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This album contains a collection of performance poems by Joke Debaere, poems that in time became favourites with audiences. Some are written, some are transcriptions of improvisations - poetry created on the spot during a live performance. Each poem has musical accompaniment by the HA!Man. A delectable variety of strong expressions - whether of love ("unbreakable"), of the refugee crisis in Europe ("3. the madness makes me homesick"), of the spirit of the mother continent ("I arrive in Africa"), character stories ("Goodwill" and "the blind man and me") or general inspirations ("come on time!" and "lullaby for someone who worries too much"). The words cut ever deeper. They play intelligently, musically and accessibly. The music helps to carry them straight to the heart.

track nr Title description Duration
01 unbreakable a short love poem on a bed of choir voices, uniting love and hate into something unbreakable 01:25
01 a home I cannot name (intro) opening of Joke's poem "a home i cannot name", which was originally improvised during a live performance 01:00
02 praying with open eyes bended piano on a drifting E major chord from "soft pad" by Roland XP10. improvised late at night.. 05:44
02 a home I cannot name a soft, melancholic contemplation with piano and strings, on meeting the love of my life for the first time 04:00
03 the madness makes me homesick an ode to all the refugees crossing the oceans, trying to reach European shores, written while begin in Africa. haunting strings and cello accompaniment. 05:58
03 morning fog "I see this as my task for the day: not giving in to the despair it offers.." 03:02
04 when the herd came down an extract from a draft soundtrack for the documentary "The Knysna Elephants." the music follows a scene from the Addo Elephant Park, where a large herd of majestic elephants comes down a hill, kicking up clouds of dust against a setting sun.. 03:40
04 you look in me how true love can make inner resistances melt. with harp accompaniment 02:27
04 you look in me how true love can make inner resistances melt. with harp accompaniment 02:27
05 I arrive in Africa on arriving for the first time in Africa, as improvised as an encore (with marimba and the HA!Man's voice), the evening before flying to Europe again 04:08
05 be "You act to die. You become repetition inside of me What more do you want me to say?" 05:21
06 global warming Epic portrayal of humanity rushing towards a meltdown, then falling into a swoon as the heat forces all to dream again. The dream turns out to be just a nightmare, we wake up, and rushes forth again.. burning the only home we have.. 08:18
06 Goodwill the true story of Goodwill on an easy-going musical track, a noble forest guard in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape 05:33
07 the way we once were a personal interpretation on colonialism, from my European perspective.with African drums, mbira and HA!Man mouth sounds 05:34
07 new years eve sitting on the toilet, reflecting on a relational tussle, right on the turn of the decade! 04:07
08 ragged edges how holes and ragged clothes in the clothes of my boyfriend move me. with cello and gentle bell-arpeggios 03:52
08 cest pas trop tard I don't know the answers to the big questions, but it's not too late to repeat that I love you! and to live this life that is given to us like it is the first time.. 02:25
09 finale childlike theme thrown into persistent build to consume multiple layers of orchestral, elemental and primal sounds - fitting for a brilliant finale..? 04:04
09 us on their hands wondering out loud what will remain of our existence after so many years. with melancholy cello and vibraphone 02:22
10 as if the snow tender account, with piano fulte and cello ensemble, on a timeless feeling lying in the snow 05:10
10 to the man in the mall after the shock of being in an armed robbery, a passing black man reaching for his pocket can cause irrational fear. how to make amends? 03:39
11 rustling somewhere in a forest, a mysterious voice talks in unfinished sentences 02:50
11 carpet of rain "all in all it's maybe just the feeling inside / when standing in front of this mountain / this natural awe / so hard to capture / yet there for real" 02:43
12 come on time! vivid, percussive account on my impatience, wanting to know how the story of our humanity will end 02:53
12 to the unnamable home (cello improv) a spontaneous and reflective interlude, an ode to what we cannot give any name to 03:02
13 the blind man and me account on how I recognized myself in a blind man waiting for a bus, a life story of how losing became gaining. gently accompanied by harp, cello, ocarina and strings 05:42
13 a home I cannot name the theme poem in full, which is about our first meeting, here along with the track "looking into the sun" 04:47
14 just like the rain as improvised in L.A. (here with piano and cello), on comparing the down times in a relationship with the way way the rain also sometimes simply needs to come down 05:00
15 lullaby for someone who worries too much playful attempt to put someone who thinks too much to sleep. with chunky cello and harp. 02:18
16 as long as very vivid and personal interpretation of what it means not to lose hope in the face of all our modern storms. rich in images and supported by cello and a strong orchestral HA!Man track 04:35