Paul Hanmer and Francois le Roux in concert


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Paul and Francois have met five years ago in a CD store where they promoted their albums. They connected musically immediately, drawing spontaneous applause from bystanders. Since then, they have appeared together on a rare number of private occasions in Johannesburg, drawing excited response from audiences. A recent recording done by themselves in Troyeville prompted both to take it to a wider public, hence the proposal to perform on the main festival. It is not often that two highly accomplished musicians come together to render music in the moment that is at once original, accessible and memorable. Whereas formal recitals can impress and delight, so can spontaneous music inspire, surprise and excite.

All tracks except 8 and 10 (by Paul Hanmer) were improvised creations on the evening. Titles were added afterwards. The rights to these are shared by Brown Man's Bluff Music and HA!Man Creative Enterprises.

track nr Title description Duration
01 violin and cello adagio beautiful long and sustained unfolding dialogue between the two instruments 05:49
02 violin and marimba chase fast moving duo with lots of marimba sparks 06:25
03 pizzicato journey cello pizzicato in a slow, at ease tango, eventually folding out into busier moments 08:56
04 violin and piano sad song simple arpeggiated piano accompaniment to lyrical violin in a melancholic classical styled piece. strings enter as it builds 03:57
05 violin and cello exploration in a varied journey the violin and cello travels from slow to fast, searching to bold, atonal to tonal, angry to humorous 07:41
06 african spirit playful and light african dance between various sources of sound 07:52
07 perky percussion moving from one groove to another with purely percussive sounds 06:51
08 violin and piano finale romantic classical style flow into african joy! 08:19
09 short one humorous play on a well known musical phrase 02:16