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The Meaning of the Pandemic

the elephant in the room is culture and the land that shapes it

Essay (4291 words) | by HA!Man | 5 February 2021
creations with an aesthetic bent


the way to a man's mind is through his eyes

drawing | by Joke Debaere | 10 April 2021

woman and the beast II

eternal providers

drawing | by Joke Debaere | 10 April 2021


the eye of a bright and brilliant storm

charcoal drawing | by HA!Man | 15 April 2021

a grand farewell

a good bye as far as the eye can see

reoording (3min 16sec) | by HA!Man | 27 April 2021

not for nothing the

(to be read fast and loud and without any hesitation)

poem (193 words) | by HA!Man | 27 April 2021


there's a whole life to playing with toys

gouache painting | by Joke Debaere | 10 April 2021
issue-driven and food-for-thought creations

levitating man

if only i could fly and defy, defy, defy

essay (1430 words) | by HA!Man | 11 May 2021

kein feste burg

even the rock of ages can crumble, shift, be deformed and live

piano recording (18min32sec) | by HA!Man | 14 April 2021

a European man

the continent that is a cloak of coziness

prose (2747 words) | by HA!Man | 27 April 2021

chromatic soldiers

the impressiveness of a pest brought on by rain

video (4min 32sec) | by HA!Man | 26 March 2021

circle of domestication

a horse and a cow sit like a comfortable chair

drawing | by Joke Debaere | 3 March 2021

Wisdom Search (2)
wisdom and Truth

The beauty of Truth is that it can be captured. But Wisdom. Wisdom cannot be captured.

essay (791 words) | by HA!Man | 7 March 2013
creations drawing from daily life, on the road and stage

fatherly absence

this poem should not have had any words in it

poem (154 words) | by HA!Man | 12 May 2021

those army days (3)
"the leader factory"

freezing nights, radio silence and a corrupt cause

essay (2733 words) | by HA!Man | 3 May 2021

to be far

how much father is left when hands cannot touch

poem (121 words) | by HA!Man | 19 April 2021

on arriving at an empty home

everything has the sound of listlessness

recording (7min 14sec) | by HA!Man | 14 April 2021

i have COVID

it might have been bad meat, but the symptoms are all there

poem (255 words) | by HA!Man | 14 April 2021

Questions of Spirituality 2
Losing the faith

not taken lightly by the Christian community

essay (1389 words) | by HA!Man | 25 April 2014