Introduction to the HA!Man Music and Discussion Workshop on the theme of South Africa and Africa

The South African spontaneous cellist "HA!Man" (Francois le Roux) has been performing and giving workshops internationally for over two decades. He has a special ability to reach into the deeper levels of creative inspiration and has inspired many through the years towards greater motivation towards and ability in the creative arts.

Furthermore, having grown up during the years of Apartheid and having experience the much admired political and cultural transition in South Africa first hand, he maintained a keen interest in its history, relational dynamics and the lessons of the life of this "world-in-one-country" for the rest of the globe - all in the context of being part of Africa, the birth ground of humanity.

Through the performance of his original music creations (such as the songs "Her Time Has Come" and "Beautiful Land"), his Africa-inspired improvisations, coupled with extensive visual material gathered over many years of travel, through discussion and (his)story-telling (in English and/or Afrikaans), the "HA!Man" is able to present youngsters and young adults with a unique and enriching experience, re-kindling the deeper roots of our common humanity in a time that the world needs it most.

This extended and multi-media format of a HA!Man workshop can be booked by schools, universities and other interests groups.