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With this collection, I attempted touch on more universal themes within the Christmas context. Not everyone who celebrates Christmas is a Christian. And Christmas does not have purely Christian origins. Today it is a festive season that is widely celebrated.. What is undeniably universal at Christmas time is the redeeming impact of a child's birth. This birth celebration also coincides with the change of seasons, the announcement of the sun's return, the promise of a new beginning, and the awe awakened both by new life and the movements of that celestial body that maintains us all.

It is true that the tradition originated in the northern hemisphere and therefore finds much of its character in that part of the globe. How can Southerners ever appreciate the wonder around the pine tree, which keeps its green leaves even in the heart of Europe's deadly winters? ("O Tannenbaum"). Furthermore, in the South we totally miss the cozy embrace of lights and lamps against the white background of thick layers of snow.

And yet we do understand much of "shepherds on the open fields", and what is more, no European December night can deliver a "silent night, mighty night" like the explosions of stars on a clear night in the Karoo. I also added an "African Christmas night" - cheerful African-inspired music for a hot summer's evening.

Whether we are in the north or south, we all know and understand the necessity of being together, of reconciliation and the universally binding power of a shared meal. With time, the South should make more contributions to the treasure of Christmas melodies, but for now, something of the width and warmth of Africa to import into the songs that stood the test of time.

track nr title (Afrikaans) title (English) Duration
01 kom alles wat lewe oh come all ye faithful 07:02
02 die groenigheid van gras greensleeves 06:13
03 kom kinders (come all the children) 04:35
04 klingelende klokke jingle bells 02:55
05 al was ek nie daar nie away in a manger 05:50
06 o vrugbaarheid o christmas tree ("o Tannenbaum") 05:54
07 kersnag in Afrika a Christmas night in Africa 04:36
08 herders op die ope velde Shepherds on the Open Plains 06:25
09 ons wens jul 'n goeie feestyd we wish you a merry Christmas 06:02
10 met die eerste fees the first Noel 05:59
11 stille nag, magtige nag silent night, holy night 04:48