let the tenderness be blue tonight


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The year when Joke visited Africa for the first time, she was invited to join the usual duo between HA!Man and Port Elizabeth guitarist Joe van der Linden. Only a real poet could have pulled of what she did that night. Flowing effortlessly with the two musicians, poem after poem came off her lips, delivering lines like the title poem's: let the tenderness be blue tonight - an apt description for the synergies evoked through this collaboration. It is a rare moment, captured to be listened to again and again and again. From "layer after layer" to "something in my mind" to the cheeky "kcheewck", the Dutch "hier staan ik" and the French "mais quand on chante", she bares her mind and soul, carried along by Joe's solid musical freedoms and the HA!Man's trademark cello, keyboard, voice and wot nots. Let the Tenderness be Blue tonight brings both these: the vulnerability of such delivered creativity and the goose-bumpy ease of the flow of freedom.
track nr Title description Duration
01 layer after layer a slow musical introduction, gently searching - guitar, piano, voice (HA!Man) - finding a lengthy groove until the whispering voice of Joke enters, sizzling on skin and layer after layer 08:37
02 something in my mind experiemntal guitar and cello sound along with effected voice leads to a spacious lament, then a suspended groove, ready for a lyrical "something in my mind", capturing the beauty of what i saw these weeks.." 12:43
03 kcheewck sustained african drum beat drives all sorts of whirling and cheeky sound bits, thickening, relaxing, thickening again as the female voice sarts playing along 12:24
04 when something starts to glow Joke improvising with HA!Man and Joe van der Linden (guitar) during a performance in Port Elizabeth, her first visit to South Africa, Aug 2012. 05:36
05 the end of the affair whistful guitar chords and melodious cello accompanies the jazzy story of the end of the affair 07:25
06 hier staan ik contemplative improvisation in the Dutch language with HA!Man on the keys (padding sound) and Joe van der Linden on guitar 04:18
07 mais quand on chante boisterous improvisation in the French language with HA!Man on the keys (accordion sound) and Joe van der Linden on guitar (Port Elizabeth, 16 Aug 2012) 04:01