A short introduction to HA!Retreats

a HA!Retreat extends and deepens the transformative journey of a HA! workshop, where i use spontaneous music making to facilitate a flow of expression through any artistic medium. it is an unfolding journey, uniquely defined by the participants involved, and brings with it dimensions of self-discovery, creative inspiration, emotional healing, reflection, skills development and a renewed sense of listening and being open to others.

since 2020, HA!Retreats have been held in South Africa at Eagle's Ridge (Stutterheim), Wild Spirit Lodge (Tsitsikamma), Deep South Retreat Centre (Makhanda) and the Bandolino Artist Retreat near Mbombela, as well as at De Hommeltuin in the Netherlands. duration can be from a single day through to a full week. typical elements are extended group workshop sessions, times for relaxation in suitable surroundings, and raw-improvisation performances. where possible, the experience is concluded with a collaborative public performance.

participants must be 18 years or older. no formal training, qualifications or even experience in any art form are required. price packages are kept at much affordable levels and the number of participants are being limited.

what distinguishes a HA!Retreat from similar experiences is that it treats the creative act as the act of opening up to what is present, what presents itself both internally and externally and give expression to that. it does not follow an idea or tradition, it senses. it does not imagine the ideal, but feels out what is real. finding in the present is a continuous act and finds its ultimate fulfillment in sharing. it does take on form, but a form that remains open to evolve. It is a healing, a revealing, a confrontational act. It is creativity that breathes life and remains close to life itself.

Report: First retreat held at Eagles Ridge, Stutterheim. Eastern Cape