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30 years of HA! - creativity as a flow of feeling

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artistic statements

How can i define something that needs the nothing to be born? .. a performance that in fact relies on NOT knowing what lies ahead?

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essays on HA!

the meaning of life? "HA!" Just that. A simple breath. A snapshot of what it is to be alive.

table with 7 essays | by HA!Man and Joke Debaere


"my father stimulated me to improvise two years before I started taking formal lessons from my mother. I was lucky to have had this start with music .. "

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two television profiles and a view of life on the road

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a selection of recordings that cover each of the nine different categories, according to which each performance is structured

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a random visual story of the HA! life over two decades - the places, the people, the road, collaborations, workshops and other forms of colourful fun

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people on the ground, with first hand experience

key quotes

"le Roux redefines the modern South African musical genre, rocking the roots of traditional African rhythm and challenging any preconceived ideas about what one is allowed to do with two keyboards, a speaker system, a descant recorder, a live cello and voice .. "

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"his genius as a cellist and extreme skill at improvisation makes each of his performances and compositions unique to the occasion .. "

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"he goes by the name HA!Man which conjures a world in which creativity begins not with an intellectual idea but rather an instinctual breath from within .. "

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audience definitions of HA!

"to define it, would be to confine it .. "

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and then some..

"Complicated , do you say? Intellectual? No all the contrary , it so simple, so physical. Primal. The sort of renaissance of birth, a renewal of the Big Bang, the Creation without the knowledge of it .. "

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press releases

"with each engagement the trust remains that a deep human nerve can be touched and local communities be strengthened .. "

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HA!Man images conveying the spirit of HA!

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one-minute HA! tasters, including action painting, adult workshop fun, a serene chant and a cello eeeuw!

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