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Since its creation in 2006, Gumbo has toured to almost every province in South Africa, was selected to perform in Spain and completed a three-week tour of Germany. Over 10 000 deaf and hearing people have seen it in over 15 cities after more than 90 performances and 40 00km driven. Not bad for a small independent theatre company. And not bad for South Africa's first full-length Deaf and hearing clowning show. Based in Cape Town, FTH:K continues to create original and ground breaking work while chasing its dream of integrating deaf people into the world of performing arts in South Africa. To find out more about them, go to

(HA!Man: Tanya Surtees of FTH:K asked me via email to create the soundtrack. I completed it in two days while in Chicago, recorded the cello at another muso's house and sent her the CD by mail. All discussion around the music was done by email and one or two phone calls. I only saw the production a year afer its launch, in Grahamstown).

track nr Title description Duration
01 gumbo theme variation a strange world is evoked in this build-up of three themes from the soundtrack of the dark but magical play "Gumbo" 2:53
02 gumbo theme A smooth-moving piece with playful, dance-like and sexy overtones. A brilliant interplay of instruments to let the imagination of bodily movement and facial expression come naturally - that makes it a bloody good piece of soundtrack! 3:09
03 love dance young love: starts shyly, feelingly, testing.. slowly building, gathering momentum, and then.. a full on dance! / AFR jong verliefdes ontmoet vir die eerste keer, skaam-skaam toets hulle die waters, tot hulle .. dans!!
04 round chase A frenetic dance for a mad interplay of surrealistic action and character explosions! Wonderfully enhancing for the play as only the Ha!man can work with his masterly hand over scene-creation-and-excitation! 2:15
05 shifting sands A gentle dance with strains of urgency and some ominous undertones. The touch of sexiness does not get fully deployed, making way for edginess and semi-discomfort. 02:02
06 a game of chance A highly suggestive piece of music portraying the playing of cards. All nerves are on edge and faces glistening with sweat and expectation. Tension is marvelously built-up pulling through the entire piece, and then resolving the game to the last cadence. 5:02
07 the fight a racing adrenaline-rushing piece following a nasty, but quirky domestic brawl. from the Gumbo soundtrack. 1:57
08 restaurant muzak   3:16
09 lost in a storm   03:09
10 a price must be paid for betrayal   02:22
11 gumbo epilogue and oh so smooth, delicate, dreamy play of sounds. A subtly sexy dance with tinges of melancholy between the piano and cello. Brilliant soundtrack for a brilliant play! 3:56