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the cultic roots of Christianity and its significance for the upcoming American elections

Essay (6125 words) - by HA!Man

10 October 2020

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creations with an aesthetic bend

Study in Harmony

improvisations with an eye to harmonic play. first the piano, a basic baroque tonality. then strings stretching into atonality. then both finding romantic swing. overlaid with cello (HM Oct 2020)
06 RECORDINGS 10 full journey 13:06


man with guitar amidst botanical elements (JD Oct 2020)
08 DRAWINGS 1-2 aesthetic  

Afrikaans vir Vlaams

Joke took some Afrikaans words, illustrated them with vivid colour, to be presented as cards to Felmish and Dutch people who would appreciate the descriptiveness of these homegrown words with broad smiles (JD Oct 2020)
10 SLIDESHOWS 3-2 boisterous 6 cards

the dying seed

the moment when the ultimate limit of existence is shared (HM Oct 2020)
02 POEMS 3-1 emotive

97 words

prelude to a hopeful unknown

3 layers of improvised cello start with open strings and harmonics as a long introduction, followed by col legno rhythmical taps, then bursting into a D major marching groove, tapering off into simplicity again. (HM Oct 2020)
06 RECORDINGS 10 full journey 08:43

thank you

an oak leaf dangling from a spider string amongst the big trees at our Eagle's Ridge home, with the track"thank you" to accompany it (visuals JD music HM Sep 2020)
11 VIDEO 1-2 aesthetic 04:22
issue-driven and food-for-thought creations

sports without winners

a dialogue around the argument for practising sports not on the basis of winners and losers. excuse me. what..? (HM Oct 2020)


2-3 swinging 626 words

SITRAP 201005
the earth is flat, or the swirl of things

another improvised roll that starts with the feeling of being in a swirl, then finds traction around the flatness of the earth and the anxiety brought about by scientific illumination. how poetry is born from the body.. (HM Oct 2020)


2-2 sciences, objectivity 1241 words

SITRAP 200926
of nothing and the open slate of possibility

of writing a book about nothing and what it means for life and death and the possible re-election of Donald Trump (HM Sep 2020)


2-1 philosophical, mind map 1233 words


written after seeing the movie "Nightcrawler", portraying the extremes that the media can get into, all for The Story. the old story of money and power. and how it deforms individuals. and their societies. (HM Sep 2020)


2-1 reflective 153 words

I am used to

what one can get used to about persisting poverty, and what not (JD Sept 2020)


3-1 ethics, justice 456 words

Oor die wereld van spontane musiekmaak

transkripsie van 'n onderhoud tussen Rozanne Stoman en HA!Man - hoofsaaklik oor spontane musiekmaak - die rol daarvan asook die praktyk van 'n loopbaan te maak daarvan (HM Nov 2004)


0 explanatory 1441 words
creations drawing from daily life, on the road and stage

alleen als ze slaapt

when Mira is sleeping.. (JD Oct 2020)


1-1 primal

26 words

Hitch-Hiking Years (3)
Sypaadjie, or pavement, if you like

the third recollection of incidents during my hitch-hiking years (1991-1999), which is not really an incident, but a particular aspect of being on your feet in between lifts: how a pavement can turn into a spiritual anchor (HM Oct 2020)


2-2 sciences, objectivity

1806 words

you may call this our garden

one part of the Eagles Ridge property is a kind of semi-wild garden. only we go there regularly. the camera rolls along tree trunks, leaves, grasses, horses, reeds and more, embraced by a melancholy musical drift. welcome to our garden! (HM Oct 2020)


1-3 serene


Dear Mr President

Joke has been unable to visit her family and home country since the lockdown. The associated longings is a sacrifice wilingly made. But business people, those with the money, they can fly around freely. How come, mr President? (JD Oct 2020)


3-3 politics, human condition

485 words

melancholy meander

a cello improvisation leads up to a gently melancholy piece from the Gumbo soundtrack, during a house concert in Three Anchor Bay near Cape Town (HM Aug 2015)


2-3 rhythmic swing



the deliberate pain of setting a limit. and listening to her, screaming (HM Sep 2020)


3-1 emotive

A4 hand written


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