C r e a t i v e..P r o j e c t s..E x a m p l e s


dated in short further notes
2013 Relentless Universe (Immersive Dome Poetry and Digital Art Projection) Another soundtrack in nine narrative parts, performed with improvised cello with 360 degree the digital projection art of Audri Phillips, Los Angeles Center Studios. This time along with Joke Debaere, who wrote and performed nine poems to go along with this relentless theme..
Since 2010 Music accompaniment for a Matric Poetry Project Laruen Bates of Cape Town is a dynamic teacher of poetry who decided to bring the prescribed poems for matric to life through live performance. I provide the live and recorded music. A successful project with a future ahead.
2010 Recording Lounge Music for the Cape Vineyard Hotel I recorded five hours of original light classical music for this prestige Cape Town venue. how much of it they ever use, that remains a question.
Since 2005 Music with the Photography of Tim Hopwood Tim is port Elizabeth's signature art photographer. His images served as inspiration for a number of improvised performances, especially along with guitarist Joe van der Linden.
2007 Foot Fantasia (Multi-media Project) The third multi-media production in collaboration with Cathleen Schandelmeier and Chicago based musicians and poets, at the Peter Jones Art Gallery. A fun production, combing visuals and poems from South Africa and Chicago - anything to do with shoes and feet.
Since 2007 HA!Man music with the poems of Janet Kuyper Poems Janet, while based in Chicago, used a broad array of my recorded tracks in combination with her prolific poems - in performance and online distribution.
Since 2007 CD Projects with Helena Conradie Cape Town based Helena produces quality CD albums on Afrikaans themes of her choosing. She brought me in on the music for "Doepa," "Kom Vlieg" and more.
2007 We, the Criminals (Improv Theatre) Another improv theatre piece in collaboration with Nyebho Swartbooi, performed at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. We explored the feelings involved between a black criminal and his white victim.
2007 "Vyftien Musiekverse" (Musiek vir die gedigte van Carina Stander) 'n CD Album is hiervan vrygestel
2006 Dance and Music in "Poist Cotal Murmurs" With Sheri Brown and fellow Seattle based Bhuto dance performers
2006 Immigrants (Multi-media Project) Second multi-media production in collaboration with Cathleen Schandelmeier and Chicago based musicians and poets, at the Peter Jones Art Gallery and Emmerson Museum. A moving account of Chicago-based immigrant stories and experiences, in the form of poems performed by them, live and on video, along with soundtrack and live music.
Since 2006 Xhosa Songs by Nolufefe Mtshabe Nolufefe is an opera singer and choir master in Cape Town, now also working partly in New York City. She brought me her own melodies in the traditional Xhosa music style, to arrange them as a fusion of the operatic and the african. Over time, enough songs were arranged for an album, which is yet to see the light of day.
2005 Moving Chicago (Multi-media Project) First multi-media production in collaboration with Cathleen Schandelmeier and Chicago based musicians and poets, at the Peter Jones Art Gallery. An exploration of anything that moves and moves the heart, in and around Chicago.
2004 Skepping 7 the Musical Members of the church i used to attend while still a theological student at Stellenbosch University, approached me regards a creative project. I took the challenge to express the first Genesis creation story as a multi-arts musical, with a recorded soundtrack as base. The soundtrack became a sort of symphony, graphically celebrating life on earth. The twice-performed production involved choirs, dancers, actors, visuals, organ and instrumental soloists. Years later, Geert Oldenbeuving (Netherlands) drew together seven painters to action paint each day of this story, with me performing along with the original soundtrack.
2003 The Stutterheim Engines Recording project Stutterheim, Eastern Cape, where we are based since 2017, has an engine museum. I was approached by Hugh Jagoe, local resident then, to see what i can do with the clonking rhythms these old (in working condition) machines produce. The result of this was an album, "Stutters of Africa." Now that his is actually my valley, i would love to take this project further.
Since 2001 Nyebho Swartbooi (acting) I first met Nyebho doing music for a Rhodes university production of Breyten Breytenbach's theatre piece "Boklied." We started doing fully improvised performance dialogue together and over the years i involved him in various projects and performances. he is dedicated to use his acting talent directly within his community.
2001 A Cure for Madness (Improv Theatre) For the Grahamstown Festival, I worked with Nyebho Swartbooi, Nina Reardon and others on an improvised piece with a broad three-part plot and set characters. How a clinically mad person can be transformed.
2001-10 Andrew Peters' Street Performance Songs Andrew grew up without parents, in Rhini, Grahamstown's main township. He played guitar on the streets, singing cover songs in his own way. He was extremely musical, intelligent and tall, but also half-mad. My deal with him was that we record his songs, i make cd copies for him that he can sell. I would not just give him money (he used to beg shamelessly for big amounts). We made two albums together. Andrew died some years ago. His life showed me how flowers can grow from stinking rotten mud.
2001 The Love Songs of John An Afrikaans man named John, who lived in Grahamstown, worked for the post office and in his spare time wrote love song lyrics. His dream was to sell them in North America and become rich. I was low on money at the time and was drawn into arranging music for the lyrics. John died some years after, not a rich man. Lorna, his elderly friend who helped him to craft melodies, is still after me to print these songs in sellable form.
2000 ex afrika song album collaboration Long time friend Johan van den Berg brought me and singer songwriter Tinus van Dyk together to create an album of songs for expats in England to listen to. Dreams of distribution in bigger numbers did not materialize