Intro to the workshops in Spontaneous Creativity

in a HA! Spontaneous Creativity Workshop i facilitate an environment where all participants can become part of a flow of artistic expression. intuitive music accompaniment covering the full spectrum of basic emotions plays a central role, but expressions can also include (or focus on) movement, dance, speech, acting, writing, painting and drawing - covering the spectrum from unskilled to highly advanced players and creatives

each workshop is an unfolding creative event, rather than a series of exercises. i keep instruction to a minimum and at certain intervals invite discussions for participants to discuss what was happening within them and to share some insights as to how such spontaneity can assist and inform more formal artistic work and performances, as well as life in general. a balance is maintained between individual. ensemble and group expressions.

HA! workshops are typically 90 minutes long, but can be extended to become half-day or day workshops. they can also form a part of visits to schools and universities, or can be arranged independently, especially for adult, organizational and corporate groups. the ideal group size is 20, but can be adapted to smaller and larger groups. works best in open indoor spaces that are not too large.

all sound equipment are provided for. often a group of improvising musicians or music students with their various instruments are involved, sometimes choirs, drama groups or simply a group of people with a general interest in taking self-expression to a deeper and more authentic level, brining along various means of expression (music instruments, art materials, etc), if they have.

participation is never forced, but within an environment of trust, i sometimes nudge participants into taking courage to access raw feeling as well as to show real vulnerability. for many, this potent experience becomes a true a-HA! moment that feeds inspiration and renewed creative vigour for a long time thereafter.