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Coming fourth in the series of nine, "In the heart of the mind" opens the second part of the three main parts (according to the "three-dimensional conceptual analysis of reality"). The first three were all based on Subjective experience - the inner whole, the aesthetic view on the world and spirituality.

The opposite of the Subjective is the Objective - the experience of reality outside of oneself. This begins with looking at the whole of objective reality (subjective-Objective) - the task usually taken up by philosophers. In musical terms, i have chosen to focus here on the searching, reflecting and experimental mode of music-making, exploring the edges, doing away with the regular and the harmonious, even though some of the tracks are tonally based.

This is the birth of the adolescent ("growing") phase, where the mind becomes aware of itself as object, and by that becomes aware of the world as something DISTINCT from one's self. And in that awareness, takes the world apart, to figure out its inner workings.

The musical ear that never allows itself to deconstruct its comfortable habits, is also the ear that grows old too soon. This collection is an effort to revitalize listening, to broaden the scope of sound, without losing touch with the beating of the heart.

track nr Title description Duration
01 restless walk (alex) part of soundtrack created for a dance piece on the metaphor of walking 09:03
02 water an eerie feeling is created by a watery synth sound with flageolette tones of the cello 2:04
03 atonalization piano improvisation playing within the boundlessness of atonality 02:52
04 the call opening movement of "Migrations" - a nine-movement work covering different aspects of migrating, as it progresses from "the call" to finding a new home 05:07
05 Night Sky one of the tracks of "Stutters of Africa" - pieces recorded along with the sounds of old running engines (from the engine museum in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape, SA) 5:21
06 drops Synth drops with added sound effects made by the cello and xylophone 1:49
07 fall Psychotic electronic sounds "falling" from the sky, while the cello plays in glissandi 1:58
08 Fast A toccata-like piano improvisation 3:16
09 Battle battle sounds for the play Makana, including sounds of storming Xhosa crowds 3:47
10 explosive waltz dance synthetic and percussive sounds conspire to explode into a waltz 02:41
11 Klaas Voogd 07 Extract from "Klaas Voogd Cello" - an hour long solo cello improvisational tour with voice and whistling. Someone described this piece as "the telling of a story filled with ancestry." 05:26
12 watery moods The cello becomes a voice that sings through dense volumes of water.. 1:30
13 thirst (tread) #3 of three pieces for Gary Gordon's physical theatre piece "Tread" about people on a survival mission through the desert 05:17
14 sirens incessant "siren"-like sounds along with some sort of cello melody 1:29
15 global warming Epic portrayal of humanity rushing towards a meltdown, then falling into a swoon as the heat forces all to dream again. The dream turns out to be just a nightmare, we wake up, and rushes forth again.. and then? 7:10
16 prologue (Jackson Pollock) Soundtrack created for a physical theatre piece on action painter Jackson Pollock. This is the introduction, as inner turmoil builds towards the inevitable flood of expression 2:03