200221 Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you made today. I'm truly humbled. You broke the intense and frustration we had over the workload we had and the weight we were all carrying. After you left the workshop turned to being fun and flowing. You gave us a rare approach to music and the true definition of making music therapeutic and spontaneous. Your skills helped us approach the music pieces differently with the thought of making it alive and fun and most importantly apply creativity that we never thought we had.

Everybody is left at awe and still talking about you. I wish we could have gathered all the children to experience the fun and the beauty in making music. If there is one thing I've learned from you, is to never leave the rehearsal class drained and exhausted but rather happy and feeling healed because that's what you do with your music.

(Andronica Tsenge, choir conductor Sol Plaatje University, Kimberley)
Andronica Tsenge Kimberley SA
191115 We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the incredible workshop you provided for our students back in November! It taught them so much about improvisation, something that we are looking forward to incorporating more into our programming, based on your influence. We are so inspired by the way you interpret and feel the music and we look forward to hopefully collaborating with you again in the future! Tina Fedeski Ottawa Canada
190323 It was definitely the BEST £20 I've spent in a long time. Incredible how Francois managed to get all the children to come up so willingly and contently. Simply brilliant. The power of music. I do hope he comes again.
170901 Overall, what I thought was going to be an average two hour workshop, turned into an incredible experience. The Ha!Man taught me skills that you cannot learn anywhere else. It was truly an honour to attend the workshop and play with him.
170507 Eyes closed, together in stillness. The heavens are empty, the canvas is blank. There is only anticipation. From out of the stillness comes one clear tone. Searching for another, calling. Then another follows it from out of the source. Was that source outside of myself, or from somewhere deep within? Anticipation. Tone follows tone-calling. From somewhere across the room a note answers. Softly it begins. Come play with us. One by one we answer. Breath through brass, strings that sing, heart beats percussed through drums. Rhythm. We are Life recreating itself. One note builds upon the next. Crescendo builds and then recedes. Harmony, dischord. It is all there. Music, dance, color. It is in me and it is outside of me. There is no difference. Ha! In this moment and then it is over. We are left with stillness and breath. We are-I am.
So was my experience with a HA!Man workshop.
170506 Met zijn virtuoze muziek en zang maakt hij de weg voor iedereen vrij. De energie stroomt in mij op het moment dat ik de juiste toon, het juiste ritme heb gevonden! Ik beweeg mee op de golven van de anderen. Mijn muziek klinkt!
151122 Francois really gets to the heart of music and creativity and explained and showed "what's it all about" so well. I was most impressed with how beautiful all the music was - how well the children could improvise along with Francois. It was quite amazing and a very moving experience.
Sarah Vakkur Kensington USA E
150405 "Merci François pour ... ta douce autorité. Tu nous as tous inspirés et offert des moments des plus magiques, nous permettant simplement d'être sans jugement ou attente. J'avais le sentiment de pouvoir toucher les possibilités infinies qui se trouvent en moi et chez les autres. Si il y a bien un mystère, c'est dans le déploiement de l'acte créatif". - Valerie Jones, Dover, UK.
140531 Ik vond het een stromende bijeenkomst. Heel gemakkelijk kon ik me voegen in de gang van zaken. Ook al was ik later aanwezig, geen probleem. Prachtig hoe Francois mensen begeleidde. Hoe hij de toon zette en mensen zo stimuleerde om volkomen natuurlijk te horen te geven wat in hen op kwam. Onder de deelnemers waren onderlegde muziekmakers, die ook heel makkelijk op improviseren overgingen.
130503 One of my sons is passionate about guitar and he was fully captivated by the event. I wanted to say how moved I was by your performance and of how I was reminded of such simple but important lessons, like breathing and being, and of moving freely. I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do, it is a natural gift and very humbling to watch. I experienced a whole array of different emotions, joy, a primitive sadness, a desire to run across the hall with my arms flung wide, an anger at those children who were rude and disrepectful and a gratefulness that we were there at that moment in time! Ali Stump Colliers Green UK
110827 Die hele improvisasie-idee was 'n nuwe ding vir my. Ek het altyd gedink dis afgesonder vir ander mense en dat dit onbereikbaar is vir my. dit was die eerste dat ek so iets probeer het, en ek is spyt dat ek dit nie al vroeer probeer het nie. dit was awesome! baie dankie!
Elsjhe Botha Witbank SA
110813 Loved it! There is a need for plenty, plenty more of these.
110801 I am a photographer who has recently lost my inspiration and this workshop has really helped to get it back. I have so many ideas and i've thought out of the box. Thanks so much.
Julie Aarts P Eliz SA
081012 I really was not looking forward to attending. However had to as my wife really wanted it. After saying this I must confess that I evaded my discontent and anxiousness and THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself. I collided with myself and found that I am not so predictable. I am ending this workshop refreshed, calm and rejuvinated. Thank you Francois! Rob Knight Kansas City USA C
030709 "It had a profound impact on me. His points made me ponder over what shape I want my life to take. His overall topic was helpful although he seemed unprepared and sort of 'thought on his feet'."
030410 I have learned about so many things I can't even explain. I have learned that every one can go wild and emotional. I have talent and I sang in front of everyone. You have inspired me, I even wrote my own song. I love what you doing and keep it up. (Katlego)
030410 Inspiring! It's really good to be reminded about the WHOLE person - we're so used to being logical, objective and results driven (not necessarily bad) that we forget about the other "side" of ourselves! Thanks! (Di Aallderman)
030410 Thank you for the wonderful presentation. I agree - we need more time to play - not only in the class, but children need free time and not to be "organised" for every minute. I found your presentation very meaningful. Teachers also need time to "play" as well as children. Thank you (Jenny Conning, Grade 1 teacher)
020718 I want to be a writer. I want to catch onto paper that spark of life some people have, and the dullness that drives others. I want my whole life to be moulded around my love of writing: my pure need to write; and I don't ever want to be afraid that that won't be enough. I don't need logic.. I think too much already; I need to trust in the part of me that I want to spark. Your light drives you - it shines of the way you move. That's what I want in life.. Thanx. Jackie Bischof Welkom SA
020718 I can't describe to you how much this inspired me! It was a really amazing workshop! I can honestly say I will never be the same again! Thank you! Pupil 2 zz Jhb SA
020711 I enjoyed it completely. I totally scared myself and will be spending the next 17 years trying to analyze what I have become. You seem to be an extraordinary person. Congrats. Mariet Kritzinger Witbank SA
020515 Your classes are brilliant! You know how to open people's minds without them realizing it!!! Leonie Drury P Eliz SA
020515 You are a very inspirational person. Your attitude is very connective on a humanity level. Good luck for the future. Jenni-Lee Hof-Meester Graaff Reinett SA
020515 I thought it was absolutely amazing. I had no clue music could have such an effect on me. When you sang my poem from the top of your head - I was flabbergasted. The whole mood in that room was... (no words) Leesen Naidu George SA
020515 Awesome name. Awesome workshop. enjoyed your flute performance.. Joanne Rodgerson G Town SA
011012 "Ooh, that guy is good"