat forces all to dream again. the dream turns out to be just a nightmare, we wake up, and rushes forth again.. and then? HA!Man Best 2007
060717 wind en sand LAYERING imagine the wind making dust over the surface of sandunes, leaving you utterly lonely, yet purified. soft padding and guitar sounds. HA!Man Best 2005
060102 soundbed for recorder LAYERING A musical saga. The introverted central part is flanked by more dramatic sections featuring the oriental plucked instrument, the shamisen. A piece full of vision  
051201 musiektrein SOUNDTR phys theatre A mad rolling of wheels and excitement on a train journey. Ominous overtones creating suspense - created for yet another physical theatre play. Chasing time
051104 song before sleep LAYERING simple chords with an african ring drift along the piano. almost a-rhythmical, it puts one to rest like a soft breeze. HA!Man Tracks to Play with
051025 Chicago Song COMP song taking a blues cue, this banjo, organ, klavinet and percussive accompaniment provides a solid beat, a handclapping thrust and a playful, feel-good backing to a tongue-in-the-cheeck song about an african visiting the city of chicago / AFR 'n blues-gebaseerde ...? met "rapping" lirieke , of net met voete en 'n strykstok
HA!Man Tracks to Play with
050925 chicago industrial LAYERING heavy brass sounds portays the monstrousness of a seriously industrial city: Chicago, but evolves to become triumphant and truly impressive HA!Man Best 2005
050925 Moving Chicago theme LAYERING A gentle melody setting the mood for the poetry/visual feast of "Moving Chicago". Comfortable and easy harmonies sit well with this slic American city. All of a swing
050925 Chicago Rail SOUNDTR poetry A solemn piece to a poem about a Chicago railway worker who died on his first day back to work, after surviving the battle fields of the second world war HA!Man Best 2005
050925 Chicago Fire SOUNDTR poetry the great fire almost destryed chicago completely. but the people built it all over again, in a record time..  
050921 draft leo piano LAYER a gentle piano piece twisting and turning in an almost surreal space. It is a slow, rather personal music gesture. no big feelings, no big moves, no huge sounds, just simply an intimate touching of keys. Soundtrax
050921 draft leo tango LAYERING A lively tango with bursts of raucous madness amidst passionate swinging and turning. Wonderful sustained climax towards the end. One can almost call it the "Bumblebee" of the tango - buzzing strings building the solid rhythmic foundation with the cello crazy-ing in flurries of sound above it. Soundtrax
050811 helen martens theme extract SOUNDTR theatre just check: there is a "helen martins theme extract" (duration:1:09). This one being 3"06 long is "helen martins theme" An intimate musical expression inspired by the "outside artist" Helen Martins.
1st part: lyrical and emotionally sensitive playing on cello and piano,
brigde: parlando cello with a soft voice murmur/whisper reminiscent of the melancholy rusty, hollow sound of a swing murmuring on its own chains.
2nd part: a darker mood with sustained strings and simple up and down figurations on the banjo. The banjo's theme is derived from the initial piano theme. Hauntingly beautiful how this simple theme is juxtaposed by 2 different moods and timbres
050803 Lekke Lekke Cape Town COMP song how to describe cape town musically? klopse, western and african motives join in to celebrate all that is so joyful and enjoyable about this "beauty spot" of the world / AFR 'n jolige lied wat Kaapstad beskryf: die klopse, westerse en afrika elemente word Lekke saam geklits
HA!Man Best 2005
050713 die dreuning LAYERING a symphonic expression (2005) of what it feels like to be an Afrikaner today: confusion, stulted pride, sadness, rumbled by africa and yet timely brought to peace by the magnetic plains of this continent of origins (using folk song motives). HA!frikaner 09
050410 Breast Breathe LAYERING A showpiece recorded for Lisa Melman, who at the time suffered from breast cancer. My message to her with this piece was to use it to sing, to use her breasts to the full, to breathe life into them (she is a marvellous singer, with Jewish-Russian ancestry). The orchestral music blasts away, yet surprises with moments of tranquil sadness. / AFR koor, orrel, orkes en meer sing lewe in kankeragtige borste. slawiese bo-tone HA!Man Best 2005
050401 Frustration LAYERING a symphonic expression of frustration. not only the anger behind it, but also the result of frustration: creating frustrating sounds! and somewhere, a little hopelessness.. / AFR 'n simfoniese uitbarsting van frustrasie, selfs hopeloosheid, maar... tog ook poeties HA!Man Best 2005
050300 Hamlet Theme SOUNDTR theatre soundatrck for the moment in the Shakespearean play just before Hamlet dies, lying in the arms of his best friend. a holy, passionate moment, and final peace. rich, soft strings. Along the red red river
050300 Hamlet Sequence SOUNDTR theatre a medley formed from a soundtrack I created for a Hamlet production in Cape Town. witness the ghostly demise of a kingdom, lurking snakes, madness and blind frolicking. a tragedy made profound by Shakespeare's deep sense of human folly. where are the Bards of today, to turn the stories of failed states into revelations of our own selves? HA!Man Best 2005
050204 Reconnection LAYER From the soundtrack for a contemporary one-woman dance piece "The day I got my body back". The passion that infuses the phrases is stirring to the inner-most fibre of the body. Thus the spirit and the body eventually reconnects and form a harmonious whole. Piano and Cello
050202 Going home ARR to song lyrics given for musical arrangement.Song title: GOING HOME by Nolufefe Mtshabe. She was the luscious Xhosa lady who first sang in the choir for Woman of the Year gala 2001. She loved "Beautiful Land" so much, she wanted me to write a song for her choir to enter for a festival. This became Her Time Has Come. Beginning 2005, she sang me a song she made herself, urgently wanting me to arrange it, in a style that combines an African feel with a symphonic sound. Grand Africa
050107 on her death LAYERING An incredibly beautifully sustained sadness. The piano moves in stately repeated chords moving between pain and eventually triumph over death in the piercing climax towards the end. The piece ends with a feel of acceptance and peace. HA!Man Best 2005
041203 when i saw you for the first time 6 LAYER With piano and cello in a slightly drifting, dreamy state interspersed with shimmering touches of hope Blue petals
041203 when i saw you for the first time 5 LAYER off beat walk with darker undertone, yet within the atmosphere of being struck by presence  
041203 when i saw you for the first time 4 LAYER Piano and cello slightly restless and searching walk, off balance, ending in a note of doubt Blue petals
040815 Skepping 7 Dag 7 SOUNDTR presentation The 7th day of rest. The cello and voices create a beautiful dialogue. All is rest. The second half is the most exciting part of the entirte creation. Music to dance to. An absolute celebration of all that is alive! / AFR 'n ongegrendelde feesviering van alles in die Skepping, waar die HA!Man nie anders kan as om te DANS!
Skepping 7
040815 Skepping 7 Dag 6 SOUNDTR presentation The creation of the sixth day by means of 6 notes! Creeping creatures - like pigs, monkeys, elephants, hippos - make their appearnce. Music takes on a more exulting form - by means of percussion and trumpets. Almost halfway, the music suddenly stops and only night sounds, like crickets and frogs,are heard. Now is the time for the creation of Man and Woman. The music starts with a gentle up and downward movement of the 5 notes. The beaty already embodies something melancholic and yearning. The music last part is a celebration of mankind - ecstatic and passionate. Before the end of the piece the music spells something ominous - erratic marimaba and cello playing, but is soon taken away by peace and quiet. Skepping 7
040815 Skepping 7 Dag 5 SOUNDTR presentation And once again the cello introduces the sequence of notes - this time 5 notes - representing the creation of the animals. Music is stirring with cellular division. Something is brewing. Bird-sounds make their appearance. Later on the fish under the sea. Warped sounds represent the water. The music's fabric is teeming with crawling life. Now it is not only the sounds of the musical spheres, but that of the birds. The music takes on a beauty never known of before this day. The end of the piece becomes pure living music and rhythm. The harmonic fluctuations created by the 5 notes repeated on different tonal levels is amazing. Skepping 7
040815 Skepping 7 Dag 4 SOUNDTR presentation Piece is introduced by 4 notes played by the cello. The four notes are soon played as the synthesized sounds and piano in repetitive circles. Hypnotising effect. Halfway through the 4 notes are played faster and the creation energy is slowly building up. The initial 4 notes' tempo is sustained throughout the music's undercurrent, creating an irregular rhythmic effect against the faster moving 4 notes. The music becomes more dance-like and up-beat. The end returns to the quiet of the beginning with added voices. Skepping 7
040629 african night sounds w music LAYERING prerecorded natural sounds from the Bushceld night along with drifting pad harmonies i am oh so dramHA!tic!
040530 sarie marais vir viool en orkes ARR to song a thoroughly composed orchestral work that moulds the melody of the favourite folk song "Sarie Marais" into many forms before it belches the whole of it triumphantly. pure South African joy! HA!Man Best 2005
040530 RAH house music LAYERING A solid rhythmic beginning with minimum instruments, but slowly building up to a colourful and vibrant array of tunes, sounds and colours. A medley of Afrikaans and South African songs, like "My Sarie Marais", "Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux", "Kinders van die Wind" and Nkosi S'kilele - Die Stem" interspersed with the melody of Ha!man's hit song "Her Time Has Come".

>>check other song titles in the medley - soos jy weet is ek nie so afrikaans-song-geletterd nie.
040427 Aai aai ea ARR to song An amalgamation of poular Afrikaans folk songs ("Aai aai, die witborskraai" and "Hier's ek weer met my rooirok"). A sing and dance and play piece. Pure fun! BEATY
040427 jy is nog mooi vir my LAYERING A deeply touching piece with florid lines in the piano part with cello weaving into the harmonies with its own lyrical intimacy. This can be interpreted as a full-blooded expression of love in all its passionate pulsations! The main melody will linger in the heart's mind long after the music has stopped. Waves of feeling takes over the music and pulls you with. No stopping! Piano and Cello
040427 bach more LAYERING An upbeat Baroque dance. All the sound effects revamps all antiquated rust that might cling to the phrases. HA!Man Best 2004
040329 the empress LAYER collab A sensual sonmg/dance evoking the reserved, simplistic beauty of the East.  
040324 waltz for a fractured world LAYERING A piece pulling at the heart-strings. The cello traverses over the huge expanse of melancholy. the clarient and accordion also contributes to the overall sadness. HA!Man Best 2004
040323 coming home LAYERING You are comfortable and at peace with the world. but there is no place like home. All the people at home still looks the same, sound the same, laugh the same laugh... and then you realise what you have missed being so far away... HA!Man Best 2004
040224 Comfy LAYERING A great piece of music to throw of your shoes and lie back and relax. A truly laid-back feet-tapping and carefree flow of beats. No doubt that you will enjoy this one! HA!Man Best 2005
040224 light jazz LAYERING Laid-back jazz. Rhythms and improvisations are easy on the ear and infectious to the body! HA!Man Best 2004
0402 Virrie Hartbeespoortdam LAYERING Music" playing" at its best. Youthful and jivy. Strong beat will bring anyone to their feet! Hartbeespoortdam is situated in the North-Western Province of S.A. Place of holiday, watersports and party. BEATY
0401 op die stoep LAYERING The accordion gives a nostalgic edge to the music. This is easy life, no cares, stresses. Just listening to stories and drinking coffee on "the stoep". HA!Man Best 2004
031218 Jitty Jatty LAYERING A wonderful show piece, a more precisely stated: show-off piece! cello moves frantically up and down the strings in a cool, slick, slidy fashion. This one is full of funky beats and sounds. One of the gems of Ha!man's virtuosic jammin' stuff! HA!Man Best 2005
031218 it just does not want to work out LAYERING the title actually refers to the music itself, that the piece struggles to find its core. opens in a grand melancholy way, then veers off into complex harmonic waves, ending in a lament that, indeed things do not always work out  
0310 stamp stamp LAYERING African fused with a hint of of Orientalism. Some of the sound colours evokes childlike playfulness. A pure fun piece! HA!Man Best 2004
030925 HER TIME HAS COME COMP song A stirring piece written for Africa - her time has indeed arrived. Human possibilities are no longer a matter of dreaming , but a matter of reality. No one will help singing along with this one. The song sweeps over the whole expanse of our great continent. HA!Man Best 2004
030920 Night Sky LAYERING You will be surprised that you will be able to fall asleep with a rolling enjin in your ears - if you add the right music to it! A magic peacefulness envelops you while you stare up into the African night sky - and a happiness to be alive as a being on African soil. Stutters of Africa
030920 Dedication to an Orphaned Continent LAYERING A groovy African song/dance. Western music sounds, such as that of the symphony orchestra blends well with the motoric African rhythms. Ranges from an ecstatic dance to an emotion-filled hymn. The saxophone carries most of the important melodic declamations. A plea for the world to embrace Africa in its totality. The enjins will fade, the music will fade. But Africa will not... / AFR simfonie meng met afrika op die maat van Bathurst se ou kragopwekker! Stutters of Africa
030920 To a Star Key LAYERING A beautiful amalgamation of synthesized, acoustic and mechanical sounds. Music that sings, dances and plays in the ears and the heart. Long lyrical lines in the cello that follow the changing tempo of the enjins effortlessly. Stutters of Africa
030920 Market Day LAYERING It has the feel of a typical South-African dance - the "sakkie-sakkie"-a traditional 2-step. It works marvellously well with the enjins.The party/carnival mood is infectious! You will never listen to the sound of an enjin in the same way again! Stutters of Africa
030920 The Stop-Start Journey LAYERING An up-beat dance with a jazzy flavour added by the trumpet and the piano. Full of energy as the music "chases" the changing speeds of the enjin. Comedic how the music dies away as the enjins also reach their last breath. The deceleration at the end of both music and machine is filled with a feel of sheer exhaustion. Stutters of Africa
030920 Rebirth LAYERING The piece joins forces of the mechanical and musical worlds. The reiterated rhythmic patterns in the piano have an African feel to it - to be more precise a Township-jazz feel - layed back and mellow. No rush to get the job done! Stutters of Africa
0309 light steps LAYERING A beautifully phrased piece that lights your feet into feather-weight steps. HA!Man Best 2005
030727 simply sad LAYERING sadness to almost dying proportions. last breaths, nothing left to say. whispering voice and organ like background  
030404 Vier Afrikaanse Liedjies KKNK straat ARR to song Recording meant for a street performance. Long and expansive intro, building up to the introduction of four popular Afrikaans folksongs that can be sung simultaneously and sound harmonious!  
030326 Mountain Top LAYERING at once Effective echoes to be heard by the voice, cello and whistling. Go and stand on a mountain top and whistle, sing, conversate with yourself, with the world. Happify all that is within you. (from album Whistle Away) Whistle Away
030324 flute phantasy LAYERING A piece with a stately antiquated feel to it. Drenched in medieval mysticism due to the sweeping flute-melody and the dramatic sustained chords. The Arturian legend comes strongly to mind. Awefulsome
030316 piano spanish waltz LAYER that strange energy that comes from sad and lively music. Mediterranean style. the piano rushes waltzingly towards a bashing end / AFR Mediterreense-styl klavier jaag al walsend tot by 'n donderende?? bruisende?? borrelende einde
Piano and Cello
030304 Lila SOUNDTR theatre Beautiful simplistic lyricism. Twelve Princesses
030218 holy rest LAYERING with cello drifting on a cloud, deep restfulness, drawn out chords along with intimate mouth sounds HA!Man Best 2004
030110 weskus LAYERING Ah, it can be sunset on the West Coast of South Africa - the horizon is aglitter with magic luminescence before dark finally sets in. A play between the ocean's ripples and waves and the skies' fast-changing colour and mood. From the mists
021225 evening song LAYERING A gentle expression of peace and beauty at the fall of night and the settling down of worked-up heart-beats. Simply blissful... Piano and Cello
020928 rockband LAYERING funky rhythmic easy feel recording on .. those percussion tracks again! Of fun and fest
020928 Accordioncool LAYERING A carnival ambience is created by the merry-go-round sounds of the accordion. A lively, upbeat dance in never-ending circles, almost trance-like, yet super-energetic. BEATY
020927 banjo open africa LAYERING This recording started with using preset percussion motives. With cut and paste plus layering a few instruments (improvising, of course), i got myself tired (from the whiggles!) Chasing time
020926 Accordion Sequence LAYERING a recording from the early days (2001) when i took sample drumtracks and played around with it. since then, this piece was twice upgraded. the "sequence" is 'n common harmonic pattern that i took on various twists with the playful sound of the accordion HA!Man Best 2007
020824 Hoe sag ry ARR to song An arrangement of the Afrikaans folksong " Hoe sag ry ons bootjie". Childlike innocence gets magnified by pizzicato cello and music box sounds. Styles and Arrangements
020824 Fanfare LAYERING A full of life piece. Upbeat, dancy. Cello sings life into each beat of music. Foot-stamping, knee-twisting and toe-turning! BEATY
020824 French accordion sad LAYERING  
020824 trio in d LAYERING Continues in the same vein as the previous track. Reserved playing. Synthesized flute also joins the musical fabric. The trio builds up emotional climaxes that comes close to sentimentalism. Cello & Synth Original
020823 Smoothy LAYERING An ever-increasing-the-speed a la Havanagilah incessant dance. Infectious music. Wonderful cello brilliance displayed. BEATY
020823 Rocksax LAYERING A sexy dance between the sax and cello. Atmosphere is smokey and seductive. Lounge music at its sultry best. BEATY
020817 Brahmssleep ARR to song The familiar Brahms lullaby repeated several times with an interpolation of a motif of the slow movement of the Chopin Piano concerto. Styles and Arrangements
020817 township happy LAYERING feet lifting jivy piece on an african township style groove  
020811 Jazzsoft LAYERING Gentle melody played by the cello above the sounds of a jazz band. Music to wind down to. Absolute bliss! TOP 15
020809 Beautiful Land COMP song A beautiful piece can only be created for a beautiful land like S.A. The passion sits at the core of the music's beauty. The piece begins with a dialogue between the piano and cello. Strings soon join in, adding to the mellifluousness of the phrases. The piece soon evolves into an emotional outpouring from all the instruments involved - big orchestra and cello. HA!Man Best 2004
020807 Softglider LAYERING Cello plays sustained notes against padded backdrop. Beautiful restrained emotion. Spacious, long-breathing lines tinted with melancholy. Atmosphere
020803 Swan ARR to song The famous "Swan" of Saint-Saens. True to the original with added padded sounds. Styles and Arrangements
020702 soft morning prayer LAYERING like an opening up towards something new.. soft pad sounds lifting the spirit gently deep slow down
020613 simple beau (piano series) LAYER beauty is somtimes just simple, clean and delicately felt. almost, only almost sentimental.  
020323 Afrihappy LAYERING The shebeens in the townships will come alive with this music. Street-party-vibe. Cool and mellow sounds up and down the cello-strings. Chill under the African sun! BEATY
020301 oriental prince LAYERING From the album entitled "Lisa Moods". The pentatonicism lends the music its oriental flavour. Music conjures images of Geishas dancing their stately dances. The music encapsulates the restrained seduction.  
020220 indonesian popular LAYERING The guitar give this piece a smell of earth. The "scat" singing is infectious - a total submersion in spontaneity! The cello ripples in sultry, colourfullines throughout the musical fabric. HA!Man Best 2004
020207 dance mess LAYERING A synthesized plethora of sounds. The general idea of the music is that of different instruments strutting their own stuff in their own time, but miraculously by chance it sounds rhythmically coordinated. The 2nd half is less disparate and has the feel of a soundtrack to an American-car-chase-scene. Awefulsome
020113 gemoedsrus verlange LAYERING A flute flies above a hovering bed of padded sounds in an optimistic mood, just as if it has found spots of clear sky after heavy rains ("inner peace, a longing") Holding hands
011201 eenkant LAYERING a simple motive introduces an easy walking beat that almost wants to be uninteresting. soon a horn and more intricate rhythms lilts the piece, without deviating from the walking motive HA!Man Tracks to Play with
011003 Very nice birds LAYERING A cool jazz piece. The cello is the main feature with rhythmic wining bird-like interjections. BEATY
010930 mille chanson ARR to song improvisation on this beautiful song, known to be sung by Frida Boccara  
010914 America LAYERING Musical response to the 9/11 attack on New York. From crying to screaming to praying. Awefulsome
010828 Leigh O'Lita ARR to song one of a series of songs by the late "John" of which he write the lyrics and took a rough melody idea to Lorna Els, who in turn brought it to me to refine and arrange John's Songs
010827 soft beauty hymn LAYERING    
010823 Pads LAYERING Long-spun lines for the cello above smooth harmonies. A restful piece. Atmosphere
010809 You are the One ARR to lyrics The piece was written for the 2001 Woman of the Year. This is only the backing for the theme-song. Symphonic orchestra combined with popular band. Music of an extravagant , glitz-and-glamour nature. Awefulsome
010801 Afrikaners ARR to song Arrangement of Afrikaans folk song, "Afrikaners is plesierig". Exuberant use of tone colours and sound effects. Styles and Arrangements
010710 Velvet LAYERING drifting harmonies, creating a sublte, soft sense of coming to rest and be at peace deep slow down
010701 Cool Piano LAYERING A swingy, jazzy piece. Cool piano is joined by cool voice. A truelly " cool" steady beat runs throughout. BEATY
010620 sad peace LAYERING A gentle-moving piece to eradicate any uneaisness in the soul. Music does not hurry into any emotional climaxes. Music of simplistic beauty. Atmosphere
010620 soft holy original LAYERING A smooth, delicate piece, never indulging too much. The lyricism of the cello is refined romanticism. Can easily play the role of a slow movement of a romantic cello concerto. The sustained padded sounds is comparable to that of the strings of a symphonic orchestra. Cello & Synth Original
010620 Soft Smooth LAYERING The cello and paddes sounds create an iridescent cloud of sound. The padded sounds are comparable to underwater, wettish, birdlike sounds. The cello traverses emotions from reservedness to ecstatic passion. What can be smoother than the beautiful restrained playing of the cello. Full of delicate emotion. Dreamy, space, float, dream , float, wonderment . . . Cello & Synth Original
010521 eendjies ARR to song Based on the Afrikaans children's song "" Eendjies stap in 'n ry"". Music makes full use of the playful childishness. The sounds created will be a child's delight!  
010509 Makana Lament SOUNDTR theatre after the battle, a sad silence reigns Grahamstown Tracks 2000-2002
010509 Makana Battle SOUNDTR theatre 1. Piece is introduced with omunous sustained orchestral timbres. Warfare is imminent 2. Percussive sounds. Battle has started. Irregular rhythms 3. Gunfire, uncertainty, sustained chords, repetitive patterns, with percussion. 4.Dirge-like solo-flute melody, signifying death of the notorious Xhosa-warrior, Makana. Awefulsome
010501 silent corner LAYER acoustic The sustained accompaniment gives this piece a sense of restfulness. A delicate melody doubled by itself in thirds is of an ethereal kind. Toward the middle, the piece builds to a climax from where the harmonies are fuller and more resonantly employed. The piece ends in the quiet state it had begun in. Piano Lite
010501 hop hop LAYER acoustic Music for a Harlequinade. The repetitive accompaniment has a msichievous lilt to it - gives a playful circus-feel to the music. Merry-go-round dizziness! Piano Lite
010501 tangle LAYER acoustic A piquant dancy piece. Strings of pearls, high-heeled shoes, flaming red lips will not be out of place! A Charleston from the 20's, perhaps? A wonderful memory-teaser! Piano Lite
010324 little whistle march LAYERING a little sad man walks and hops his head like a bird. the air is clean, the universe is simple. and sad. come and play in HA!laland
010319 Softguitar LAYERING As delicate as the diaphonous wings of a dragonfly. A peaceful song with no urgency of movement. Atmosphere
010101 Alledieberge ARR to song An elaborated instrumental version of a popular Afrikaans folk song, "Al le die berge nog so blou" Styles and Arrangements
001112 Tango 2 LAYER acoustic A jazzy up-beat tango reaching heights of passion so true to the character of this dance. Francois' Dance Pieces
000901 Orchestra LAYERING Classic orchestra full of bursting energy. In the same vein as the celebratory music of the Proms! FRESH: the Classical Collection
000708 Piano Classic Opening LAYER A piece created in the style of a Theme and Variations. Theme: A sad, dirge-like piece. Variation 1: Evolves the theme into an elaborate expression with hints of the melancholic theme. Variation 2: Retains the expression of the theme, but with added light-hearted rhythms. FRESH: the Classical Collection
000701 Chinsimple SOUNDTR phys theatre A minimalistc piece - quiet movement in all 3 featuring instruments. A slow gracious dance for an ascete. From soundtrack for Acty Tang's solo debut Atmosphere
000605 Circus LAYERING True to the title of the piece. Innocent fun and carefree fooling around. BEATY
000513 Atonal six LAYER an angry dialogue between two simple motives come and go in this driving, disharmonious bravura piece Piano and Cello
000507 pianosoft LAYERING A piano and cello piece reaching heights of great emotion. The intensity comparable to a Mozart/Beethoven concerto. FRESH: the Classical Collection
000401 strings passion LAYERING A romantic cello piece with symphonic orchestra accompaniment - molto appassionato. Falls in the same category as the cello-concerti of Dvorak, Elgar and Saint-Saens. Long lyrical lines so idiomatic to the melancholic capacity of the cello. FRESH: the Classical Collection
000115 Hier is daar 'n gat COMP song A simple Afrikaans song of passing of time and seperation. Against the background of withe emigration from the New South Africa Ex Afrika
000000 Ek praat klavier LAYER acoustic First ever recording (pre-HA!Man, 1998) at the M1A recording studio, SABC, Johannesburg. Laura Kirsten: A dynamic work for solo-piano encompassing many moods. The work can be divided into 13 sections: 1. Slow, introspective start. Wordless singing of ethereal warmth. Voice undulating over simple piano chords. Whistling also adds ambience. Voice and piano climactic, but dies down. 2. (05:20) The piano displays more drama, rolling, bravura arpeggios. Returns to gentle singing evolving in indulging piano-playing. Resonant, energetic, jazzy conclusion. 3. (08:35) Peaceful piano playing that eventually moves into a more indulgent, faster-moving expression. Comparable to the music of the Russian Romanticists like Rachmaninoff, Arensky and Medtner. 4. (13:02) Peaceful mood of the start of the previous section lingers for a while, but gives way to vigorous, virtuoso interjections. Wordless singing soon follows - bizarre and playful passages accompanied by fantastic pianistic flourishes. Suddenly mood changes into sentimental arabesque-like playing a la Liszt. 5. (17:40) Frenzied toccata a la Prokofiev. Whistling joins the mad rush. Bridge: Spaced-out singing with the virtuosic piano following in energetic spirit. Change to a trance-like evocation by repetitive piano patterns against mad, spontaneous singing. Gershwin-influences apparent in the boisteous syncopations. (23:26) Bridge: Introduced by calm whistling. 6. (24:00) Simple piano chords accompanies singing. Climax emotionally-charged. Expression of delicate beauty. Music defies definition (and superfluous adjectives). 7. (30:29) Slow, expressive piano playing reminiscent of Debussian impressionism. 8. (32:27) Music-box melody evokes childlike innocence. Texture light and transparent. 9. (33:54) Fuller resonance in chords. Hymnlike simplicity. Unfolds dramatically over the entire range of the piano then runs directly into 10. (36:54) Contrapuntal study in the style of a Shostakovich fugue. 11. (39:19) Starts with slow single line melody in the piano. Followed soon by lyric whistling and singing. Spontaneous madness makes an appearance as the tempo increases. Playful jazz exhibited with such panache. 12. (45:00) Mood turns introspective and weird. Whistling borders on the insane and eerie. Ominous, brooding. Climax is imminent. But suddenly layed-back jazz pianism enters which soon evolves into broad, indulging strokes of virtuosity. 13. (50:50) Conclusion: End is close at "hand". Simple, beautiful singing and piano accompaniment with moments of dramatic declamations. The last minute of the work starts with an innocent melody in the piano and tuneless whistling. Ending with a yearning howl. Ek Praat Klavier
000000 Hard Drive LAYER acoustic A full-layered organ piece. Energetic playing with support of organised sound by the audience. Music of epic proprtions - it spells Olympian greatness! (Originally from the album A moment of Mouth-Watering Sounds) Huge Variety
000000 Gulf LAYER acoustic A piano piece that engulfs a whole range of emotions. The piece starts with a lone-standing melody, which is later joined by hesitant chords. Halfway through, the music becomes a sweeping, indulging statement of all that is passionate and beautiful. (FROM first ever recording "Ek Praat Klavier) Huge Variety