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The nine-series journey of HA! Moods reaches a semi-plateau with "All of a swing." It marks the third section (relative) of the second partc (Objective), where reality is experienced externally, but not just as things-in-themselves, nor exploring the inner workings of things, but rather looking at how things relate with each other.

It is the realm of technology, of putting material things in relation with each other in order to ease life. In musical terms, i chose to introduce "jazzy" selections here, as jazz relaxes over the strict lines of a purely "scientific" approach, without losing a sense for technical advancement.

track nr Title description Duration
01 gumbo theme Theme music for the stage play "Gumbo," set in a misty, strange coastal inn. 3:09
02 Moving Chicago theme A gentle melody setting the mood for the poetry/visual feast of "Moving Chicago". Comfortable and easy harmonies sit well with this slic American city. 3:24
03 forest sidestep draft music for a documentary film with the Knysna forests as setting 02:00
04 a fine meal a jazzy rhythm that pushes one forward is carried by three jolting piano hands and an intruding clarinet, just like the energy and satisfaction gained from enjoying a fine meal.. 06:40
05 he can dance a quirky organ sound leads a jumpy, jazzy, jocular beat - set to a poem about a man that could really move his body 4:15
06 Tango 2 piano improvisation (and added cello pizzicato) with the tango beat as motive 3:07
07 restaurant muzak muffles jazz for a smokey bar setting and late-night intoxicated voices.. 3:16
08 There was a young lady from Krakov recored for the play "On the Lake" by Reza de Wet. she wanted a slavic-sounding "boat song" 3:56
09 Sonnet 30 music for a student presentation poems, this one to a languid contemplative Shakespeare, going over into a rapper rendition of the same poem 4:00
10 letter From the album entitled "Lisa Moods". The sweeping sound of the plucked strings moves over a simple harmonic bass accompanying a lyrical higher melody. 5:23
11 the stream outside piano improvisation with jazz and blues inflections. 2:59
12 Mene-mene arrangement of a Xhosa-inspired motive given by singer Nolufefe Mtshabe 04:52
13 nylon even though the padding sounds can hardly render "all of a swing," it does provide an easy-goin bed for a swinging and sliding nose flute.. From the album entitled "Lisa Moods". The meditative sounds of the voices lures one into a somnambulistic state - concentration and left brain thought are lulled into a deep sleep. 04:43
14 African Groove a very standard african groove cycle, in my own piano-way, plus, well ja, a couple of orchestral additions 3:56
15 amadoda Nolufefe Mtshabe brought another Xhosa-inspired melody motive. some might think this arrangement is far from African, yet there is more to Africa than just commercialized jibes