191207 Ik geniet nog na! Het heeft mij meer vrijheid en blijheid gegeven. Spelen als een Onbevangen kind! Heeeel fijn!
171202 Het was een mooie intense ervaring met elkaar. Niet goed te omschrijven ook. Ik voel het nog tot in mijn vezels.

bijzondere en hart verwarmde workshop!
En wat mij betreft ook tot de volgende keer!

Erg blij dat ik de middag heb meegemaakt. Wat hebben we mooie dingen gezien en gevoeld.

Allen bedankt voor de openheid naar ieder van ons. Het werkt nog door.
Graag tot ziens,

Het was een feest gisteren..een ware ontmoeting, dank jullie wel.

Het was een heerlijke middag en avond. Ontroerend, stromend, warm,
licht, speels, intens.
170506 Afgelopen zondag heb ik meegedaan met een dagworkshop van HA!Man. Het was een fantastische ervaring, ik heb genoten. Ik ben verbaasd over de ontspanning en stilte die is ontstaan en die ik meeneem. Een volgende keer zou ik zeker weer mee willen doen.
170318 Thank you - it is wonderful to be totally in the moment. Jane Phillips Dover - St Margarets UK
161102 This liberated me from my conscious state. Nothing but love. Keep kicking. William Cox San Clemense USA W
161102 Thank you SO much for coming to Soka. It was such an honor playing mandolin with you. I will NEVER forget this experience. I can't wait to play music again with what I now know. Rosabelle Heine Aliso Viejo USA W
161102 thank you for bringing me outside myself
150824 Baie dankie vir 'n pragtige oggend! Ek het trane in my o gehad. Die kinders en onderwysers get dit verskriklik geniet. Dit is absoluut magical.
150312 This was just one of the BEST BEST experiences for us!! Thank you! So much fun and learning out of the box. LOVED it and will definitely organise another workshop. For sure.
141018 Thank you very much for this rich music-community-joyful experience. We absolutely loved it. It brought us together as a class and school in very special and magical ways. It was wonderful to watch the 5th graders "pull" for their classmate - encouraging him to sing and use his voice. (Shawn LeValley, Thornton Creek Primary)
110902 Your workshop has taught me not to care about what others think and just to do what I am feeling. I thank you for coming. I have learned more than I can say Loryn Cloete Pietermaritzburg SA
110827 Dit was fricken AWESOME!! ek love dit. Dit is wat ek nog altyd wou doen. soms gaan sit ek net voor die klavier en speel 'n klomp goed net om op een of ander manier my gevoelens te laat uitkom. vandag het aan my bewys dat ek nie die enigste een is wat "anders" is nie.
Sherilee Botha Witbank SA
110801 the experience was beyond wonderful... thank you I've never experienced anything like that, so much emotions and i just wanted everyone to see and i usually hide my feelings behind a mask but this time i just wanted to let go and didnt care... thanks
110801 Wow. thank u. I've had trouble with releasing my emotions and this experience has taught me its meaning. it is a feeling - not to be expressed with words.
101006 thank you - you made a non-musical person understand a little of the creative process that can be applied to any area of life Michael Bochnewych Chicago USA C
101003 Love this - singing, drawing, beautiful music, rhythms, audience participation. Heard my voice again, my personal expression Judy Sengewald Cincinnati USA C
100911 thanx vir vandag, dit was ongelooflik en ek was bang vir improvisasie maar jy het gewys dis baie lekker! dit was amazing! baie dankie! Marone Janse van Rensburg Bloemfontein SA
100909 so lovely and necessary for community building, healing, joy Morwenna Bosch Pietermaritzburg SA
100909 Wat 'n ervaring!! Raak nogal van jou inhibisies ontslae en kry vrymoedigheid om die mens te wees wat ek behoort te wees. Baie dankie! Julia van der Walt Pietermaritzburg SA
100328 Thank you for giving me a lifetime therapy session. You are the best. Tshepiso Motaung Jhb SA
100328 This was a total new experience. I am stunned. Would like to know more. W.C. Petersen Jhb SA
100328 Unusual but very good. Loved every thing, it was different, unique, but if I sit quietly it gave a wonderful meaning.
Thabanla Msomi Jhb SA
100217 "Thanks! You taught me a lot. You made me realise that everything basic you needs comes from within. Now I know how to draw on passion. You gave me some courage to use on stage. Good luck with the future! Sincerely."
Karen Emby Mooi River SA
081012 First let me say that I am really not "musical" in any way, except as a listener (no rhythm and tone deaf). When I went on stage it was to conquer my terror as in fire walking. I took the plunge. During the music exercise a free spirit overtook me and I was dancing. Then the paper exercise was extremely enlightening. This is a fantastic experience. Thank you. Joa Carter Kansas City USA C
080625 My cello-benadering voel definitief vir my anders vandat ek meer tyd aan improvisasie afstaan. Eks nie meer so bang vir die ding nie, en dit raak nou meer van n love-affair. Danksy jou! Karin Eloff Jhb SA
080401 Die blootstelling van die meestersklas is wonderlik. Eerstens het ek my verbaas vir wat die leerlinge kan doen en hulle self was verbaas oor dit. Cheric is in vervoering. Sy het nog nooit so iets gedoen nie en het nie geweet sy kan dit doen nie. Jeanet Domingues Yzerfontein SA
061101 I no longer believe in a wrong note - they all come from somewhere inside. Thank you.
061101 Thanks so much - it was a great experience and really boosted my confidence as a cellist. It helped me see that feeling is more important to thinking in terms of music. Thanks again, it was fun! lovely.
040410 WOW! Stunning! Amazing!!! Dit was great!! Baie, baie dankie! Ek hoop dit sal gereeld in 'n jaar/jare plaas vind hier by Hoerskool LTB... . Ek het baie geleer, sal nog net graag tjello wil bemeester?! Daar kan meer sulke geleenthede plaas vind. Ek sal my instrumente definitief met meer gevoel en KOMMUNIKASIE aandurf. Ek dink die stappe v.d. werkswinkel was heavy cool! Die dans was wacko, maar dis als deel v. musiek. Weer thank a mil!!!

040210 Dit was AMAZING!!! het baie geleer. ek kyik nou na musiek deur ander oe!!! Thanx!!! Elsje Blignaut Lichtenburg SA
040210 Voortdurende motivering. Excellent. Amazing. Ek dink dis wat ek nodig gehad het. E. M. Vorster Lichtenburg SA
040210 Thanx for connecting music and body and emotions for me. Lichmeth zz Lichtenburg SA
031103 You helped me think of things I haven't before. Kent Busman Albany USA E
031012 found an inner communal & self expression, and allowed the inner child to show its smiling face. Jason Geibel Seattle USA W
031012 It was fun and playful. I enjoyed the creative expression + connection that was effortlessly created w/ other people. Melissa Schussler Seattle USA W
030709 I had a good time! Some good and provoking things to think about! Erik V Brandberg Mbabane Swaziland
030709 "Unusual but appropriate. It made me discover some strange but creative subconscious part of me"
030410 At first I thought it was gonna be boring. And then I thought you where a mad man. But in the end I learned a lot. I learnt to find myself in many way. I learned about my voice my soul and what I have within me. The song you played about the world affected me cause I realized how many sickness and the darkness within the world. It taught me to care. And my final word is Thank You cause I've learned to be free with me. Thank you ! (Elizabeth Ngewu Gr 9B)
030220 Kyk hier wow, dit was amazing meer as amazing ek weet nie hoe om in woorde meer te beskryf nie ek is nie iemand wat praat maar ek besef dit bou te veel op en jy het my baie goed lat besef ek is moeg vir die rol wat ons kamstig moet speel ek wil nie meer jy het regtig gehelp meer as wat jy ooit sal verstaan. zz zz Pta SA
030220 hey hey... Dis baie lekker gewees! Het nie eintlik 'n vraag nie! En eks eintlik nie 'n "arty" mens nie, maar dit het baie vir my beteken! en my geleer om kuns my eie te maak! en soos ek voel te teken! Dankie dit was great!* zz zz Pta SA
030212 Even though I don't have a large musical vocabulary, you showed me I can still say something! Thanks for introducing freedom of expression! zz zz Pta SA
030203 The workshop was the best thing that had happened to this school Thapelo Pitso Mafikeng SA
030203 Thank you very much you relief my stress. I've come to realise that music is really life. I am more healthier than before. Icome here, I don't regret to be one of your participants. You made my day. Jabulile ZZ Pta SA
020804 If I could do this over and over again..I would! pupil 10 zz Welkom SA
020804 Interesting, learnt how to find my inner muse and to use it positively and creatively to my benefit pupil 13 zz SA
020804 It worked... I hear lots of voices now! pupil 16 zz SA
020718 I enjoyed th workshop although I was quite self-conscious. I am usually very controlled.. & controlling. I'd love to be more spontaneous and I'm going to make an effort now. Your cello playing was magnificent. Arla Barber Roodepoort SA
020718 Jy raak mense
Jy traak...
Francoise Bonten Welkom SA
020718 At many points in this workshop, I would've liked to participate. Unfortunately I've never played an instrument. So I did not feel comfortable. When you played and asked us to stand up and say something about ourselves or anything, I almost did. I have an issue with trust and letting go and this workshop definitely brought me closer to the destination of my journey to freedom. Zakkiya Brey C Town S SA
020718 Favourite part was drawing to music. Probably due to love of both music and art - while feeling comfortable with 2 media that I knew, it felt good to be free and just experiment & play with the techniques you know to create something spontaneous. Angi Elflein Jhb SA
020718 I enjoyed the workshop. I think this whole spontaneous thing is so cool. I've never expereinced anything like this but I've learnt that I'm not very spontaneous, You should tell people that come up to do movement to close their eyes. Minasonke Kunene E London SA
020718 Thought provoking, very interesting and a very relaxing workshop. I think that not making us show our work is effective, it tends to make you relax and you use exactly what YOU feel. Jessic Linden Jhb SA
020718 Thought the show was very innovative and spiritual. Opened my mind to different ways of thinking about things & ways of exploring my deep inner emotions. Thank you for awakeing my inner spirit (lost my mom last year and I shut my emotions out) Yandisa Makalima E London SA
020718 You brought out a lot I never knew I was able to achieve. Lerato Matlakeng Pta SA
020718 I enjoyed the workshop. I learnt that it's a case of losing all inhibitions and trusting what you feel - something which may take practise! But I will try to be more spontaneous in the future because it feels natural and it's all your own work - unique. Cassandra Miles C Town S SA
020718 I found this workshop very inspiring and intriguing. It really made me think about things, really deeply, and their meanings. Tara Nissen Stellenbosch SA
020718 Workshop helped to put some feelings I've had into sort of clearer frame - feelings I was previously unable to define are now more visible and clear!?! Had a good time, too. Warren Steenkamp Pta SA
020718 I was looking for enjoyment in music again - trying to remember why I do this - I actually love it! Thank you for helping me to remember! Carol Williams Pta SA
020718 Excellent!! I forgor about everything and just concentrated on the show as it was so interesting Pupil 1 zz Jhb SA
020718 Absolutely amazing ! Helped me into a new understanding Pupil 4 zz Jhb SA
020718 Great and enlightening workshop. found out the in between meaning of spontaneity - always thought it was just being crazy and doing something out of the blue.
020515 You are amazing! Deur net 'n uur het jy klaar my siening oor baie dinge (the dark, ens) verander. Jenny Burger P Eliz SA
020515 Thanks. That was great. Erin Euijen G Town SA
020515 Brilliant stuff, really enjoyable and interesting. I will always try to start at the root for any work, bring out true creativeness. Mark Green George SA
020515 Thank you for helping me release my emotions. I've had writer's block for a few months now, so it was stressing and frustrating. So again, thank you. Grace Sing Gen E London SA
020515 A rather interesting new way of composition. Perhaps too inspirational for my own good! Gisela Zipp G Town SA
020515 Relaxing, Educative, Practical, Motivative, Need to have more of this in future
020501 Quite an inspirational display. I've always wanted to just be able to play, but it always sounds wrong (I'll try some more stuff on the cello) Heloise Collett G Town SA