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"Come in My Mind" is a collection of sixteen live tracks, the best of our improvised Ha! performances from 2013 up to the beginning of 2015.

The content and style vary, from very soft contemplative tracks like "a home I can not name" to a vivid, energetic French variete kind of song "la folie".
When one improvises, there is no time to do things a second time. For someone with a rather strong longing for perfection like me, performing this way taught me so much about letting go, and allowing mistakes. Allowing something to die and become something new. Like I expressed in the track "I arrive in Africa": "But each time when something gets burned away, when ashes come and fires come, it gets renewed somehow".

I also want to express my deepest gratitude to Francois, who believed in my gifts at times when I got lost in darker clouds of doubts, and to our audience, worldwide. All these tracks are full-on hundred percent improvised tracks, performed in living rooms, small theatres, gardens and open churches. Non of this would exist without your listening ears!

I feel proud presenting this cd, it is the fruit of three years of creative, intensely challenging and rewarding labor .
with love and gratitude,


July 2015
track nr Title description Duration
01 come in my mind in the opening track, I invite you to come in my mind. I wonder out lout, in a light-hearted way, what a true conversation consists of 03:44
02 a home I cannot name a soft, melancholic contemplation on meeting Francois for the first time 05:08
03 like a balloon performed in Los Angeles. my interpretation of the classic, heartbreaking topic of a broken relationship 04:09
04 la folie a vivid French track, hinting on the variete-tradition. expressing waves of intense ways in which loving and hating someone are trying to find equilibrium 04:21
05 on s'est ballade another French track. A light, jazzy summer atmosphere, talking about the beautiful memory of making a slow walk, with no worries on your mind 03:08
06 consumer fever a short witty track inspired by watching television programmes that try to sell you crap 00:53
07 natuurlijk weet ik dat jij a Dutch track, performed in the Netherlands, in which Francois often surprised me by the sudden turns he took on the keyboard. The result is a track that starts softly, yet develops into a rather big crescendo 03:26
08 we will be sliding (on global warming) a rather raw protest against global warming! 03:47
09 the blind man and me improvised on Francois' often used "Amathola" track. I relate the true anecdote of seeing a blind man waiting for a bus, during a cold winter day in Antwerp, at a time when I was looking for some direction in my life 05:32
10 de taal a Dutch, minimalistic track with few words, sparsely laid on the fragile chords Francois gave me. Recorded during the first performance we ever did together, in the Antwerp theatre where I was working at that time, back in 2011 03:44
11 I arrive in Africa one of my favorite tracks. performed as an encore during our last show in the summer 2015 South African tour. I express why I keep coming back to Africa, despite the dark danger I have experienced there 05:01
12 down the hill also performed in L.A., inspired by driving a very long downhill in the US, at a time when the atmosphere between us was tense and sad 03:09
13 like the rain a strong yet soft track, expressing the longing to be touched. on trusting the times of thunderstorms and rain 03:54
14 as long as an ode to loving Francois, expressed in a non-rational way 03:15
15 aussi grande que mes reves another French track. a vivid, happy "encore," performed in a cozy Italian tea house 03:09
16 squeeze my tears a bonus track. As improvised with the great guitarist Joe van der Linden. Heart to explain in a rational way what it is about! Just let yourself go on the groovy vibes! 11:18