Life is not a chaotic, an anything-goes kind of thing, just as it is not a perfect thing. Like life, improvisation is a balancing act. It is a deed of full awareness. An awareness that includes both what we know, and what we do not know. And there lies the rub: there is much, much we do not know. Improvisation is not an effort to try and find out more, to know more. It is an act of acceptance that we do not know it all, in fact, that there is much that is un-knowable.

"Why everyone needs to do it"
by HA!Man)

It is not often one sees someone using human resources to have fun. (The HA!) is truly revolutionary. The most subversive art out there. Like a religious ceremony without the religion.

(from key quotes - guitarist Derek Gripper, Cape Town)

om die lewe in te asem (to breathe in life)

(from audience definitions of HA! - Shany van den Berg, Stellenbosch)