Along the red red river


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the "conceptual analysis of reality" moves from the Subjective, to the Objective, to the Relative (or Relational, if you want). "Along the red red river" marks the entry into the third "dimension," the Relative. And just like to first and second, I subdivided each into three - again, subjective, objective and relative, making this the subjective-Relative musical selection.

when i experience reality relatively, i do not look at it merely from the inside, nor do i look at it as only an external world, i now stand in relation to it. both my inside and my outside are involved in this experience - it is here where they meet, where i transcend dualities.

i enter the realm of Feeling. not just being or observing, but moving. i get moved, i move. these tracks are tracks about being moved, as i Relate to reality from within, and reality speaks to my heart. the inner colour is red. and here, it flows. it flows to the full.

track nr Title description Duration
01 thank you slow moving strings improvisation creating a warm harmonic narrative, expressing appreciation 03:35
02 Brooding Sarah thick and unbroken textures depicts a person with deep probing eyes and a demeanor so inward that i thought her mute on first meeting her 7:01
03 chicago industrial heavy brass sounds portays the monstrousness of a seriously industrial city: Chicago, but evolves to become triumphant and truly impressive 3:01
04 Frustration a symphonic expression of frustration. not only the anger behind it, but also the result of frustration: creating frustrating sounds! and somewhere, a little hopelessness.. / AFR 'n simfoniese uitbarsting van frustrasie, selfs hopeloosheid, maar... tog ook poeties 04:26
05 Song 2 (Laure) broken piano drone and simple three-note motive throughout on a bed of strings 05:04
06 Strings Passion one of my very first improvisations with this rich strings sound on a Roland XP10 (2000). a lot of passion-filled musical imagination came pouring out, fed by my youthful immersion into late romanticism 5:55
07 flute phantasy another strings improvisation on the XP10, with flute added, then (for this album) the cello. improvised self-ensemble (as is mostly the case!) 3:06
08 Hard Drive second-ever recording made as professional musician (1999). Improvised concert on concert organ at SABC studios, Johanneburg, as per the album "A moment of Mouth-Watering Sounds." this is an extract early in the hour long org-asm. extra sounds provided by 200-strong audience. 04:23
09 lady anne ending (okkerneute) soundtrack for the closing scene of the physical theatre play "Lady Anne" (Heike Gehring), playing on 19th cent colonial tensions 2:53
10 Hamlet Theme soundtrack for the moment in the Shakespearean play just before Hamlet dies, lying in the arms of his best friend. a holy, passionate moment, and final peace. rich, soft strings. 1:53
11 the carpet factory lost, haunted, deprived, the beautiful sadness of innocence - such is the picture painted of the child doing forced labour (soundtrack to a poem) 3:15
12 when the herd came down an extract from a draft soundtrack for the documentary "The Knysna Elephants." The music follows a scene from the Addo Elephant Park, where a large herd of majestic elephants comes down a hill, kicking up clouds of dust against a setting sun.. 03:40
13 on her death my grandmother had a beautiful death. when she got ccancer in her 80's, she was relieved and refused treatment. she organized her funeral and told us to have a party. we tried. but the beautiful sadness would not go away. a beautiful sadness. 04:59
14 America Impromptu musical response three days after the 9/11 attack on New York. From crying to screaming to praying. 6:07