holding HA!Retreats is a new venture, deepening all that has been on offer over the years. with existing demand and the first successful Retreat of Jan as a base, the visio is to grow this over the long term

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nine perspectives on the value of participating

from the psycholigical to artistic, spritiual to sensorial and more, spontaneous expression speaks to the whole of one's being, circling out to broader society

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Upcoming HA!Retreats

currently, retreats happen mostly in South Africa, while suggestions for other locations are welcome

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the first retreat at Eagles Ridge

organized on relatively short notice, two participants committed in February 2020 to a full week of a specialized journey of HA!

HA!Man report (1045 words) and original invitation


"I came away from the week feeling healthier than when I had arrived; more relaxed, more grounded, able to integrate aspects of memory and experience in a positive way, almost as though I’d undergone years of successful therapy, or something. It was one of the best weeks ever .. "

a review (300 words) | by Anton Krueger


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general workshop feedback

"All this goes well beyond the music, although the music is a privilege in itself. Behold voluntary abandonment, of all our certainties, of all that reassures us, of all that is comfortable, to finally surrender, to give ourselves completely, to dance and be danced! What a gift! Do we even begin to understand the value of all this .. ?"

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Workshop presented to a group of adults in Antwerp, Belgium, 2012. Everything seen and done here unfolded spontaneously, the music included. It is about a range of mediums used to express something from within, a something that is both known and unknown.

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