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"stutters of Africa" came about as an idea of High Jagoe, when he was still living in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape. an enigine museu was built in town by enterprising locals, dedicated to preserve local old machines (up to a century in age) in good running order. Hugh thought i could do something with the rhythms that these old mechanical horses produced. so i took my computer to the museum and made recordings of the running engines. various models were started up for me, played around with, and then stalled again. i then used the recordings uncut to layer musical sounds on it. this creative process took 18 hours. the result is this little album.

you will find lively rhythms, searching rhythms, atmospheric rhythms, folksy, jazzy and symphonic rhythms. a good variety! you will also smell AFrica, feel the past, sense a homeliness and the tickle to dance.

few such recordings exists. a special collection item.

the HA!Man, May 2006

track nr Title description Duration
01 Rebirth The piece joins forces of the mechanical and musical worlds. The reiterated rhythmic patterns in the piano have an African feel to it - to be more precise a Township-jazz feel - layed back and mellow. No rush to get the job done! 4:59
02 A New Dawn The flute and drums evokes a scene out of an Oriental epic saga. The flute floats over dramatic percussion and padded sounds. A visionary can associate himself with this kind of music. Clear thoughts. 4:06
03 The Stop-Start Journey An up-beat dance with a jazzy flavour added by the trumpet and the piano. Full of energy as the music "chases" the changing speeds of the enjin. Comedic how the music dies away as the enjins also reach their last breath. The deceleration at the end of both music and machine is filled with a feel of sheer exhaustion. 6:00
04 Happy Ride A fun piece filled with a "Jamaican" flavour due to the use of steeldrums. Music to be danced to in a free-spirited way. 3:06
05 Dancing for Rain A trance-like dance. Repeated rhythms in both the enjins and the cello. The incessant forward motion lends an urgency to this dance for rain. A crying out, a thirsting for the waters of Africa's heavens. 3:38
06 Market Day It has the feel of a typical South-African dance - the "sakkie-sakkie"-a traditional 2-step. It works marvellously well with the enjins.The party/carnival mood is infectious! You will never listen to the sound of an enjin in the same way again! 4:04
07 Night Sky You will be surprised that you will be able to fall asleep with a rolling enjin in your ears - if you add the right music to it! A magic peacefulness envelops you while you stare up into the African night sky - and a happiness to be alive as a being on African soil. 5:21
08 To a Star Key A beautiful amalgamation of synthesized, acoustic and mechanical sounds. Music that sings, dances and plays in the ears and the heart. Long lyrical lines in the cello that follow the changing tempo of the enjins effortlessly. 5:31
09 Long Wait An elegant African dance. The xylophone dominates the timbre with a lilting, sensual melody. Music tinged with poignact melancholy. A long wait... for freedom, for acceptance, for happiness, for peace? 3:44
10 Dedication to an Orphaned Continent A groovy African song/dance. Western music sounds, such as that of the symphony orchestra blends well with the motoric African rhythms. Ranges from an ecstatic dance to an emotion-filled hymn. The saxophone carries most of the important melodic declamations. A plea for the world to embrace Africa in its totality. The enjins will fade, the music will fade. But Africa will not... / AFR simfonie meng met afrika op die maat van Bathurst se ou kragopwekker! 10:14