General notes on promoting a HA! event

• some venues and hosts have difficulties drawing audiences for a HA! event. when promoting the event, the key lies with the term HA!, which means you cannot quite define or describe what the event would be like, except for that it would surprise, it would hit right to the heart, and that it would cover a virtual world journey of styles and feelings and textures.

• a HA! event is an adventurous experience, extra-ordinary, yet accessible to all, leaving deep and lasting impressions. it is creativity in action.

• besides normal advertising (posters, flyers, general emails, social media posts) it is best communicated personally (in person, by phone call, by personal email and messaging). invest this with feeling and a spirit of open invitation. numbers are not a first priority

• however, when in doubt whether sufficient numbers will actually attend, it is best to require firm bookings in advance (also if you do not sell tickets in advance). mark your seats/places and allocate a specific seat number to each person that books. this will drive the point home that seats are limited and failure to pitch up will deprive others of a chance to attend (people do this, promises are easily broken!).

• for local media exposure, refer them to this web site ( > engage > publicity materials) for materials of their choice. I am always willing to do interviews, if this can be done from a distance.

• also for media purposes, you might want to write a unique press release, blending your own and relevant local information with the standard HA! press release(s) and other information found here. kindly send me ( a copy to check before going public with it