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perhaps the universe is not relentless at all.. perhaps it is just us who are exasperated by our own crossing of speed limits.. but however fast we think we move forward, the mind-muffling vastness of the heavenly expanse makes us tired just to try to contemplate it. past all out metaphors, myths and monumental meditations, there lies a shocking spirituality of our relentless and infuriating smallness.

Relentless Universe is an ear and mind stretching experience, relentlessly bouncing against the extreme edges of our lonely existence through times and spaces well beyond, but also deep within our challenged consciousness. The HA!Man soundtrack in nine parts was recorded for a collaboration between himself, Joke Debaere (text) and Audri Phillips (360 degree digital projections), and was premiered in the Immersive Dome, Los Angeles Center Studios, Nov 2015.

track nr Title description Duration
01 Relentless Void as if the world this / and then that / from start to end / all in the dark / matters of life / no more / stay here / eternal forever / eternal forever and now / avoiding all action / just being here (cello, space, far-off keys, swoon) 06:20
02 Relentless Creativity almost painful to watch, to think of how tenderly innocent / all of this is, all of you / your fingers, so small / your mouth, still searching / your eyes, adapting to light / chaos inside all of your cells (plucked string, piano, cello, cosmos, chimes, elves) 06:19
03 Relentless Web drunk in this world all over related / looking for life and life looking for us / the enormous depends on the smallest / the dance between the moon and its ocean / we are taking the pulse of the planets / the tides of the sea (piano, cello, strings, high choir, sawdust, deep bass) 06:38
04 Relentless Reflectivity For how many ages have we been asking ourselves: why are we here? / It's the question of the child and the father, the mother and us. / our longing to understand, uniting the dividing rivers of time. (cello distort, lammer hammer, chicken throat, orchestral disjunct, industrial revolution) 05:56
05 Relentless Explosivity We're hitting tidal waves of destruction / Our fractured reality became a ruthless quest for more, / our stars all get scarred alive / by the ever expanding desire to demolish / because we deliver one way chaos and imaginary black holes / in our relentless voids
no we don't want to slow down! (percussive machine, strings, pots and pans, cello roll, arpeggiated pizzicato, metallic kisses, the occasional explosion)
06 Relentless Machine there's a heartbeat, ticking in and around us / we imitate it with precision, power, passion and pulse / to reach our goals and perceived perfection / the clocks in bodies and rocks / in kidneys and oceans / obey some sort of inner time (piano, cello, clockwork groove, tabla, perky strings, background noise, distorted burps) 06:03
07 Relentless Tears I'm crying rivers of tears / remove one and you lose all / yes we've come a long way since we were water / please bring me back to my senses / my five simple senses.. (boys choir, celestial strings, nylon guitar, cello, piano rumble) 06:57
08 Relentless Abundance we nearly drown in our driftwood, refuse and ruins. / In wreckage, rubbish and rubble / But as long as there is stardust, this party keeps going and keeps flowing. / It's a true jungle out there, a complicated festive cosmic mess / orgies of organic molecularity (symphonic forward drive, threedimensional percussion, flying cello, marching piano) 06:10
09 Relentless Universe flying while walking the tightrope / obeying gravity's laws / being the sex of nothing and all / a green revolution of breathing / picking the fruits of our longings / through the freeze of winter time.. / we've come a long way since we were water / but every wave / will find it's shore {universe strings, ghongs, cello, piano, plucked strings, children's voices, snares, multi-percussion, sound of the void) 07:51