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The HA!World Online Experience is a platform for supporting subscribers to share in the breadth and depth of our creative outputs - from the remote past right up to our newest creations. Subscribers have access to weekly new releases and an extensive library creations across twelve mediums: essays, poems, gedigte (Afrikaans), gedichten (Dutch), prose, music recordings, soundtracks, drawings, photography, slide shows, videos and films.

"HA!" is the main characteristic that brings all of this uniquely together. These are creations that come about in a strong flow, often spontaneously, heartfelt, with a strong base of feeling running even through works that are about intellectual issues or daily life. Being close to the heart, they also aim for the heart of the matter at hand, not shying away from the subjective and personal dimensions.

"World", because we travel broadly, both artistically and physically: various formats and genres freely evolve to serve the main purpose of expressing ourselves creatively, covering not only the aesthetic, but also issues of intellectual and human import, as well as aspects of the daily existence of our family of three. We draw inspiration from experiences across the four continents that we travel regularly, along with the wide array of people and places encountered on a close and first hand basis.

"Online": this platform is our main digital presence, providing continuity for all who for wish more besides our performances, workshops and physical products. It adds a vital income stream, so we don't have to be on the road all the time. It is basically a unique streaming service wit added benefits to subscribers, like discounts on HA!products and direct contact with us, the artists.

"Experience": the platform is structured in such a way that multiple journeys can be followed, according to nine different moods or modalities. These moods cover a complete spectrum of emotions and topical categories. For instance, under "videos" a modality like "mystical" can be chosen, with a series of videos in chronological order. Watching these videos provides an immersive experience of the mystical, in a way that also covers a time period and follows our creative evolution. Over a hundred such journeys can be followed.

The HA!World Online Experience thus welcomes anyone looking for a closer engagement with creativity and the way it can inform and nourish a life. It is a library, concert hall, movie theatre and art gallery all at once. And a moment of HA! awaits around every corner.

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More delicious chocolates from your seeming
endlessly deep box! Thank you, dear gushing taps!
(Peter Willis, Cape Town)

Very pleased to find so much fine work on your
service. It'll take a long time to discover!
(Lowell Dijkstra, Netherlands)

I wonder if the two of you, humble spirits, realize
that you make a difference!? You travel the Globe,
perform and move on, leaving us behind, touched
by your alchemy of sounds & words,
changing us, charging us.
(Jan-Willem Wiener, Oudtshoorn)

I believe that the only way to get us out of the
environmental mess that we are in - is to activate
people through their hearts - which again is why I
think your work is so important and valuable
(David Perry-Davies, Cape Town)

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