Performers and Creators, Past and Present

Since 2010 Joke Debaere (improvised poetry, writing, visual art). We met in Antwerp, she joined me on the road since 2012, we were married in 2015 and a child, Mira, was born to us in 2018. Joke performed full time with me in three continents since we toured together and we produced several albums together. Together we also collaborated with other artists and performers.

Since 2014 Liz Crossley (action drawing) Liz is a Berlin based South African artist. Worked with Joke and myself in a performance involving projected action and manipulated drawing

Since 2011 Audri Phillips (digital art) Audri is one of Hollywood's foremost digital artists with a special capability of creating visual experiences in he 360 degree projection screen Immersive Dome. Apart from two performance projects in the past, we have an ongoing conversation about staying on the creative edge

Since 2011 Michaël Brijs (flute) Michael and his band "Solaris" feature prominently in the Antwerp cultural scene. We improvise strongly together, especially as an accompanying duo at our annual poetry collectives.

Since 2010 Veronika Soreide (violin) Veronika and I have made hours of recordings, improvising together with our various instruments. Some of these are somewhat out of this world beautiful. So far they remain a bit of an open secret.

Since 2005 Peter Bartels (trumpet, flute) Peter in Chicago is one of my favourite (undiscovered) musicians. I cherish the moments we had together on stage, creating sound textures of much feeling in the moment

Since 2009 Rayelle Goodman (violin) Rayelle is a founder member of the top South African band, Freshly Ground, and has extensive exposure in South Africa as a stylistically versatile violinist. We have performed improvised recitals on a number of occasions.

Since 2009 Paul de Maeyer (organ, piano) Paul is one of Belgium's - of not Europe's - foremost improvisers on the organ. Along with him, we have made recordings, did fully improvised recitals in some cathedrals in Gent and Antwerp, as well as house soirees. Some of these performances used nature images of South African photographer Liesel Kershoff as theme material.

Since 2009 Anait Defuster (classical piano) Anait is a brilliant Russian born pianist and is based in Brussels. We have worked together on two classical sonatas and performed them publicly. I also gave master classes in improvisation to her pupils on a few occasions.

2007 Louis Kirsten (action painting) Louis is the late father of my former partner Lara, who brought his painting into performance with improvised music on two memorable occasions.

Since 2007 Rexleigh Bunyard (classical piano) Rexleigh is a foremost singing teacher, pianist and composer in Johannesburg. After seeing me perform in 2007, she started to explore improvisation duo's with me. We have given a number of classical recitals since, incorporating some improvisation.

Since 2007 Geert Oldenbeuving (Action Painting) Geert discovered me on Netherlands radio and tracked me down. My music drew him towards action painting and he has supported my visits to Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, with many a collaborative performance in local schools, theatres and community events, including a special performance of my soundtrack "Skepping 7", along with seven painters, each focusing on one of the "creation days" of the first creation myth in Genesis.

Since 2006 Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby (violin) Anton is well known in the folk music scene in Durban, Kwazulu Natal Province. Our annual duo improv gigs have always been well supported through the years.

Since 2006 Jan Seiden (american indian flutes) Jan used to live in Baltimore. We recorded some haunting improvised tracks with cello and American Indian flutes

Since 2006 Tali Farchi-v.d Wouden (action painting) Tali has taken projected action art to a high level, regularly performing at art expos in Europe and the United States. In the Netherlands we have performed together a number of times at venues and schools in a fully spontaneous way

Since 2006 Namasun! / Ulrich Roberts (multi-instrumentalist and community activist) Namasun! is a trusted friend and a central figure in the arts scene of the Namaqualand. Always ready to collaborate and to bring forces together for the cultural upliftment of local communities. Facilitated and organized events on various accasions for our visits to the Springbok-Okiep area.

Since 2005 Lara Kirsten (performance art, classical piano) Lara and I were together as partners for some years and have collaborated multiple times, within the HA!Man Show, but also with her own performance art pieces, as well as classical recitals, with her on the piano.

Since 2005 Joe van der Linden (guitars) Regular fully improvised performances in Port Elizabeth. Some performances included the celebrated local photographer Tim Hopwood.

Since 2005 Gert Anklam (saxophone) Independent and innovative Berlin based sax player and multi instrumentalist, Gert, his partner Beate and I have performed together both in Germany and South Africa

Since 2005 Derek Gripper (classical guitar) Derek and I used to perform fully improvised recitals on guitar and cello in and around Cape Town, before his career took him off on an international world-music festival spin

2004 Eric Leonardson (electronic music) Eric is a well known a Chicago-based electroacoustic composer, radio artist, sound designer, instrument inventor and improvisor." We performed together in one of my multi-media productions and made recordings together.

Since 1998 Paul Hanmer (jazz piano) An established name in the SA jazz scene, Paul and I would join for fully improvised recitals on piano and cello. We performed on the Main at the Grahamstown Festival of 2004.

Dec-04 Oom Schalk Theron (story telling) 92 year old Oom Schalk and I put together a production based on his extensive experience in the African wilderness. We won the award for best debut production at the Innibos Festival of 2004

Jun-04 Marina Coetzee (soprano) Marina is a johannesburg based singer and actress. At two occasions, we got together just to explore what would happen between my playing and her singing. The results were generelly rather something. But it stayed with two sets of recordings and one performance where she was a guest. One of those that should have gone further!

Since 2001 Andy Fierens (performance poetry) Famed in Belgium as an "alternative" performance poet and writer, Andy and I would combine my recorded music and improvised playing with his poetry - prepared and unprepared. Various performances over the years in both Belgium and SA, including the regular poetry nights in Antwerp, when we are joined by a host of local poets around a specific theme

Since 1997 Tossie van Tonder (dance, performance art) When Tossie and I enter the stage, the field is always raw and open. Tossie uses movement and speech, while i play (and not play) the cello to express some deep strands of our humanity

Since 1998 Johan (Yahya) Rautenbach (classical guitar) We did street busking together, played together in the band "Bomvu" and recorded an album of improvisations called Chop Chop"