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This album is long overdue, as it contains pieces that people have been asking for for quite a while, like Child of the World, First Love and Global Warming. So I skipped 2006 and put together the latest favourites, including work from the popular play "Gumbo" (epilogue, love dance) and the little seen Chicago production "Foot Fantasia" (salsa, foot coming home, he can dance, child factory, a price must be paid for betrayal).

The album also represents some technical upgrades on the HA! production side. All electronic sounds are still emanating from the Roland JV1010 module, but it is processed by Cakewalk SONAR, which is studio standard. The live recordings (cello, voice, recorder) this time was done in the new mobile "studio:" in the back of my new Vito Van. My professional mics was stolen last year, so I did all I could to get the best out of two less illustrious mics. I trust that you will have some pleasure in listening to this music, where spontaneous playing, editing, recording and mastering coming ever more closer together.

track nr Title description Duration
01 a price must be paid for betrayal dirfting sounds, stopping short of being sad, more like being vaguely lost, the in-between state before complete realization (from Gumbo soundtrack) 2:27
02 he can dance a quirky organ sound leads a jumpy, jazzy, jocular beat that tickles you to a losening and tricky dance 4:18
03 relentless a mathematical persistence, a baroque-like clarity and a dogged linearity gives this classically sounding piece a feeling of endlessness 4:36
04 Accordion Sequence a recording from the early days (2001) when i took sample drumtracks and played around with it. since then, this piece was twice upgraded. the "sequence" is 'n common harmonic pattern that i took on various twists with the playful sound of the accordion 4:24
05 East to Africa a thickly textured visit to the east. lively sounds evoke the simple beauty of oriental music.. until it slips by accident into an african groove.. 6:50
06 the carpet factory lost, haunted, deprived, the beautiful sadness of innocence - such is the picture painted of the child doing forced labour 3:15
07 gumbo epilogue and oh so smooth, delicate, dreamy play of sounds. A subtly sexy dance with tinges of melancholy between the piano and cello. Brilliant soundtrack for a brilliant play! 3:56
08 love dance young love: starts shyly, feelingly, testing.. slowly building, gathering momentum, and then.. a full on dance!
09 salsa spunky sounds, a sharp beat and playful sprinkles juice the salsa feel up to become an irresistable leg-lifter 3:03
10 global warming epic portrayal of humanity rushing towards a meltdown, then falling into a swoon as the heat forces all to dream again. the dream turns out to be just a nightmare, we wake up, and rushes forth again.. and then? 7:10
11 first love a piece recalled from my teens. it was a favourite with my friends, especially with the one I was obsessed with, but never got close to. full of tender love. 4:41
11 first love a piece recalled from my teens. it was a favourite with my friends, especially with the one I was obsessed with, but never got close to. full of tender love. 4:41
12 Child of the World a song that intends to move and haunt you. the "child of the world" is asking all of us to revive the inner child, as a measure against a dying world. for a solo child's voice, solo soprano and choir 5:50
13 my africa a lone, but peaceful marimba starts a journey, gradually building excitement until it rattles one's bones in a stram of unrelenting rhythmic flow. after peaking, it slowly brings one back, gently leaving with an almost forgotten, affirming, good-bye note. 5:39
14 Soul of Soles a home-coming sort of piece, sort of peace.. gentle bass pizzicato's punctuate a cyclical lilt that gives you comfort wherever you are 4:12