The three-dimensional structure of HA!

in being spontaneous (ha!), there is still form and structure, but of a more general kind
i distinguish three generic parts in most progressions, forms and expressions
- the first is Subjective
- the second Objective
- and the third Relative

there are many different ways to give meaning to this
Subjective refers to the inside, Objective to the outside and Relative to the relationship between in- and outside.
In the progression of life, one can apply this analysis as follows:
- the subjective stage of life is the life of the child
- the objective stage is that of the adollescent
- and the relative stage that of the adult

the child lives mainly from its inside and are kept inside the womb, the family circle
the adollescent lives for the outside as it grows and reaches away from the protection of the family. it discovers the outside world and establishes a polarity with the child stage. it rebels against the subjectivity of being a child.
when it is satisfied that the outside world is known and inhabitable without its former protective mould, it now rediscovers the child within and seeks to balance the inner life of the child, of care and love and innocence, with the external world.
it becomes an adult not by staying at the peak of growth, but by entering the dynamic middle ground between the inner freedom of the child and the external freedom of the adolescent. it develops communication between these polarities, and in this way establishes a third dimension which is the fruit of polairities interacting in a mutually sustaining way.

the three stages can be given various symbolic parallels of which the following are but a few:
- Vertical dimensions: low - high - middle
- Three dimensional dimensions: vertical - horizontal - lateral
- Time: past - future - present
- Colour: red - blue - yellow
- Basic emotions: sad - angry - happy
- Speed: slow - fast - leisurely
- Musical dimensions: harmony - rhythm - melody

Notes on progression:
Naturally, most developments, growth procesess and cycles follow this broad pattern. Things do not start on high, but low and slow and minimal. From there it goes into a growing, searching, analyzing or experimental phase after which it stabelizes into a recognizable form, identity or pattern.

Some applications:
Life-cycle of humanity: i reckon that we are still broadly adollescent. Still growing, searching, experimenting and polarizing. The limits of the planet and our own abilities are slowly nudging us towards maturity.. perhaps too slow for our survival?
HA!Man show: i prefer not to start on a high note, but to allow the show to creep from a deep subjectivity into an exhuberance and challenging energy, to finally veer towards the more embracing stuff. Communication with the audince therefore is minimal initially, then more informative and questioning and finally connecting. If it matures well, humour results.
Giving systematic order to all basic areas of social activity:
Subjective: 11 healing, 12 arts, 13 spirituality
Objective: 21 philosophy, 22 sciences, 23 technology
Relative: 31 morality, 32 business, 33 politics

HA!Man 3 July 2005