f e a t u r e ...a u g...' 1 8

just me playing at one of the many little and big concerts over the years. i chose this photo thinking of the little one Joke and I have brought into the world four months ago. her name is Mira. and the track "slow waltz" is dedicated to her - created in January for a school play. i could imagine, looking at this picture, that i am busy playing to it

AUDIO: ectract from "slow waltz"

q u o t e..o f..t h e..m o n t h

Where most entertainers 'touch' Francois 'changes'. His shift of emphasis from 'me' to 'we' has robust potential for lasting good in a self-seeking world gripped by moral bankruptcy.

(from a recommendation by the late Peter Krummeck, playwright)

H A !..i s . . .

the honesty and fragility of performing from the heart
(Elsabe Holm, Pretoria)