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when i perform, this is the way i often start off with taking a single sound, suspended, just dripping out from the ocean of silence, then, like a small boat, string sounds or voice or whistling would float along, staying within the womb of consciousness.

it is also the starting point for this series of nine albums, following the structure of what i call the "three-dimensional conceptual analysis" of reality. according to this, we experience reality firstly Subjectively (from within, like a child), then moving to its opposite, the Objective experience (focused on the outside world, more like a growing adolescent). finally we (hopefully) mature to experience reality more as Relative - relating the subjective with the objective to find form, rhythm and balance.

if we take each of these three, subdividing it in three more, the first in the series of nine would be the "subjective of the Subjective," looking out ourselves inwardly. this opens up the dark kernel of things, the subterranean seeds, the timeless experience of the whole

this collection of recordings, therefore, appears "from the mists," grounding and healing us back into the womb.

track nr Title description Duration
01 a million stars Atmospheric. Mist hanging over lake. Sound effect of being suspended limbless in the air.. (from soundtrack for children's play) 02:05
02 cloud drift Hypnotizing. Free structure of the piece lends a kind of directionless floating to the music. 04:36
03 holy rest Drifting on a cloud, deep restfulness, drawn out chords along with intimate mouth sounds 03:19
04 life on another planet Live outdoor recording with drifting pads and the wonder of stars. Mouth sounds mimic insects cajoling away..
05 autumn Sound scape to a poem about the fast fleeting leaves of the autumnal season as it approaches the comforting hearth of winter.. its subtle beauties and stark abundance revealed 03:00
06 planet 5 A space that hangs on your toes and pulls you over expanses of weightless, peaceable and tranquil wonder..

A space that hangs on your toes and pulls you over expanses of soundscapes. Weightless, peaceable, state of tranquil wonder. Music to meditate and/or dream to. harmonious healing resonating through the tight muscles of you body and soul and bringing you to a state of complete relaxation.
07 recalling dreams forest-like sounds suspended on an ongoing drone give space to the cello and voice who calls and recalls the far-off world of dreams with a certain intensity 10:06
08 forest mist A gentle exploration of the world of sound. The dreaminess is alluring and redolent of forest smells. Live outdoor recording at night 07:19
09 prayer of the long haul "Migrations" soundtrack, part 3. The slow movement of many feet over a vast expanse draws time into an eternity of explorative dreaminess.. 04:57
10 soul search One can see spiritual bodies floating in the ether. Weightless. Directionless. Effortless. Consciousless. 02:40
11 morning prayer Synthesized music with mesmerizing sounds. Its meditative quality is created by the sustained padded sounds and limited rhythmic movement. 04:25
12 weskus Ah, it can be sunset on the West Coast of South Africa - the horizon is aglitter with magic luminescence before dark finally sets in. A play between the ocean's ripples and waves and the skies' fast-changing colour and mood. 04:31