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The very middle of the journey of nine HA! moods, based on my way of analyzing reality (including non-reality): the so-called "three dimensional conceptual analysis." We are here in the second mode (Objective), and in the middle of this mode (objective-Objective), meaning, as objective as can be. Or, in other words, as external and outward as can be.

The implication is also that we are in the highest energy mode, as we exhale and exude to the maximum, experiencing the outside world in its "outsideness," therefore its every detail - the mode of the scientist. The flight is light, as we balloon upwards with few strings attached.

Music wise, we gallop in fast rhythms, creating sounds that pushes us to exert and exercise.

Of course, we cannot stay here forever, chasing time to its limits. Just as we need to realize that science is limited, unless we prefer to burn our wings in the flames of the sun.

But while we are here, let's fully fly, and enjoy the wide and open sky.

track nr Title description Duration
01 stringasong Techno dance type piece with a classical feel. I like this one! Let's dance and move. 06:24
02 relentless A mathematical persistence, a baroque-like clarity and a dogged linearity gives this classically sounding piece a feeling of endlessness 4:36
03 Fanfare Upbeat, dancy. Cello sings life into each beat of music. Foot-stamping, knee-twisting and toe-turning! 5:37
04 jaja Fast moving piano in baroque style along with strings spiccato, bass pizzicato and some percussion. Recorded for the fun of it! 02:38
05 ala tamacun A "church-style" arrangement of 'Tamacun' by Rodrigo y Gabriela (created for a wedding exit moment) 03:44
06 round chase Part of soundtrack for deaf-theatre piece "Gumbo." In this scene, crazy characters chase each other around a restaurant table.. 2:15
07 banjo open africa This recording started with using preset percussion motives. With cut and paste plus layering a few instruments (improvising, of course), i got myself tired (from the whiggles!) 03:37
08 to lose it in all its details Another track from "Migrations." This depicts a part of the journey where a community is searching for a new place to settle. The search is extensive, losing it in every detail..  
09 Jitty Jatty Somewhat jazzy, as a challenge to spicatto playing on the cello. I revved up the speed a couple of times since the original recording :-) 01:56
10 Accordion Sequence Another recording from the early days (2001) based on sample drumtracks. this is a second upgrade. the "sequence" is 'n common harmonic pattern that i took to various twists, with the playful sound of the accordion 4:24
11 the fight A racing adrenaline-rushing piece following a nasty, but quirky domestic brawl. from the Gumbo soundtrack 1:57
12 musiektrein A mad rolling of wheels and excitement on a train journey. Ominous overtones creating suspense - created for yet another physical theatre play. 3:01
13 Virrie Hartbeespoortdam Hartbeespoortdam is situated in the North-Western Province of S.A. Place of holiday, watersports and party. Created it for a house concert there. 4:00
14 first contact Another echno dance type piece, on basis of a very defined electronic motive. Added my voice, playing around with any kind of sound that comes from my rolling mouth.. 05:24
15 drawing the line In the journey of "Migrations," this is where the the community marks its new territory, expelling competitors, making clear that a new home and future is to be planted: HERE.  
16 Skepping 7 Dag 7 The 7th day of creation, as related in Genesis 1. in fact, this is beyond the 7th, as it explodes into a joyful celebration of all that is, after the rest. Soundtrack with cello and dancing recorder added 9:07