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The fifth "HA!Man Best" collection, this album again provides a wide variety of musical styles, but with a certain emphasis on highly emotive and passionate pieces. These include the musical reflection on elephants "when the herd came down," "strings passion," the long build-up of "Stroll" and the home-coming final of my "Migrations" soundtrack, "when the heart is sensed." To add rhythm to the mix, there is my take on a wedding march, "troue trede," the groovy "banjo open africa" and "lekkesequence," as well as the flying "aquarium dance." Classical style numbers include a free-style arrangement of a popular theme from a Borodin opera, "A Polovetsian Dance" and the melancholic "Hamlet Theme." "Grand Africa" combines African cyclical energy with symphonic splendour while my song "It's Up to Us" concludes the album - a strong and rousing choir piece that calls on local communities to empower themselves. As a last minute inclusion, a recording a made to reflect the life and death of my mother, played to her shortly before she died on 26 January, 2016
track nr Title description Duration
01 troue trede i recorded this as an alternative wedding march, for the marriage of one of Joke's sisters. i went for something slightly more subtle than the fanfare-ic Mendelsohn march, also with an ending that grounds the couple in front of the pulpit, rather than blasting them up in the air  
02 flute phantasy another strings improvisation on the XP10, with flute added, then (for this album) the cello. improvised self-ensemble (as is mostly the case!) 3:06
03 banjo open africa this recording started with using preset percussion motives. with cut and paste plus layering a few instruments (improvising, of course), i got myself tired (from the whiggles!) 3:37
04 A Polovetsian Dance when I landed myself the task - through a show lucky draw - to arrange the duet "au fond du temple sainte" from The Pearl Fishers, I actually landed up arranging another favourite of mine, a Polovetsian Dance from Borodin's opera Prince Igor. How I got the two works confused remains a mystery. It obviously shows up a certain carelesness when it comes to detailed knowledge. I did not work off a recording, thus only elaborating on the basic theme as I could remember it.. 4:58
05 when the herd came down an extract from a draft soundtrack for the documentary "The Knysna Elephants." the music follows a scene from the Addo Elephant Park, where a large herd of majestic elephants comes down a hill, kicking up clouds of dust against a setting sun.. 03:40
06 strings passion this is one of my earliest layered recordings, making use of an XP10 strings sound that gave me the shivers (even though quite a synthetic sounding sound). it was my own sturm und drang at the time, combined with this particular sound that lilted me into these convulsive harmonic spheres.. 5:52
07 Song 2 (Laure) broken piano drone and simple three-note motive throughout on a bed of strings 05:04
08 thank you slow moving strings improvisation creating warm harmnoic narrative expressing appreciation 03:35
09 Grand Africa a xhosa song with two distinctive parts is combined in this at once jolly, quirky and massively "grand" piece of orchestral African (motive given by Nolufefe Mtshabe) 5:44
10 lekkesequence using a preset percussion groove (cutting and pasting a bit), i goggled some other instruments on top of it, and adding the cello of course. play play play! 04:13
11 aquarium dance african dance-style extract from soundtrack for the opening of the International Congress of Aquariums, Cape Town, Aug 2012 03:40
12 first contact another techno dance type piece, on basis of a very defined electronic motive. i added my voice, playing around with any kind of sound that emerged from my rolling mouth..  
13 Stroll another gem of a Xhosa motive by Nolufefe Mtshabe that i arranged, and then added my voice, speaking in delicious tongues.. 06:33
14 Hamlet Theme soundatrck for the moment in the Shakespearean play just before Hamlet dies, lying in the arms of his best friend. a holy, passionate moment, and final peace. rich, soft strings. 1:53
15 when the heart is sensed from the "Migrations" soundtrack - the final phase of the long and arduous journey. destination reached. a new home found. the heart can beat again. 04:28
16 It's Up to Us i wrote this as a clarion call to local communities to renew themselves and take creativity and power back that has been relinquished to governments and big corporations. saving the world is also a "small" task..

looking at the world of today, the financial mess, the envirnmental distaster the global economy is driving, the realization is that too much power and wealth lie in too few hands and it is up to the smaller local communities to reclaim their productivity through the realization of their gifts.a song to call for a groundswell of local responsibility
17 vir mariana piece recorded for my mother, Mariana le Roux, as a reflection on her life, during the last weeks of her life, played to her three weeks before she passed away 06:02