Key Quotes

211222 HA!Man performance | Caroline Brown, Cape Town | I think this is communication before there was language. And it is connecting between those who are present and those ancestors who have gone before. And with the soul of the earth.

210513 HA!Man performance | Peter van Straaten, Cape Town | Wowzers. Francois is more than a great musician. Reality bender. Wizard. Bloody brilliant!

190316 HA!Man performance | Carol Salter, Dover, UK | a virtuoso at its very best

190305 HA!Man performance | Jacques Smeets, Netherlands | Ongelooflijk wat hij allemaal in één performance propt. Naast de muziekinstrumenten, gebruikt hij vooral zijn stem, mond, tong en lippen om zichzelf te begeleiden. Hij fluit, zingt, klakt, kreunt, smakt, zucht, praat en schreeuwt. Tijdens het dansen met sjaals zet hij elke spier en elk gewricht van zijn lichaam in.

180130 HA!Man performance | Joel Karabo Elliot, Nashville | Ha!Man Francois le Roux is truly one of the finest jewels of South African music. Classical music meets free improvisation meets storytelling meets INFINITY in his inspired performances. Rarely do we encounter such embodiment of spirit and skill, soul and technique, talent and humility in a single body-soul!

151123 HA!Man and Joke | Mara Sanchez, NYC | These artist's music and poetry are working to change the world.

151011 HA!Man and Joke | Ronda Miller, Kansas | What a rare gift they hold individually. The combination of his voice/music and her spontaneous spoken word poetry made for a uniquely rare delight in performance last night.

150906 HA!Man and Joke | Jan-Willem Wiener, Oudtshoorn, SA | I wonder if the two of you, humble spirits, realize that you make a difference!? You travel the Globe, perform and move on, leaving us behind, touched by your alchemy of sounds & words, changing us, charging us.

140702 HA!Man performance | Biren Shah, India | Your work, I feel, is much more than the making of music. It is muse-ic. You are using music as a tool, and it is clearing and creating the old and new, respectively.

130214 HA!Man and Joke | from review by Rob Knowles (Talk of The Town, Port Alfred) | Le Roux redefines the modern South African musical genre, rocking the roots of traditional African rhythm and challenging any preconceived ideas about what one is allowed to do with two keyboards, a speaker system, a descant recorder, a live cello and voice. Together with Debaere the performance was exceptional in terms of quality and originality. It is seldom that artists give so much of themselves in a performance as this pair did. The HA!Man is a musical revolution and le Roux and Debaere's performances are as memorable as they are emotive.

110916 HA!Man performance | guitarist Derek Gripper, Cape Town | Its not often one sees someone using human resources to have fun. (The HA!) is truly revolutionary. The most subversive art out there. Like a religious ceremony without the religion.

110720 HA!Man performance | from a recommendation by the late Peter Krummeck (playwright) | Where most entertainers 'touch' Francois 'changes'. His shift of emphasis from 'me' to 'we' has robust potential for lasting good in a self-seeking world gripped by moral bankruptcy.

080215 HA!Man performance | David Perry-Davies, Cape Town | You are truly inspirational. Thank you! I also believe that the only way to get us out of the environmental mess that we are in - is to activate people through their hearts - which again is why I think your work is so important and valuable

071001 HA!Man performance | (wyle) Mixael de Kock, impressario, Johannesburg | Francois le Roux is 'n uitvoerproduk wat wereldklas is.. sonder twyfel een van Suid-Afrika se grootstes..

051011 HA!Man performance | Nancy Nicolay, Kansas City HA!event | let me say you are the most remarkable and electrifying musician I have ever seen and I've loved music all of my life. I've seen Jimmie Hendrix, the Beatles and others going back that far. There really aren't enough adjectives to describe your performances.

050807 HA!Man performance | from performance review by Colin Lang, Knysna (1) | Every textural sound that a cello can create was evinced by the artist in cantilena and spiccato passages and precisely controlled glissando. Unlike the famous cellist Pablo Casals who grunted in his advanced years, Francois deploys the most telling vocalization from lips, tongue and glottis, as well as his lips to whistle to delineate rhythms and give peculiar colour. At other moments he sings in a perfectly pitched baritone. As to the music itself, it would be fair, if inadequate, to state that he brings a most imaginative fusion of classical and contemporary melody and harmony to his highly varied conceptions, which is not at all derivative. (Colin Lang, Knysna Reporter, South Africa)

050807 HA!Man performance | from performance review by Colin Lang, Knysna (2) | Rare indeed is the sight and sound these days of a 'macho'/sensitive instrumentalist, in this instance, primarily on the 'Cello, which he handles with both freedom and intensity.

050219 HA!Man performance | Greg Pastoll, Cape Town | This is talent of the highest order.. Francois stretches my imagination f or what music is about. He whips it up and slings it around with the ease and nonchalance of a circus juggler. If you go to your grave without seeing this show, you will have let history pass you by.

020914 HA!Man performance | from review by Die Burger, South African daily | (The HA!Man is) one of South Africa's most talented performers.. His performance on piano, keyboard and cello is truly a fresh experience and one can only observe in amazement his countless improvisations and finely attuned interpretations - as with his rendition of Brahms' Lullaby, where he used flute, cello and piano to captivate his audience into a near trance.