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A lot people with great talents go unnoticed in the wider world. Not that it is their wish - mostly. Hammer (Andrew Peters, from the Eastern Cape) is one of them. He survives mostly by busking with his guitar and has a fine musicality by which he develops songs by ear and sings them with along with excellent (self-tought) guitar playing.

He is often without a guitar and would beg to be able to buy another one. And that is how we met, some years ago. I proposed we play together. The energy of that was so good, that eventually I helped him to get together an album of our recordings. I sponsor copies so he can sell them wherever he goes.

This album confirms our musical brotherhood and we hope you enjoy it as well - cracks and all! Music has brought him closer to normality, and me closer to the confounding realities of shack-life. Hear the result for yourself.

(Andrew has since died of HIV Aids. The misery he ended in was heartbreaking. We have no choice but to work to better the lives of so many millions of South Africans)

track nr Title description Duration
01 township jive   06:46
02 talk about a new thing   4:53
03 i want you baby in collaboration with the late guitarist and notorious beggar Andrew Peters - including bits of conversation. the song is his, i added cello and a stringy sound later on 06:49
04 the one you love (Andrew) Andrew Peters begged and played guitar on the streets of Grahamstown. we became friends (and enemies) and music collaborators. he makes me furious, he makes me cry. Andrew died some years ago. A groovy American song.("Who's the one you love?") The cello joins in with funky pizzicato that complements the strumming on the guitar. 4:40
05 when i need love    
06 i've got no money   04:50


blues   09:25
08 shambala