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It is the beginning of 2011. The inspiration for these kind of recordings are constantly with me. Every performance is started with this kind of "breaking-the-day" atmosphere. What I did in September 2010 was to record, in one go, in a house near Hermanus, almost an hour of such music. It involves me with cello and voice, with the keyboard next to me which i can let sound drones, holding down the sustain pedal with one foot. On my other side, the mixer which provided me with some echo effects (as in "unfoldering" and "seedlings").

There was an audience of one present, a dear friend who made the space available and provided the right kind of ears to help my wind along.

I listen to it, hear things and a track or two that i like less (OK, to be precise, i like "unfoldering" least!), but of course decided to let the full moment speak for itself. Your ears are different from mine and your favourites might be different from mine.

I don't know what you will use this album for. Perhaps it cannot so much be used, as it might transport you away from the world of use and achievement. A moment to honour beginnings - to make sure your feet is planted in real soil, your tree is shooting its roots and your day is broken into its heart.

To a solid start!

track nr Title description Duration
01 stars fading for the day to start, the magic of the night must end. sparkle sound effects and a delicate drone accompanies the lamenting, echoing cello, later joined by the voice 10:33
02 recalling dreams forest-like sounds suspended on an ongoing drone give space to the cello and voice who calls and recalls the far-off world of dreams with a certain intensity 10:06
03 waking call soft, dense strings accompany the voice with the sighs, stretches and longings of a wake-up call 6:06
05 unfoldering dancing echos depict nature stirring into life as the first rays of sun tickle the earth. with cello, mouth sounds and voice 7:11
06 seedlings the inner workings of seeds are felt with the echoed sounds of a kalimba and mouth sounds 7:15
07 into the day like a ship taking to a calm ocean, the cello floats on a string drone, singing a "plainfull" and wandering melody 8:21