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This album compiles mostly newer HA!Man recordings, selected according to the nine categories that have become the basis for organizing everything HA! - from files and folders to an online library to performance listings. These categories run as a life story - from childhood to adolescence to maturity. It therefore covers a complete emotional journey - from mystical beginnings ("lights in the rain"), the expressiveness of "prelude to the fire", the spirituality of "slow waltz", the playful experimentation of the "klaas voogd song," the detailed forwardness of "afriwiggle", the gentle swing of "i look into the morning light", the passion of "when the herd came down", the joy of "Relentless Abundance" and finally the wide and wild embrace of the "finale." The album serves both as a story of sound and an overview of the HAMan's musical ever-evolving language. Enjoy!
track nr title for ALBUM description Duration
01 lights in the rain 1 recorded for video of out of focus car lghts moving behind a windscreen with raindrops on it. dark, bubbly.. 04:35
01a Soft Smooth The cello and paddes sounds create an iridescent cloud of sound. The padded sounds are comparable to underwater, wettish, birdlike sounds. The cello traverses emotions from reservedness to ecstatic passion. What can be smoother than the beautiful restrained playing of the cello. Full of delicate emotion. Dreamy, space, float, dream , float, wonderment . . . 04:03
02 prelude to the fire inspired by Bach, by the fires running crazily wild in California and the cinematic possibilities of apocalypse. harpsichord, strings, choir, boomer and slicks and clunks raise fists together in a relentless forward flow 05:30
03 slow waltz heavenly harp excruciatingly sensitively flowed with by cello and boys' choir voices in a gentle but deeply felt waltz thythm 05:22
04 Klaas Voogd 07 Extract from "Klaas Voogd Cello" - an hour long solo cello improvisational tour with voice and whistling. Someone described this piece as "the telling of a story filled with ancestry." 05:26
04a musiektrein A mad rolling of wheels and excitement on a train journey. Ominous overtones creating suspense - created for yet another physical theatre play. 03:01
05 afriwiggle sampled african instruments such as the small bafalon, the horn goat flute and Tongolese drum combine with cello in a playful rhythmic run 04:17
06 i look into the morning light piece recorded for a poem by Joke, inspired by images of the rising sun, taken from the spot outside on Eagel's Ridge where she regularly goes to meditate and write first thing in the morning 03:49
06a setting sail for South America second piece of the soundtrack created for the Jacques Batisda production "As If The Rain Watched Over Us". The souls are sent back across the Atlantic, lost and homeless.. 05:04
07 when the herd came down an extract from a draft soundtrack for the documentary "The Knysna Elephants." the music follows a scene from the Addo Elephant Park, where a large herd of majestic elephants comes down a hill, kicking up clouds of dust against a setting sun.. 03:40
08 Relentless Abundance we nearly drown in our driftwood, refuse and ruins. / In wreckage, rubbish and rubble / But as long as there is stardust, this party keeps going and keeps flowing. / It's a true jungle out there, a complicated festive cosmic mess / orgies of organic molecularity (symphonic forward drive, threedimensional percussion, flying cello, marching piano) 06:10
08a big the big sounds, the big chords, the big moments. simply big. 05:11
09 finale childlike theme thrown into persistent build to consume multiple layers of orchestral, elemental and primal sounds - fitting for a brilliant finale..? 04:04