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The fourth "HA!Man Best" collection, this album provides a smorgasbord of original tracks that defies a central theme. There is however an emphasis on high energy recordings, from the aggressive "Virrie Hartbeespoortdam," the danc-y "stringasong," the fast moving "the fight" to a free style arrangement of the energizing 'Tamacun' by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Interspersed with these are slow pieces like "soft morning prayer," the haunting "autumn" and drifting "heaven." To fill in the middle ground, some easy relaxing tracks like the "Moving Chicago theme," "Mene-mene" and of course, an "African Groove." On the classical side, there's another free style arrangement, this time on a theme from a Bizet opera - the "Pearl Fisher Fantasy" as well as the baroque-style perpetuum mobile "jaja." With this collection, take a journey of many colours and textures and feel the fullness of the multi-dimensionality of HA!
track nr Title description Duration
01 Virrie Hartbeespoortdam the Hartbeespoortdam is situated in the North-Western Province of S.A. place of holiday, watersports and party. I created this track for a house party there. 4:00
02 stringasong techno dance type piece with a darker classical undercurrent. I like this one! let's dance and move! 06:24
03 atonalization piano improvisation playing within the boundlessness of atonality 02:52
04 the fight a racing adrenaline-rushing piece following a nasty, but quirky domestic brawl. from the Gumbo soundtrack (physical theatre piece). 1:57
05 Moving Chicago theme a gentle melody setting the mood for the poetry/visual feast of "Moving Chicago". comfortable and easy harmonies sit well with this slic American city. 3:24
06 Pearl Fisher Fantasy I got myself into a fix by offering to arrange any music piece as a prize to a concert lottery. the lovely duet ("au fond du temple sainte") from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet opera) was given. I did not work off a recording, thus only elaborating on the basic theme as I could remember it.. 06:18
07 Mene-mene arrangement of a Xhosa-inspired motive given by singer Nolufefe Mtshabe 04:52
08 soft morning prayer like an opening up towards something new.. soft pad sounds, gently lifting the spirit 01:29
09 jaja fast moving piano in baroque style along with strings spiccato, bass pizzicato and some percussion. Recorded for the fun of it! 02:38
10 bluegrass revamped i called this "bluegrass" not for any accurate reasons. using those preset percussions again.. 3:48
11 ala tamacun a "church-style" arrangement of 'Tamacun' by Rodrigo y Gabriela (created for a wedding exit moment) 03:44
12 autumn sound scape to a poem about the fast fleeting leaves of the autumnal season as it approaches the comforting hearth of winter.. its subtle beauties and stark abundance revealed 03:00
13 Sonnet 30 music for a student presentation poems, this one to a languid contemplative Shakespeare, going over into a rapper rendition of the same poem 4:00
14 African Groove a very standard african groove cycle, in my own piano-way, plus, well ja, a couple of orchestral additions 3:56
15 heaven a suspended feel of peace. cello playing flowing lines over an opalescent sea. 02:02
16 You are the One iIn 2001 i was asked to be music director for the South African Woman of the Year Gala. this is the arrangement for the main song, then sung by luminary voices including diva Sibongile Khumalo. 4:47