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three dimensions - Subjective, Objective and Relative - finds its culmination here: the relative Relative, the all embracing Relation, connecting both the inner and outer worlds into a dynamic sociality.

this is the realm of politics, but perhaps not quite the politics have turned out to be. when we reach "home," the space is both playful and disciplined, both harmonious and competitive, both ethical and economical.

our feeling of the political have been formalized into either scepticism or the optimism of the ideological. the core of "bringing our worlds together" has largely been lost: a place where the individual finds freedom within the comforting limits of the group, and finds meaning within the conversation of collective organization.

almost every recording in this selection is looking for aspects of such a humane togetherness, a challenge on all levels, from the deprived local communities to the bloated transnational organizations to the destiny of the human community as a whole.

may we all come together, before it is too late.

track nr Title description Duration
01 Grand Africa a xhosa song (given to me by Nolufefe Mtshabe) with two distinctive parts is combined in this at once jolly, quirky and massively "grand" piece of orchestral African 5:44
02 when the heart is sensed from the "Migrations" soundtrack - the final phase of the long and arduous journey. destination reached. a new home found. the heart can beat again. 04:28
03 troue trede Joke's sister married and asked me to create a new wedding march for them. this is the result, leading the couple graciously from entrance to the altar.. 02:15
04 the one you love (Andrew) Andrew Peters begged and played guitar on the streets of Grahamstown. we became friends (and enemies) and music collaborators. he makes me furious, he makes me cry. Andrew died some years ago. A groovy American song.("Who's the one you love?") The cello joins in with funky pizzicato that complements the strumming on the guitar. 4:40
05 Hier is daar 'n gat (Over here there's a big hole) This i wrote when my sister emigrated to the US. At the time there was a steady stream whites who left South Africa, to the point that it felt all would be gone, leaving only sadness behind 4:13
06 It's Up to Us i wrote this as a clarion call to local communities to renew themselves and take creativity and power back that has been relinquished to governments and big corporations. saving the world is also a "small" task..

looking at the world of today, the financial mess, the environmental distaster the global economy is driving, the realization is that too much power and wealth lie in too few hands and it is up to the smaller local communities to reclaim their productivity through the realization of their gifts. a song to call for a groundswell of local responsibility
07 Skepping 7 Dag 6 part of the "Skepping 7" soundtrack, based on the creation story of Genesis 1. this is day six, at the culminationg moment when the Creator made beings in his own image, sending them out to grow and dominate the world. an exquisite moment with a terrible outcome.. 14:35
08 Stroll Another gem of a Xhosa motive by Nolufefe Mtshabe that i arranged, and then added my voice, speaking in delicious tongues.. 06:33
09 Child of the World a song that intends to haunt you. a child is asking all of us to revive the child in you, as a measure against a dying world (originally for a child's voice, female voice and choir)
10 You are the One In 2001 i was asked to be music director for the South African Woman of the Year Gala. This is the arrangement for the main song, then sung by luminary voices like Sibongile Khumalo. 4:47
11 Beautiful Land Again for the Woman of the Year Gala (2002), the theme music. Later i added lyrics, celebrating the natural beauty of South Africa. Intended for choir and orchestra. "Beautiful Land" became a favrouite with many and has been performed by choirs internationally. 3:28
12 Afrikaner Is My Naam A new song (Aug 2008) for Afrikaners to sing as a collective. The lyrics traces our 300 year history through the delusional years of Apartheid to the problems of identity and fears for the future of South Africa today. It received a standing ovation at a 60-year anniversary concert in the Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria. 4:46
13 HER TIME HAS COME My most popular creation up to date. It has a serious message. We all originate from Africa, and our collective healing can only be complete when we reconnect our hearts to the physical place of our common beginnings. All our worlds come together, here. 6:52