14 June 2021

Dear all

Since the last newsletter, Belgium kept its borders closed for South Africans and we decided that enough was enough. Joke and Mira is returning to South Africa so we can be reunited. For the rest of the year, our focus will be here.

South Africa is a special country. Yes, I know, it can be a very meaningless thing to say. Each country is special init own way - which is another meaningless thing to say? No. A specialty is something that is unique and stands out. But South Africa and America are two countries that have special qualities with global implications. And that is what I focus on in this edition’s open release – “a tale of two countries.”

I hasten to add this, that in this essay I give a short summary of the human story, a story within which the Southern Cape Coast plays an important, no, a crucial role. And it is on this very coast that I am happy to let you know that a HA! Retreat will be held from 5 to 9 August.

if the specialness of South Africa is something embedded in a natural way, embedded in nature, indeed, the HA! retreat is a moment in time where space is given to express something of what each of us naturally is – both on the level of a common humanity and as individuals. It is a space where I employ spontaneous music as accompaniment for participants to find a flow of breath, of expression, of movement and of thought, by means of playing musical instruments, but also to dance and sing and talk and draw and write. And also to just be.

A reconnection with self, something of what one had as a child and something of what humanity has been in its infancy, as it dwelled in caves not far from Wild Spirit Lodge, where the retreat will be held. The Lodge in itself is a portal to naturalness and has for decades been a centre for healing and restoration. Let us know soonest soonest if you are interested (note that there is a possible retreat coming up in Groot Marico in September and another weeklong retreat at Eagles Ridge in January)

Lastly, as usual, below a smorgasbord of new release tastes and featured products. The album “breaking the day” will take you straight to your inner wild spirit..

Francois (HA!Man)

N E W ..R E L E A S E S

creation of import accessible to everyone

a tale of two countries

South Africa and America: can the promise hold?

essay (3371 words) | by HA!Man | 13 June 2021
creations with an aesthetic bent

moon, child and the dangling leaf

the serenity of interconnectedness

viceo (6min 11sec) | by HA!Man | 1 June 2021

blue eyed man

the thin look

gouach | by Joke Debaere | 21 May 2021
issue-driven and food-for-thought creations

Wisdom Search (3)
mapping the mind

an alternative to the mind being a mere storeroom of knowledge, or worse, a consumer of information

essay (1116 words) | by HA!Man | 20 April 2013

kein feste burg

even the rock of ages can crumble, shift, be deformed and live

piano recording (18min32sec) | by HA!Man | 14 April 2021
creations drawing from daily life, on the road and stage

that one voice

when truth gets no applause

prose (913 words) | by HA!Man | 3 October 2015

SITRAP 210601
a power failure, words, pain

miracles are human, but human nature is a precious thing

essay (1633 words) | by HA!Man | 2 June 2021


thematic music collections

Breaking the Day

A whole album recorded live in the manner of the HA!Man show opening improvisations: cello, voice and whistling along with soft drone sounds, awakening into a new day

cd/mp3 album | 7 tracks | January 2011

collaborative projects edited for a screen experience

Foot Fantasia

an experimental, fun-filled exploration of FEET in South Africa and Chicago, with Chicago poets and HA!Man music and visuals

dvd/video series | 17 tracks | October 2007


poems wide in variety of style and content (ENGLISH)

18 poems | January 2017

U P C O M I N G ..E V E N T S

8-18 July HA!Man with Anton Krueger @ NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL

27 July-15 August SA Tour (1)

3-23 September SA Tour (2)

16 October-7 November SA Tour (3)

11 December-2 January SA Tour (4)

HA! Retreat

5-9 August @ Wild Spirit Lodge (near Plettenberg Bay)

LIMITED SPACE - enquire now



Life is not a chaotic, an anything-goes kind of thing, just as it is not a perfect thing. Like life, improvisation is a balancing act. It is a deed of full awareness. An awareness that includes both what we know, and what we do not know. And there lies the rub: there is much, much we do not know. Improvisation is not an effort to try and find out more, to know more. It is an act of acceptance that we do not know it all, in fact, that there is much that is un-knowable.

"Why everyone needs to do it"
by HA!Man)

It is not often one sees someone using human resources to have fun. (The HA!) is truly revolutionary. The most subversive art out there. Like a religious ceremony without the religion.

(from key quotes - guitarist Derek Gripper, Cape Town)

om die lewe in te asem (to breathe in life)

(from audience definitions of HA! - Shany van den Berg, Stellenbosch)




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