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the Journey of HA!-moods is almost at an end. we are here in the "third dimension" (Relative), and the objective part of it.. how we relate to reality as RELATION, feeling it more from the outside, or, dealing with external matters, material things.

we have a general word for this mood: we call it, "economy." the world of "business." at the root, it's not about money and consumer products, it is about relating to each other in a material way: the exchange of things necessary for living. all life forms have economic systems.

but what is the feeling inside of it? to me, it's a fun feeling. it is light, yet relational. it is surface, yet brings us together (can we say this of our monetary system today?). the last thing the "economy" can be about, is getting fat and rich. there's no joy there. the music of "Of fun and fest" offers to be a mirror to an economy that is all about sharing and the enjoyment of limited resources.

track nr Title description Duration
01 lekkesequence using a preset percussion groove (cutting and pasting a bit), i goggled some other instruments on top of it, and adding the cello of course. play play play! 04:13
02 bluegrass revamped i called this "bluegrass" not for any accurate reasons. those preset percussions again..

A coooool number that will hit you straight in the core of those dancing muscles! A strong beat given by the percussion section lends a big party-feel, carnival-spirit to the music. Crazy jamming as expected from the Ha!man.
03 aquarium dance african dance-style extract from soundtrack for the opening of the International Congress of Aquariums, Cape Town, Aug 2012 03:40
04 ANIMALS AND BIRDS ANIMALS AND BIRDS enter from all directions to dance (for children's play Fish Notes) 2:00
05 Chicago Song song created for the multi-media production "Moving Chicago" (2005). a personal story of visiting this massive city (a favourite of mine) 4:12
06 earth rest piano improvisation, starting slow, then sliding into an african inspired cycle 5:06
07 indonesian popular i recorded this as a request to include something "indonesian" at a dinner occasion. i found polupar indonesian music to listen to, and this came out afterwards. a favourite for a lot of people 3:34
08 Market Day part of series of recordings with the live sounds of old running engines (Stutters of Africa). this is the most popular track (the most "lekker" one) 4:04
09 Aai aai ea An amalgamation of popular Afrikaans folk songs ("Aai aai, die witborskraai" and "Hier's ek weer met my rooirok voor jou deur"). I sang along, not knowing what half the words are! 3:59
10 op die stoep Stoep is the Afrikaans word for "veranda," yet has a meaning all its own. it's a place to rest from the African sun, sit and relax, cracking jokes.. 3:04
11 South Africanish another take on an africa, or perhaps more "south african" motive. i double-took my voice to it. always loved this little piece.. 1:22
12 jy's laf (silly you) got into a fun mode during an hour long piano improvisation (this usually happens towards the end!) 2:21
13 love dance young love: starts shyly, feelingly, testing.. slowly building, gathering momentum, and then.. a full on dance! (from soundtrack for "Gumbo")
14 rockband funky rhythmic easy feel recording on .. those percussion tracks again! 03:48
15 Finehap someone described this as "a totalitarian state of Spontaneity! Music increases in activity and abundance till the last ecstatic cadence is reached." 5:20
16 Lekke Lekke Cape Town someone asked me (2005) to write a song for Cape Town, she has a contact in the tourism industry. the tourism industry still needs to get back to me. in the meantime, we sing this all over the place! African, Western and "Kaapse Klopse" motives mixed in. Lekke man lekke 04:11