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170121 praying with open eyes Music Video in rondawel at Eagle's Ridge for first real posting Music Videos
161025 HA!Man Show Promo 2016 HA!Man Movie Promo New promo video for the HA!Man Show, featuring visuals from 2006-2016. It covers HA!Man solo performances since 2006, improv collaborations with various others (including partner Joke Debaere) and HA!Man choir piece performances. For more visit  
160813 HA!Man and Joe van der Linden on the beat improv playing show collab part of a live performance piece, with Joe van der Linden on guitar and HA!Man on everything except the cello. an ongoing improvisation on a running (sampled) jembe beat  
160806 The HA!Show Promo 2016 HA!Man Movie Promo New promo video for the HA!Show, featuring visuals from 2006-2016. It covers HA!Man solo performances (since 2006), HA!Man and Joke Debaere in performance (since 2012), improv collaborations with various otehrs and HA!Man choir piece performances. For more visit  
160412 BL video movie show    
160411 Born in the Transkei place    
160113 playing monkeys pilanesberg animals    
160109 ma stap by see      
151209 apies speel in Pilanesberg      
151001 novalis improv      
150815 massakoorkonsert wes rand its up to us      
150731 stone hill wind location nature one time filming of strong wind through trees on Stone Hill, where long time host and friend Priscilla Glover lives  
150730 lickin' good animals close-up of nguni cow munching and licking lips (and nose!)  
150625 BEING NGUNI animals extracts from one morning of filming Nguni's on Dries's plaas along with the track "My Africa"  
150527 amsterdam boat with henk      
150503 venice      
150415 joke leysin walk      
150404 Impressions of HA!Man School Performances and Workshops promo video HA! is all about Spontaneous Expression. The video clips blended together here give an impression of the way he facilitates an environment where creative expression is encourage that comes from a deeper source than rational instruction or ideas. The resulting energy explosions cannot be explained.. It is going to and stimulating the source of all creativity, a vulnerable, playful, sometimes insecure and sometimes powerful place where anyone, no matter level of skill may enter. South Africa's "HA!Man" (Francois le Roux) has been at this for over two decades, offering this HA!ppening wherever schools and institutions can find an opening for it - in their schedules and in their hearts. For bookings, feedback and more go to  
150331 de taal event stage with Joke    
150330 koker spirit HA!Man Video and Soundtrack    
150330 HA!Man and Joke Debaere in performance 2012 to 2014 promo video Joke Debaere joined the HA!Man on the road and stage since the beginning of 2012. This is a compilation of some moments of home-filmed performances, providing a snapshot of a collaboration that keeps evolving. Each instance is from a fully improvised performance item. Some have an original HA!Man recording as accompaniment.  
150316 Joke Debaere in The Monday Performance event stage with Joke Extracts from Joke Debaere in acoustic dramatic improvisation with HA!Man on piano. At a "Soirče du Coeur" hosted by Marilyn Pigot in Kalk Bay, 16 Feb 2015  
150212 kokerboomwoud karoo place    
141213 on her death HA!Man Movie she was a tough one, my grandmother. most of her life, she wanted to die. but she survived herself. and then into her eighties, she got cancer. she told the doctors to stay put, embraced death and for the last year of her life i never saw her so relaxed and at peace. she arranged her funeral. she asked us to have a party and said good bye to each in a thorough manner. i felt free to feel deeply sad about her passing. she believed that God lived amongst plants and therefore every garden she touched, flourished. she wanted to die, yet strangely, amongst us, she really LIVED. [music: "on her death" recorded after my grandmother died some years ago. visuals: contracted from 15 min walk with camera, 13 Dec 2014, Antwerp harbour.]  
141102 red hat ass in Hollywood      
141102 hollywood space invader      
141101 Halloween with Antonio event special    
141023 usa tunnel      
141010 american cuisine      
140724 HA!Man and Joke in Performance promo video    
140718 images of the moving monthly Music Video a slideshow of Joke Debaere and HA!Man visual art (drawings, photography, graphic) as it appeared in editions of the HA!Monthly over the last year (2013). the music is a track by the HA!Man called "stringasong" [find out more and subscribe to the HA!Monthly by going to]  
140614 stringasong road visuals Music Video road visuals and images of present and past HA! mobiles, along with the track "Stringasong," traveling along many roads, especially in South Africa and North America a collection of HA!(ha) movies
140421 rainbow dance Music Video images taken from Rhodes Scholars at the Mandela Museum in the Easter Cape dancing after a HA! workshop - sliding along with HA!Man's track "First Contact." a flow of all the vibrant south african rainbow colours..  
140320 francois checking oil casual    
131011 HA!HA!HA!Man HA!Man Movie Show moments from the deep past..  
130902 the box corporates playing show collab    
130902 kings school workshop school    
130902 christiane event    
130701 Moving Johburg HA!Man & Joke Film all about moving and moveable images (Joke Debaere and HA!Man) in and around Johburg - with soundtrack (HA!Man) a collection of HA!(ha) movies
130526 monsanto event stage Joke improvises on her feelings around the nightmarish actions of the seed multinational Monsanto  
130510 reflection on train between kortrijk and antwerpen location spontaneous thoughts while looking at the passing images with added string sounds  
130420 graveyard HA!Man & Joke Film    
130303 journey into adelaide playing show kids Joke and I visit Adelaide and dance and play with the youngsters who slauntered in and out fo the derelict town hall - to our own joy and excitement! // impressions of an impromptu "djol" in under-used Adelaide's town hall - Joke and myself and street kids, accompanied by local black music recordings.. reflecting on the experience and the lack of "order".. a collection of HA!(ha) movies
130125 big city, little things location As part of the project "Moving Johannesburg", it was also the little things, the little moving things, echoing the larger rhythms of a restless city, that caught Joke's and my attention, bringing focus and peace within the buzz a collection of HA!(ha) movies
130105 Song of Nature location nature Joke and I stopped for an hour or so in the rugged beauty of the "Seweweek's Poort," taking visuals feelingly, afterwards adding text (Joke) and music (Francois) to render a Song of Nature.. For this month, Joke suggested we explore the sensuousness of nature. So we stopped for an hour or so in the rugged beauty of the "Seweweek's Poort," taking visuals feelingly, afterwards adding text (Joke) and music (Francois) to render a Song of Nature.. a collection of HA!(ha) movies
130105 rehearsing aqua rhythms with tygerberg choir playing show choir   HA!Man and Joke Debaere in Performance
130105 Seaside Intimacy HA!Man & Joke Film Joke and I encountered masses of sea plants up in Port Nolloth strewn on the beach and with her filming, the HA!Man (very "HA!" here) goes out to be seduced into an intimate affair with rubbery arms and entangled legs.. a collection of HA!(ha) movies
130104 seweweekspoortnatuur location nature    
130104 butterflys migration event    
121226 restaurant solo event    
120508 with joke in this jail playing collab situational expression by Joke Debaere in a space that used to be a jail cell, somewhere in Berlin. accompanied in the moment by HA!Man on cello. about confined spaces..  
120205 eating yoghurt casual me with finger licking yoghurt 00 crazy
120125 SA nature collaboration HA!Man Slides Show    
120120 Talk: the first performance acting collab first ever performance of "Talk" by HA!Man and Joke Debaere, a stage event with the intention to flow freely, interacting, travelling mediums of epxression and topical content as wide as possble.  
120117 and then her time had come personal moment when Lara took off with her bike in Fort Beaufort on her first trip as independent artist  
120117 a syrian jam playing collab getting together with Abdallah and his musical friends, somehwere in Syria..  
110916 karoo white flowers location nature walking amongst white daisies peppering the roadside on way to DeDoorns  
110828 snow forests drive travel road NO SOUND  
110828 dakota highway travel road    
110828 snow blizzard travel road snow storm reflected in car lights while driving through upstate new york  
110105 paul en francois atonal event special Francois le Roux and Paul de Mayer in St Nicholas Church, Gent. Improvisational duo with organ and cello.  
100817 spontaneous choirs playing show collab Getting choirs to sing together spontaneously is a challenge, but can be greatly rewarding, as so effectively portrayed in the Swedish film "As it is in Heaven." The HA!Man has worked in this way with choirs since 1998 and three live events are extracted here: with massed youth choirs in Grahamstown as well as the Linder Auditorium in Johannesburg, and the internationally renowned Drakensberg Boys' Choir.  
100725 improv in Port Alfred event special    
100122 HA!Man and Anton in concert playing show collab extracts: have a peep of the ongoing spontaneous collaboration between violinist Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby and the HA!Man. Footage from KZNSA Gallery concert in March 2009 in Durban. Fully improvised cello, keyboard, voice (HA!Man) and violin (Anton).  
100106 Kwela 1001 artist promo (HA!Man profile braodcast on Kyknet in AFRIKAANS). 'n 10 minute Profiel van die HA!Man soos uitgesaai in Januarie 2010 deur Kyknet kanaal (Kwela joernaalprogram). Omvattend en keurig aangebied en verskaf 'n vermaaklike en insigtelike prent op die lewe en werk van Francois le Roux  
090903 arcadia personal FAM visiting arcadia.. for family  
090830 in the nature of improvisation 2      
090830 in the nature of improvisation 1      
090803 Beautiful Land in Grahamstown Cathedral event special Beautiful Land is a song written by Francois le Roux (the HA!Man) - originally for the South African Woman of the Year Gala in 2002. The lyrics describes and praises the natural beauty of the land. The song is often touted as a possible new anthem for South Africa. In this sample video clip, a combined schools choir is performing it in the cathedral in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. The HA!Man on cello and Priscilla Glover conducting. Camera by Laura Kirsten.  
081001 Action Painting voor Web playing show collab HA!Man and painter Geert Oldenbeuving's collaboration in Hoogeveen, May 2008. Lovely clip compiled by Geert (piece played is "Coming Home")  
080923 HA!Man visit to Bokhoro school Lesotho event special You go there up in the remote mountains and think you have something to give. And then you receive so much! This video is a good sample of a HA!Man school visit, especially with these kids being so full of energy and spontaneous response. Various musical items as it happens in the flow of the moment, facilitated by the HA!Man. Talent, of course, abounds. School link came via the dynamic organization Help Lesotho ( for which the HA!Man fund raised in Ottawa on a number of occasions.  
080223 the cat and the snake travel special a house cat playing with a small snake who found himself trapped and exhausted, but not conquered..  
071020 child of the world primiere event special    
071020 kansas city SA benefit event special    
071010 we have hung up our feet HA!Man Multimedia Collab HA!Man: "foot fantasias in spite, we might soon meet with our night, and the sleep will soon invite us.." Foot Fantasia
071010 township feet HA!Man Multimedia Collab a poem by HA!Man, reflecting on the role of feet in the township where modern amenities have not taken over by force yet, giving feet a more prominent and perhaps healthy role in people's lives Foot Fantasia
070705 Owen at the Festival artist promo 5 clips. varous tricks. brilliant guy. I discovered Owen at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival (South Africa) in July 2007. This is one super way to build racial relations. Apart from that, he's pretty good! For more about Owen, contact me through (HA!Man)  
070520 HA!Man in Barneveldt 2007 movie show show favourites as well as the HA!Man running around the town square in this neatly edited video by artist Geert Oldenbeuving, who also did the painting shown - inspired by the HA!Man's music  
070307 Her Time Has Come Promo HA!Man Movie Promo The Song Her Time Has Come is promoted with this text, sound and visual tour, combining clips of various performances of this dedication to Africa 0702 HA!MAN PROMO DVD
070303 The Impossible Pass travel special the story of the HA!mobile who tried to play 4x4 (near Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa). the year was 2007, when Lara Kirsten ("Larha!") was on the HA! road a collection of HA!(ha) movies
070221 HA!Man Promo Video 8min HA!Man Movie Promo take a video tour through moments of HA!Man magic, from soaring cello to breaking dances. Including quotes from audience members. 0702 HA!MAN PROMO DVD
061210 Outeniqua HA!Man Slides Show images from a hike in the Outeniqua mountains, with rain forest and flowers galore. original music  
060919 workshops in spontaneous creativity HA!Man Movie Promo an intro to the HA!Man workshops with exciting visuals from all over the world School Promo
050830 UILVROU      
050800 Owl house final HA!Man Video and Soundtrack the video and music track for Marlene Zwiegers Uilvrou production, with dancing images from the "Uilvrou's" (Helen Martin) garden statues, glass work, the house itself.. down to the end of the work. Uilvrou
050710 The Day I Got My Body Back HA!Man Music Collab Piano improvisation with dancer Penny Hin on a given theme: the return of the body awareness. Part 1: away in the spirit 2. the death of god 3. reconnection the day i got my body back
040618 The Chicken Thief HA!Man Movie a township chicken thief tries his luck, and gets caught.. Short film by the HA!Man, starring Nyebho Swartbooi and friends

a little movie made to teach a lesson in crime. shot in a Grahamstown township, based on a story written by Nyebho Swartbooi, who also stars as the thief and narrator.
040522 HA!!Man and master painter Tatsuhiko Yokoo playing collab HA!Man improvises with cello and keyboard while master action painter Yokoo Tatsohiko from Japan performs. Near Berlin, at Christiane & Reinhard Fo"rster's farm, May 2004.
HA!Man: the First DVD
030817 Tradouws Pass HA!Man Movie Show in the HA!Car through the beautiful mountainous Tradouw's Pass, Western Cape  
020329 HA!Man by David Moore TV profile HA!Man briefly and artfully profiled by David Moore, for television (SABC3, 2003) HA!Man: the First DVD