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in the second of the nine-series HA!Man music albums (recordings selected over a span of more than a decade), i chose to focus on the "classical sound," which, more broadly, can be seen as the artistic mode of expression.

it follows from "in the mists," according to the "three-dimensional conceptual analysis" of reality, the subjective of the Subjective, to the objective of the Subjective (the second of the first of the three main parts - Subjective, Objective, Relative. In other words, the artistic mode is how one observes the outer world WITH the inner world - creating, interpreting, playing. looks outward.

"blue petals" comes close to this mode, to me, as the colour blue has a sharp feeling to it, and the petals of a flower are delicate and wondrous, like works of art. also vulnerable, as the inner view of the world is always dreamlike, flowing and shifting, yet indispensible if we really want to understand what reality is like.

track nr Title description Duration
01 horns Horns, harpsichord and cello in a play reminiscent of a baroque dance. Changes direction to a melancholy far off jog, then return to the happy classical court and ends with ecstatic abandon 05:48
02 landing strip Strings and flute in a floating interlude 01:05
03 done with it (to Paul) Piano improvisation with added cello. Theme and variations of sorts. Romantic melancholy. 04:31
04 piano classic series 2 slow Adagio Piano improvisation with added cello. Lyrical with a yearning tone. 04:06
05 when i saw you for the first time 6 With piano and cello in a slightly drifting, dreamy state interspersed with shimmering touches of hope 01:57
06 royal aplomb In the style of a courtly baroque dance full of the prescribed grace. From a soundtrack for a childrens' play 02:07
07 when i saw you for the first time 4 Piano and cello slightly restless and searching walk, off balance, ending in a note of doubt 01:20
08 trio in d One of my first layered recordings (2000). The piano and flute journey (with newly added cello) takes its time, searching carefully to find form, with climactic waves slowing back towards a silent ending 09:20
09 Pearl Fisher Fantasy I got myself into a fix by offering to arrange any music piece as a prize to a concert lottery. The lovely duet ("au fond du temple sainte") from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet opera) was given. I did not work off a recording, thus only elaborating on the basic theme as I could remember it.. 06:18
10 Orchestra Classic orchestra full of bursting energy. Part of an early album playing with strictly classical styles 01:56
11 playground variations From the first ever recording (pre-HA!Man, 1998) at the M1A recording studio, SABC, Johannesburg. A simple child-like theme is introduced by piano and voice which then evolves into variations of growing intensity, tapering down into a melancholic rest. 03:22
12 A Polovetsian Dance When I landed myself the task - through a show lucky draw - to arrange the duet "au fond du temple sainte" from The Pearl Fishers, I actually landed up arranging another favourite of mine, a Polovetsian Dance from Borodin's opera Prince Igor. How I got the two works confused remains a mystery. It obviously shows up a certain carelesness when it comes to detailed knowledge. So now I have to go back and record the other! But here it is. I did not work off a recording, thus only elaborating on the basic theme as I could remember it.. 04:58
13 motovation From a studio piano recording (one hour improvisation) this somewhat fugal forward moving (moto) pieces flowed forth like a motivating surprise 03:41
14 Is this Laure a reflection on a young friend who asked me, how do i see her - described in music? an impossible task. this one might be very much off the mark AND then maybe not..

a reflection on Laure, from the Dordogne valley. she asked my how do i see her? an impossible task. this one might be very much off the mark AND not..
15 Swan The famous "Swan" of Saint-Saens. True to the original with added padded sounds. 02:39