as a performing artist, i call myself the "HA!Man". most of my creativity springs from a flow of feeling, a breath (HA!) of skillful and three-dimensionally framed spontaneity - in a world still very much dominated by mental predetermination.

with a formal classical background, cello is my main instrument, followed by keyboard playing, voice, dance, writing and visual art forms. the main focus of the HA! enterprise falls on uniquely unfolding performances in mostly intimate environments, interactive school concerts, workshops in spontaneous creativity and multi-artistic collaborations. technology enables the creation of layered accompaniments in a comprehensive array of styles and textures, as well as sound effects and visual projection.

my career started out in 1992, managed independently through networking, nurturing working relationships and special ties with local communities - in my home country, South Africa, as well as Europe, North America and the Far East. since 2010, formally trained actress and word artist Joke (pronounced yoo-kuh) Debaere from Belgium became my life and artistic partner who is adding with her own gifts as we re-awaken the potential of art to move the heart and mind in transformative ways.

this site also reflects an array of HA! products as well as an online subscription service. the latter is for those who want to support us materially, in exchange for access to an ongoing stream of our artistic responses to the world we travel and live in, in addition to an extensive library of HA! creations stretching over more than two decades.