Appointments as Music Director

2014 Mandela Celebration Concert, Schenectady, NY My sister, Marie Bosman, brought together hosts and performers to celebrate Mandela's life in her adopted country, the US of A. I did the overall direction and wrote a special "Mandela Song" for mass choir to cap the event, held at Proctor's Theater, Schenectady, NY.

2011 International Aquarium Congress Opening, Cape Town Patt Garratt, CEO of the Cape Town Waterfront Aquarium, saw a HA! show in the Baxter concert hall and asked me to create and direct a strong opening for this congress, with 500 international delegates. I made use of the Tygerberg Children's choir as well as the Joyful Harmonies Choir from Gugulethu. Lara Kirsten perfumed her poetry written for the occasion and i compiled a video track from material given to me by various oceanographic specialists. Filmed interview clips were also used to bring home the message that all life originated from the oceans, and that the damage we are doing to it may spell our end.

2009 Voortrekkermonument 60the Anniversary Festival Concert The CEO of the Voortrekker Monument, ex-general Gert Opperman, trusted me to draw together a programme and performers of my choice to mark its 60th anniversary with a festive concert. This was the one big project I lead that was an unmitigated success. My focus was on Afrikaans music and poetry that reflected emotional high and low points throughout the history of the Afrikaner. the inclusion of performers of colour in this bastion of Afrikaner nationalism, drew backlash from right wing elements, but was firmly pushed back by the ex-general. instrumentalists, choir, poets and actors took part in a sweeping flow that culminated in the song i wrote for the Afrikaner of the 21st century: "Afrikaner is my Naam."

2004 Ukkasie Festival Gala Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London Like WOTY 2002, i was thrown into the deep end of commercial Afrikaans music with this appointment. The massive (and drawn-out) event was or was not a success, depending on whom you talk to. I gained invaluable experience in working on a project of this magnitude and in one of the world's most loved concert halls.

2002 Woman of the Year National Awards Gala 2002 After the success of the WOTY 2001, I was again appointed by David Moore to direct a new range of top name singers, but this time from a much more commercial angle (including PJ Powers, Karen Zoid and Jimmy Dludlo). It was not a success from my side. My arrangements, except for one that later became "Beautiful Land", was all eventually overrun by the performers in favour of live band accompaniment. Yet my working relationship with David continued with smaller projects later on.

2001 Woman of the Year National Awards Gala 2001 I was appointed by director David Moore to arrange some songs and to direct top local singers, including Sibongile Khumalo, Aviva Pelham and Gloria Bosman