S o u n d t r a c k s..D o n e


dated in short further notes
2017 Verhalen van de stad (Theatre) Soundtrack elements for a socially oriented theatre piece in the Netherlands. Writer and director: Bart van Mulkom
2015 Weathertime (video installation) Collaborative soundtrack with Paul Cheneour for a collective poetry and art project run by Dover Arts Development (DAD)
2014 BLUE (Art Installation) 20 minute sound impression in the theme of rain. Artist: Helen Cooper, Cape Town
2012 Fish (Children's Theatre) Direction: Stuart Palmer. Plettenberg Bay Primary School
2010 Migrations Sensed (Immersive Dome Digital Art Projection) Soundtrack in nine narrative parts, performed with improvised cello with 360 degree the digital projection art of Audri Phillips, Los Angeles Center Studios
2009 my oog, jou snaar (land art) Full length soundtrack created on a video of a series of Strijdom van der Merwe's land art projects. Performed with live improvised cello at the Stellenbosch Ouwe Werf Hotel
2008 Green Bottles (Art Installation) Artist: Maryanne Orr. installed at the Cultivaria Festival, Paarl, Sept 2008
2008 THE SIXTH SENSE (Ballet) Commissioned by Mixael de Kock. The soundtrack was recorded, but the ballet was never completed. Both Mixael, and Johan Engels, who sat in on the project as stage designer, passed away in the meantime
2007 The Knysna Elephants (TV Documentary) Filmed and directed by Mark van Wijk (Digital Productions, Cape Town). Broadcast and distributed by Animal Planet TV
2007 Lady Anne (Theatre) Written and directed by Heike Gehring (KKNK, 2007)
2007 Suitcase (Dance) Choreographed and performed by Alexandra Denk (Hamburg)
2006 Tread (Physical Theatre) First Physical theatre Company
2006 Gumbo (Deaf Theatre) Remix Theatre Company, directed by Tanya Surtees
2006 Stasies (Physical Theatre) First Physical theatre Company
2005 Uilvrou (Theatre) A one woman play on the life of Helen Martens of the famed Owl House in Nieu Bethesda, written and performed extensively in South Africa by Marlene Zwiegers
2005 Shakespeare's Hamlet (Student Production) Directed by Peter Krummeck (University of Cape Town)
2003 Twelve Princesses (Children's Theatre) Directed by Maia Jordaan (Rhodes University)
2003 Driepunt Poe"sie (Performance Poetry) Dutch and Afrikaans Poems performed by Andy Fierens and Grethe Fox, layered on a full length symphonic soundtrack.
2002 Bye Bye Blue Sky (Physical Theatre) First Physical theatre Company
2001 Lake (Theatre) Playwright: Reza de Wet. Directed by Marthinus Basson